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Smoke Break


by Allison | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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I went up onto the roof, it’s a quiet day here today, I didn’t think anyone else was here today. I opened the door and stepped out into the sunshine. Before I closed the door, I heard soft talking from around the corner. So I quietly closed the door and walked slowly around the corner. The shade cloth was down on the one side of the smoking area, and there in full view was one of the women from downstairs, and the man that I work for…..Well they were standing facing each other, he had his hand on her breast, making a move to open her buttons, she was ready for him, she had a short skirt on, her one foot raised up on the railing about knee height. I had a full view of her pussy, she was wet for him, she didn’t have any knickers on…. His other hand slid down her thigh and up under her skirt, she tilted her hips towards him, opening her legs even wider. I could see the bulge in his pants, he wanted to fuck her, her hands moved towards his zip, unzipping him, her hand sliding inside his pants, removing his big cock.


Gawd what a sight, he was a monster, a good 6.7 inches… His dick was swollen, she could hardly close her hands around it, she stroked it gently, closing her eyes, feeling his fingers inside her at the same time. He was pushing his fingers in and out of her, I could see she wanted his lips on hers. She kept on saying suck me…. Suck me…. But she would have to let his dick go to do that, and he didn’t want her to. Should I help? Should I intrude? Would they mind?


Somehow I don’t think so. I know them both well, they are good friends of mine…. Softly I announced myself, they both looked at me and smiled…. We never said a word to each other, I walked up to them, put my hand over hers and she knew what I was going to do. She let his thick dick go, I went down on my knees and took his throbbing cock into my mouth. He tasted good, sucking gently, working my tongue around the tip of his wet cock, I heard a deep sound from him, he was enjoying this. I held his balls gently in my hands, massaging them while I had his cock in my mouth, then licking his balls, I couldn’t get them into my mouth, they were huge, I carried on licking them, rubbing my hand up and down his cock at the same time. The woman moved and sat high up on a table next to the railing, exposing her wet pussy to the engineer, I could see both their faces, he was looking at her pussy, I could see he wanted to lick her. I grabbed his tie and tugged gently, forcing him to bend closer to her wet pussy, he didn’t need any more encouragement, he bent over and had his hands on her knees, he pushed them apart and lunged his face into her pussy, he was hungry to eat her, I carried on sucking him, I could feel his juices building up in my mouth...

She was enjoying the attention, but something was wrong, her eyes were open, she wasn’t concentrating on what he was doing to her…. While I was sucking him, I slipped my panties off my body, my now wet pussy, aching for some of what was happening, I stood up and slipped in between them. I guided his cock into my pussy, and at the same time bent down and licked that little pussy…. I told him to go slowly, I could see she needed a bit of time. I wanted a slow fuck, I wanted to enjoy that thick cock…. One of those few and far between nice sizes that a girl doesn’t often come across….. he was moving his hips slowly, gawd he felt good, he had his hands on my hips, guiding my pussy onto his shaft, slowly….. slowly….. she started pushing her pussy into my face, she wanted more, I slipped my tongue into her hole, warm and sweet, she was very wet, she opened her legs wider, she wanted more, I stretched my tongue further, she started moving her hips, she was fucking my tongue, she was enjoying my mouth, I started licking her, this drove her wild, the momentum of the cock changed, he was moving faster, the view of me sucking this lady was turning him on so much, I could sense he wanted to cum, I pulled his dick out of me and told him to suck me,...


He was very obliging, I opened my legs and he got down on the floor and started lapping at my very wet cunt, god it felt good, being eaten and eating at the same time…. Mmmmmm the pussy in my mouth was throbbing, wet and juicy, I put my mouth over her clit and gently started sucking her swollen clit, she couldn’t control her legs, they were trembling, I knew she wasn’t far, I could feel my clit throbbing, this guy was good with his mouth, I wanted him to lick me inside, I opened my legs even further, he had his tongue right up inside me, sucking and licking at the same time, god it felt good, I could feel I was going to cum, I lifted him by the chin, told him to fuck me hard, while I was sucking her, he was fucking me, he was still hard, he grunted he wanted to cum, so did she, and I could feel mine building at the same time, I worked her pussy harder, my tongue inside her, sucking her clit at the same time, she let out a gentle scream, I could feel her cumming, what a turn on, my pussy throbbing and cumming at the same time, the engineer couldn’t take it any longer, he fucked me harder faster and then one last shove of his wonderful cock inside me, I felt him shoot his thick load of cum deep inside me….. holey crap, what a smoke break.

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