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Your tripod my ass


by Allison | Erotic sex art by Samarel

Yes I want, you know I want, always want you, looking at your pick from this morning, whoever took that photo, wish that was me, standing in front of you looking at you, you smiling at me, so softly, gently.... dammit, sometimes I wish I could see a crappy part of your personality or photo... no such thing.... anyway, story time, standing in front of you taking your pic, you are smiling at me, because I'm the official photographer this morning, you woke up, I didn't feel like going to work, and I'm trying to keep you from being the sensible one, rushing off to work... sit down, the photographer needs a model, and the model is you.... you smiling, because you know what's on my mind... the photographer has a very small T shirt on, barely covering the nipples, a little black G-string, stay up stockings and long mid thigh high heel boots... you know the normal photographer outfit. Long straight black hair, green eyes and dark red lipstick.... a riding crop shoved into the top of the boot.. leather strips dangling down onto the floor.... holey shit, what is she going to do with that.... no smiles from the photographer, no emotion, no words....

I sit forward, want to touch the pussy, she stands on one leg and puts her foot on my chest and pushes... oh ok, I cant touch, she takes the whip and whips my leg.. sting but not too bad... she knows how to control her toy, have met it before.... on more than one occasion... flashing, taking photos, standing with her legs apart... camera on tripod, got the cable for the trigger in her hands, I'm watching her, she's teasing me, stretching, showing me her nipples.... squeezes them, licks her finger and then squeezes again.... I know what she wants, a different expression, wants me to take my mind to that place, relaxed fantasy world.... she wants me to play with myself... she takes the end of the crop and lifts up the corner of my shirt, off.... she says.... slowly off.... show me your body, inch by inch,,,, make my cunt ache for you... and show me how much you want me.... so I slowly took off my shirt, then the t-shirt underneath. I could see her squeezing her thighs together, watching my cock grow in my pants.... her nipples getting harder.... the camera flashing, smiling to myself, knowing those pics are going to come out blurred, but go with the flow of the professional photographer part.. she's squatting in front of me, her knees open, she's teasing me, a thin line of material covering her pussy, mmmm would like to tear that piece of material with my teeth, more than likely get a whipping for my troubles, lets just wait and see....

I slide my jeans over the bulge in my pants, watch her face, she's licking her lips, pretending not to be interested in what's happening.... over my feet and toss them into the corner.... she walks towards me, camera in hand, tosses the camera onto the couch, leans forwards, shoving her exposed breasts into my face, she stares deep into my eyes, no recognition, how does she do that? Show no emotion? Eyes blank and staring..... slides her tongue down my chest, down the length of my now throbbing dick, down my balls... takes a step away, turns her back on me, puts her thumbs into the sides of her G-string and without bending her legs slides the panties down to her ankles, exposing her slit and butt to me, she took her time, allowing me to get a really good look.... I wanted to suck her, slide my tongue into her hole, I think she sensed this, she took a step backwards, her arse was exactly at my head height, she was still busy with her knickers around her ankles, taking her time.... she leaned back, opened her legs, let me lap at her wet pussy, making it even wetter. 

I wonder who was going to give in first, I was throbbing for her, her juices were oozing for me.... have to admit, she is a better actor, still no emotion, blank stares, total disinterest in what's going on, but her body giving it all away, her juices wetting the inside of her thighs.... she stood up slowly, enjoying the last of my lapping on her pussy..... she walked back to the tripod, fixed the camera to the tripod, setup the camera onto auto shoot.... she strolled towards me, left hand fingering her pussy and right hand pinching her nipples, I sat with my cock in my hands, watching her, her eyes glued to the sight of my cock, one more step, straddled my thighs and without a word allowed me to guide my cock into her pussy..... all the time, the camera randomly flashing away.... she rode my cock from the very tip to the hilt, riding... sliding..... still not saying a word... her skin was sweating, getting goosebumps I knew she was getting close.... I also knew she was waiting for me, knowing she cant hold back, doesn't take her long, she's an absolute raving slut when it comes to my cock.....

watching her face, she's staring deep holes into my head, not blinking, almost like in a trance.... so eerie, but a hell of a turn on... silence, just breathing, getting quicker, she won't be able to keep quiet for much longer, I speed up the pace of my pounding cock , in out, in ,out... her breathing faster...faster... her nipples rock hard, her nails starting to dig into my shoulders, and then I felt it, her thighs clenching onto mine, her pussy clamping onto my cock her juices oozing down my shaft, and at long last sound... coming from deep inside her lungs,,, an animal groan, getting louder and louder... I couldn't take it anymore, my own feelings so intense I had to release.... shoot my cum deep inside her tightening cunt.... we both came at the same time.... groaning, sweating..... she collapsed on my lap, her lips against my neck, held onto me, not moving a muscle....

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