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Samarel Adult Stories and Sex Fantasies


Words of lust


by Femme de Scorpion | Erotic sex art by Samarel

They were just words. Words typewritten instead of spoken aloud.

They were just two people. Two people who had never met in person.

He asked her to relax. She obeyed, breathing deeply and evenly...until he asked her if she was wet. A jolt of electricity coursed through her, stealing the breath from her lungs. She could hear his voice whispering and asking if she was needy. And she was. So very needy. Each passing moment made her squirm more frantically. His presence alone had ignited her body.

She was told not to touch his cock. His hard, thick, long, throbbing cock was off limits to her fingers and lips and tongue. She could merely look at it, admire it, and want it. It was his request. It was granted.

Then he dropped to his knees. Her heart lurched inside of her heaving chest. She knew. Knew what he was going to do, and it drew a sharp gasp from her. His strong hands spread apart her thighs, giving rise to goosebumps that swept across her flesh. She could see his eyes gazing intently at her dew-kissed pussy. Those eyes of his burned into her flesh, leaving searing marks.

She felt his moist lips on her skin as they traversed up her inner thighs. Oh, how they moved up, up, up. Her legs began trembling, involuntarily reacting to his skillful mouth.

The moment his tongue reached her weeping cunt, his hands darted out and grabbed hold of her ass, pulling her tight to his face. Her hips lunged forward, needing to be impossibly close to his searching tongue. He licked her up and down before stuffing his pink muscle inside her clasping pussy. Retreating and returning to lapping her swollen petals. Her moans grew louder and her hips became more lively, grinding into the wickedly arousing tonguing.

His lusty voice rumbled to her, commanding her to insert two of her own fingers inside of her pussy. She obeyed as her body bowed and her face grimaced. Twisting them deeper inside, she whimpered. When his tongue touched her pulsing clit, the burning inside of her radiated upward and outward. Shudders rocked her stiffened body. She exploded. Pearly white cream poured onto her impaled fingers. He then slammed his own fingers into her. He wanted to feel and then taste her lust. She shook. She could see and hear him sucking his drenched fingers one by one. Feasting on her offering.

Her body slumped. She felt exhausted from the intensity of her climax. Her cunt still oozed the evidence of her orgasm.

But he was not finished. He wanted to pound his cock into her twitching pussy. To fuck her into another cum. Her legs wrapped around him, the heels of her feet kicking at his ass and pulling him to her, his cock plowing into her cunt. A guttural moan ripped from her mouth. His dick stretching her walls until they molded to his girth. Her body shook violently each time he slammed forward. Slow thrusts. Deep thrusts. Shallow thrusts. Ones to the left. To the right. Changing the rhythm until her mind was almost shattered from the glorious torment of his fucking. He kissed her. She melted. He rammed deep. She cried out. Kissing. Slamming. Cries of pleasure. He wanted more. Mooooore. And he carried on with his relentless penetrations. Her inside muscles milked his cock, squeezing it with harsh embraces. She was thrashing about and sure she was nearing a climax. Noisily groaning and yelping with each brutal plunge of his dick. And she squirted out her orgasm. The juices flowed while her frame convulsed in spasmodic movements of pure ecstasy.

Yes, they were just words. And she got lost in them.

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