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My best friends bed


by Crissy | Erotic sex art by Samarel

"I woke up and realized I was not in my bed. My head was pounding, my throat was dry, I was naked, and pressed between two warm bodies." Closing my eyes against the painful morning light streaming in through the curtains I thought about what had actually happened.


I had been bummed all week. We lost an important client at work, my secretary was retiring and moving to Arizona, and I walked into my boyfriend office and found him fucking HIS secretary over his desk.


Amber had invited me out. Her boyfriend Gage was out of town and we could hit the club scene and drink and dance our worries away.


It had sounded like a perfect plan. I agreed, dressed in a short black leather mini skirt, low tight silk shirt, and my thigh high boots. I arrived at her house about ten.


And her boyfriend answered the door.


I knew Amber would want to spend time with him so I tried to beg off. He had been gone for business for two weeks and returned sooner than planned.


Amber assured me that she still wanted to go out. Her boyfriend had agreed not to have her change her plans. We decided to have a drink before we left.


Opening a bottle of wine Gage poured us all the rich dark liquid and I settled into one of the chairs. They sat next to each other on the couch.


We laughed and talked for almost an hour drinking the wine and teasing each other. I didn't miss the looks and teasing feels that passed between the two but every time I tried t leave the two of them alone they wouldn't let me leave. Just refilled my glass.


Excusing myself I walked to the bathroom feeling good and relaxed. I was enjoying myself with Amber and Gage. I was a little tipsy but no where near drunk.


When I walked into the room Amber was on Gage's lap as they kissed and she rubbed herself over him. I stared at them! I couldn't help it. It was HOT!!!


Finally coming to my senses I tried to back out of the room but Gage opened his eyes and pulled away from Amber.


Amber turned and started to laugh. "Sorry. Guess we got carried away."


"Listen I should go. We can go out tomorrow night or next weekend." I offered.


They exchanged a look and a smile. Amber climbed off Gage's lap and I averted my eyes to try not to notice his bulging erection straining his jeans.


"No. We want you to stay." Amber assured me.


I shrugged and headed back to take my seat. As I passed them Amber reached out and grabbed my hand.


"Here sit with us." She pulled and I found myself between them.


Amber laughed as I shifted to get more comfortable.


"Don't these boots hurt your feet?" She asked stroking the leather on the boots.


"Yes. But they look hot!" I told her laughing with her.


"That they do." Gage agreed.


"Why don't you take them off. Get comfy." Amber suggested as she unzipped the one closer to her.


Before I could answer Gage unzipped and removed the other. Revealing the black silk thigh highs under them.


Amber hand remained on my leg after she dropped the boot. "These are nice."


"I thought I deserved a present."


Her hand traveled up my leg to my knee. Her touch soft but sure. "Jamie?"


I met her eyes.


"We've been friends for a long time."


I nodded.


"I hope this doesn't mess it up." And then she kissed me.


Her lips were softer than a man's. Instead of controlling the kiss it was more of a coax.


In surprise my mouth opened and she thrust her tongue inside. I'd never tasted a woman before but Amber was hot and spicy. She tasted great. When she pulled away and hand under my chin turned my head and then Gage's mouth was on mine.


Where Amber's kiss had been sweet Gage's was erotic. He drew my tongue into his mouth where he massaged.


I knew we were crossing a line we wouldn't be able to draw again but as I full heavy breasts were cupped I didn't care.


Gage drew away and nipped my bottom lip. "You're right honey. She does taste heavenly."


"I knew she would." Amber said softly her lips running over the outer skin of my ear and then my neck.


The moan I released my low and sensual.


Both chuckled. "Let us touch you, pleasure you Jamie, you will enjoy it." Amber whispered.


"Are you sure?" I asked nervously.


"Oh we will pleasure you endlessly." Gage admitted before bending his head and licking the flesh my shirt revealed.


"You are. But are you sure you want to do this?" My breath was coming out in pants.


Gage's mouth was moving to my breasts as Amber pulled my shirt up exposing them to him.


"Oh yes Jamie. Here relax against me let Gage taste you." Amber told me as she drew me back to her chest.


I wasn't wearing a bra and when Gage's lips covered one taunt nipple I arched offering more.


"That's it." Amber purred. Her hands still massaging working in team with Gage's talented tongue and lips.


I could feel liquid start to escape from my swollen pussy. I was so turned on I wanted to fuck them, both.


Gage's mouth moved lower as Amber continued to caress my breasts. I lifted my hips to help as Gage unzipped and then pulled it down. It left me with only a black thong. Gage carefully removed that as well.


"Pretty." Commented running his fingers over my freshly waxed cunt.


Amber ran one hand down and it joined Gage's. Her fingers teased my clit before running through the wet folds.


"You're so wet!" She purred in my ear. "I want to taste you."


I moaned in response.


"Let's move to the bedroom." Gage suggested standing. He held his hand out to me. Amber captured my other hand and we made our way to their bedroom.


Once inside Gage started to pull his shirt over his head. Amber wore a tight black strapless dress.


I touched her for the first time as more than friends. Her skin was soft as I ran my hands over her shoulders to her back where I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.


She turned around and we shared a brief smile before our lips meet and we shared a passionate kiss. When we broke away Gage was standing next to us.


"That was so damn hot." He said before kissing Amber deeply. I wasn't left out. They both reached for me and then he turned his head and kissed me.


We made our way to the bed. Each kissing each other or whatever flesh we could reach. I felt myself being pushed onto my back while Amber kneeled between my thighs. She played first with her fingers and then her mouth covered my most sensitive part.


As she fucked me with her tongue and fingers Gage kissed and lavished my breasts. I reached down and gently but firmly grasp his cock. He was very nicely gifted and it was so pretty I wanted to taste him.


"Straddle my face let me suck you." I pleaded.


He groaned and immediately moved to comply. Once he was in position I teased the head of his cock with my tongue.


Amber sucked my clit into her mouth and I cried out. She lifted her head and smiled. "Just making sure you were still with me."


"Oh God! More!" I begged.


She laughed like a vixen before returning her mouth to me.


I licked Gage's throbbing shaft paying attention to every piece of wonderful manhood.


He grunted his hips bucking toward my mouth.


I teased him a little more before engulfing him. He started to move his hips as soon as he was inside my hot mouth.


Amber continued to pleasure me. I could feel my release building and lifted my hips fucking myself harder on her fingers and tongue. I sucked Gage deeply and he moaned loudly. Tilting my head back took him deep in my throat and massaged.


"Yes! Suck me!" He ordered pumping.


Amber took that minute to fuck me with her three fingers and suck my clit. I released Gage from my mouth and cried out as my orgasm ripped through me.


Gage moved quickly. Pulling from me and moving Amber to lay over me. Our breasts and pussies touching.


I felt him enter her with one powerful stroke. The movement rubbed her directly over my already sensitive clit. He pounded into her hard causing all three of moan and cry out.


Amber and I kissed as he rode her hard. Our combined climax was amazing. Each of us finding a sweet surrender. We cuddled and touched each other's bodies learning each other's secrets.


The next time we made love. Gage rode me, as I tasted Amber. It was just as amazing and I knew I could never go back to my own vanilla sex life.


I felt a hand move over my hip and turned my head to meet Amber's eyes.


"How are you feeling?"


I laughed and leaned forward to share a morning kiss. "Wonderfully used."


I felt lips on my neck and knew Gage was also awake. "And it's not over." He teased.


I practically purred.


Gage pulled me until I was straddling his waist. Amber went back and force from my body to his bringing us to a fevered pitch. I lifted onto my knees and slowly impaled myself on him. As I began to ride him Amber straddled his face facing me. She leaned over and kissed me.


"This is so great." I murmured against her mouth before lifted up and slamming back down on Gage's cock.


"I'm glad you think so." Amber told me riding Gage's face. "In fact we would like you to stay the weekend with us."


"All weekend?" I panted out feeling my body start to tighten.


"Maybe meet Gage's best friend Trent."


"Okay." I agreed readily.


"Great! I know you will get along great with him. He is what you need."


"Oh yeah?" I asked distracted. I slammed myself down one last time and screamed as I orgasmic. I felt the release of Gage his seed filling my inside. Amber cried out her own.


Amber and I collapsed together on top of Gage.


"He's going to love you." Gage told me.


Amber giggled. "Oh this is going to be fun!"


"Can't wait to met him." I agreed.

Group sex art by Samarel - Click here

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