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Blowjob dream


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Moonlight came in through the blinds of the bedroom windows. The pale light distorting the colors but gave enough light for me to see. I stood at the doorway, my eyes locked on the bed, watching you sleep. Flat on your back with your body stretched out you looked like an offering to a moon goddess, or to me.

Walking over to the bed, I gently kneel down on the mattress next to your hip, my eyes feasting on the sight of your cock at rest, nestled in the soft curls surrounding you. I bend down, letting my breath touch you, teasing you. But sleep has taken you deeply into a dream world.

A wicked smile appears as I realize my opportunity. My lips part and my tongue gently slides underneath your cock, pulling you into my mouth. The soft flesh in my mouth stirs me like nothing else as my body also begins to respond. I reach back, locking my hands together behind my back, determined to touch you only with my mouth and lips.

Your body responds, growing and filling my mouth, slower than usual and I slow my efforts, wanting this joy to last. My eyes flick up, watching for you to awaken as the heavy beat of your pulse pounds against my lower lip and my tongue. Finally, reluctantly I must pull back some as your length fills my mouth, pushes into my throat and I need to breathe. It is then I look up and see that you are awake, watching me.

Releasing from my mouth, I apologize, explaining that I couldn't help it. You look incredulous, telling me that you are mine, just please, don't stop. Your words, suck my cock, suck me dry, move me to continue.

Now I work at sucking you deep, letting you move in and out of my mouth. My tongue teases, stroking as I move up and down over your body and my teeth scrape. My eyes watching yours in the pale light, looking for what it is that brings you the most pleasure and I react, teeth right there, and then dropping down to push you down into my throat, feeling my body stretch to accommodate you

I watch as your head drops back and I feel the muscles in your thighs and your abdomen tense up, the orgasm breaking, and your sweet cum filling my mouth and throat.

As you relax, I continue to suckle, to taste and to breathe in your scent. Your sex. Until you pull me up to you. I wrap my arms around you, laying my head on your shoulder. "Shhhh, baby," my lips gently pressing against you. "That was simply a dream."​


"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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