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eat my pussy pic sex art for erotic story adults only

Eat my pussy, now!

I get so turned on just thinking about you ...would it bother you if I take off all of my clothes, turn down the lights, light a candle or two, sit back down in my chair, lift my left leg up and lay it over the left arm of my chair, lift my right leg up and lay it over the right arm of my chair, stick my finger in my warm wet mouth to get it all nice and wet, reach down with my left hand to gently pull and hold open my pretty pink pussy lips while my other finger comes out of my mouth and finds its way down to my hard throbbing clit to just gently rub circles on top of it...then to plunge itself deep into my pussy for a few deep strokes.. then back up to gently massage my clit...mmmmmm...Can I fantasize that you are on the floor between my legs looking up at me with so much desire in your want to taste my pussy so bad...your cock is so big and hard..."Please let me taste you baby" I hear you whisper..."Yes" I whisper back as I look down at you...Slowly, you take your time...teasing my pussy...running your tongue up and down each side of it with the softest touch..."Mmmmm" I moan, lifting my hips up to meet your mouth better..."Oh God yes baby" I murmur as I feel your warm wet tongue on my asshole now, slowly making circles around the rim at first...then probing it with more pressure making me moan even more. Your tongue now finds its way up through my swollen lips to my hard throbbing eagerly start licking and sucking on my clit like a champ...building me up closer...closer. You gently slip a finger inside of my ass...I grab both arms of the chair and lift my hips up to give you full access. "Ooooh you want me to cum in your mouth don't you, baby...I growl seductively." MmmHmm" you mumble, never missing a stroke...You're holding me down now as your talented mouth and tongue go to work on my pussy..."Oh fuck yes!", I gasp as I feel a second finger enter my ass..."Keep fucking my ass, baby...just like that..." My body tenses up...writhing and grinding as your fingers slam in and out of my ass..."Im gonna cum so fucking hard in your mouth baby!" I yell...throwing my head back. "Oh ..God, baby, I'm ... fucking... cummming!" I scream out as my cum explodes into your mouth and all over your face....mmmmmm....​


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