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Only in my dreams

She laid there awaiting his arrival. On the bed alone in the silence, her thoughts racing in her head. What will he think? Will he be on time? Could it measure up to last time? Just as she thought about getting up, she noticed him as if he appears out of nowhere. Standing at the foot of the bed staring at her. She opened her mouth to ask when he had gotten there? He put his finger to his lips and pulled a pair of handcuffs from behind his back. He crept slowly onto the bed and laid beside her. She wanted to say no but was unable to get it out. She though of the last time, how he had taken her like a beast and how she had never been taken to such levels of passions in her life. She decided that if there was anyone she could trust it was him. He easily pulled her hands above her head and secured her to the headboard. Then lowered his hand to her check, guided her mouth to his, and kissed her so softly that she barley felt his tongue brush pass her lips. He ran his hand down her chest to her breast and caressed them ever so softly. Her mind was racing with anticipation and wonder. This has started nothing like last time. He seems to be so different. He laid down on the bed and softly placed his strong body on top of hers. He kissed her softly from her lips and moved slowly down where he teased her nipples with his lips flicking his tongue so softly back and forth driving her up the wall. She opened her mouth to speak again, it was as if he had heard her thoughts. He raised his hand softly to her face and put his finger to her mouth. She gladly took his finger and began to suck on it to maybe relax some of the frustrations that were raging in her at that moment. He moved down a bit farther and kissed her belly. She had never felt these feelings before as his lips touched her navel ring. She began to want to scream out. She wanted to touch him. But was unable to get free. She could not understand how one man could bring such pleasure with out even trying to get any thing in return. She was on the brink of going over the edge as he came back up and kissed her again. His lips were all he needed to throw her off the deep end. Fireworks went off inside her. He arose from the bed and walked out of the room. She jumped up as if to chase him down. But noticed she was in her room and her husband laid next to her asleep. It was all a dream. How could that be? It was so real she could still feel him, Smell him, and taste him....​


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