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Extraordinary delight
Tangled up in me

I always laugh when I walk into the store and think of the quote made in a movie "don't you think vegetables are sensuous? No, corrects the other person "vegetables are sensual, people are sensuous."


Such an uneventful task.... Going to do some simple shopping...or so I thought. I walk in and grab a cart and start to knock things of my list. Occasionally the random sexy MILF catches my eye. Almost finished I go to the home entertainment section and as I'm around the corner; my eyes are filled with my first sight of you. My heart skips a beat. Nice legs, good tan. My god I'd love to wrap my hands in your sexy hair, just a whiff of your scent hanging in the air. But the look of an angry Venus on your face, you seem totally frustrated. The DVD player you want is just out of your reach on the shelf. I slip over and ask in my gentlemanly voice of I can be of assistance. You quickly give me the once over, smile and say that would be wonderful yet you don't move much. I reach up to help and I grabbing the item, you stumble back slightly and utter a demure apology, take the item, give me a quick smile and thanks and are off.


But that simple touch was electric.... I fight the urge to sneak another peak of you but it's a losing battle. I casually follow behind you, watching your booty sway to a beat that gets my blood flowing. I watch as you pick up some wine and champagne and think...hmm ...this sexy gal knows how to have a good time.


You walk with purpose over to the produce, pick up strawberries and whip cream: continue with proficient speed over to get some cheese. My mind racing to keep up with it all sums up that you are planning a picnic. I lose you for a minute and am somewhat around corners...I find you in the clothing dept. admiring a short white summer dress with a nice cut to show your curves. Our eyes meet as you glance in my direction and raise a sexy eyebrow as if in appreciation of your selection....


As you go to try it on...I forgot to pick up some chocolate syrup for my ice cream but when I race back you are gone, nowhere to be seen.


Disappointed that I was not bolder to get at least your name and number...I kick myself all the way to my car. But then the shocker.... leaning up against my car ...... you in that sexy little dress you picked up with some sexy fuck me high heels. On the ground is your bag of purchases but it's what is in your hand that catches my eye. The bottle of wine with a sexy little ribbon that I finally realize is your G-string tied in a bow. With a devilish grin you smile and say that feel bad that you never got a chance to thank me fully. I say that now's your chance to which you reply that we need to go for a drive. Quickly we hop into my car, open the sunroof and turn the radio up. Where to I ask and you say it's not far to your place but we better hurry. My mind screams damn right it's not as that sexy little dress keeps working higher up on your thigh. Finally, it's too much and my hand wanders to your thigh. A moan escapes your lips as my hand works higher to find your wet, moist lips... well-trimmed and cared for I see... I like a woman who takes care of herself.


As my finger works its way into your moist inside, you start to squirm in your seat. "Don't worry, I laugh, its leather, it will be ok". You bite your lip, moan louder and start to buck your hips against my hand...harder and harder...your nipples are like gum drops against the fabric of your dress.


You scream out...."stop the fucking car!!!! I can't wait"......We pull of down a secluded side road; you grab the wheel and force us off a narrow-wooded drive. No sooner than we are stopped, we're out the door racing around the front of the car. My hands go to your breasts, caressing your nipples in a circular motion. .... You moan even louder...your hands wrestling with my button fly jeans..."take me on the hood" you stammer. Whatever the woman wants I think.... I lift the dress over your head wanting to revel in your nakedness but you are too quick as you fling yourself at me, wrapping your legs around me...


Your eyes smolders with LUST...fuck me now!!!! They say.... And with us still standing, I slip into you and start to slide in and out...."My god" you scream ..."Don't stop".... but with my legs weakening.... I place you on the hood and start a deep piston banging of your box.... the juices running down your thighs.... faster and faster I go, your legs wrapping me like a vise.... pulling me deeper...your moans so loud, my hands wrapped in your hair... your hips begin to move in rhythm of my thrusts to the point your back arches off the hood in a massive orgasm.... I finally lose all control and with one final deep thrust, cum deep inside you..... My brain so fogged I can't even hear or think straight...


After a minute our hearts calm and you push me off. "Get the keys" you command...grabbing the chocolate syrup, champagne and strawberries....


"I live 2 minutes away and I have not even begun to thank you yet" and after a short pause and a mischievous smile..."oh by the way, I already own 3 DVD players"...


"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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