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Office Hanky Panky
Tangled up in me

Colton grabbed her arm and led her to the corridor outside the office.

"What the hell do you think you are playing at?" She scowled at him.

"What am I playing at? You're the one playing all the games Vanessa; I think it's time we put a stop to this once and for all."

"I couldn't agree more," she smirked.

He pinned her against the wall and went to kiss her. She moved her head so he couldn't. He tried again and she laughed as she moved her head away again. He grabbed her face and forced his lips onto hers. She wasn't going to make it easy for him.

"We can't do this here. Come with me!"

He grabbed her wrist and dragged her along the corridor to another door marked private. He opened the door. "This will do!"


He pulled her inside and shut the door. She pulled away from him and walked backwards as he followed her. As he walked he thought about undoing his trousers. She felt her stomach somersault; she knew what was coming- the tension was unbearable.

She had to stop him as she backed into a table. He was so close yet not quite touching her. She wasn't sure if she wanted to run or devour him. Devour him it was a word he slipped in often in work conversations yet somehow, she could not help to get his double meaning…she had wanted to do just that from the first day she laid eyes on him… pulling her back to reality he made the decision for both of them. He swept the items off the table onto the floor and pushed her back, she laughed as his face took on a serious expression.


She perched on the edge of the table and he thrust her legs apart and slammed his hips between her legs. He took her hand and placed it on his trousers. "Come on then Vanessa…or are you all talk?"


Now she was angry. He drove her insane. She grabbed his cock and pushed his trousers over his hips; he laughed and moved closer so he could kiss her again. She wanted him now. She took his hand and placed it between her legs, her short skirt already pushed up to her hips. She worked his swollen cock but it didn't need much…he was already rock hard. His fingers slipped her knickers to one side and found their way into her hot silky wet pussy and she sighed with delight.

She threw her head back but it still wasn't enough. "Not good enough Colton. I want your cock."

He laughed and continued with his fingers playing with her clitoris and pushing deep inside.


"I said I want you to fuck me with your cock!"

"What's the magic word Vanessa?"


"Please what?"

"I want you to please fuck me with your cock!"

"That's better!" He grinned that drop-dead gorgeous grin of his and plunged his mouth onto her neck.


He took his cock in his hand and grabbed Vanessa by the ass, shoving himself into her. He grunted hard as he pounded into her, she lay back on the table and wrapped her legs around him, pulling every inch deeper inside. He was grunting and the table began to move across the floor from the force of his thrusts. Vanessa laughed and squealed as the sensation of his huge cock ramming into her took over. She had waited a long time for this moment and it hadn't disappointed her.

Colton increased his speed as he pulled her upright and picked her up off the table and walked around it, pushing her up against the wall. "Oh, Jesus yes… don't stop! Fuck me harder!" She screamed.


He pounded into her his huge cock nearly ripping her apart…

she loved it.

His rhythm sped up and he grabbed a handful of hair pulling her head to one side. "Oh Jesus!" She was digging her stiletto heels into the back of his thighs. He pushed into her deeper and deeper and she cried out. She tightened her thighs around him as she stiffened and her orgasm exploded forcing him to shoot his hot sticky cum before he really wanted to.

They both erupted into hysterical laughter as they fell to the floor. His legs too weak to support them both.


As they tidied themselves up they looked at each other.

"Are you ready to do business now Miss?"

Vanessa just laughed as they left the room and headed back to the office.


"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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