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How to get into a woman’s panties; Sex Tips for Horney Men

Personal Sex Advice by Deni | Edited by Samarel

First, be honest and sincere when you make first contact. There are NO magic one-liners that will get a woman to fuck you. Sorry to pop that bubble, but it is true. Instead of thinking about how few words you can use to seduce a female, figure out how to actually strike up a lengthy conversation! Oh my god! Actually, talking about real things!

Men that talk, hold conversations, are up front and honest, and mean what they say...

THOSE kinds of men get laid almost every night! YEP! It’s an official fact. Women like to talk! And men that will hold a real conversation with them are few and far between! And those talkative men are welcome and sexy to us!

Second, do NOT mention sex during the first hour of conversation

I know . . . . . A WHOLE DAMN HOUR? Giggle, YES, at least an hour! Maybe three. Maybe more! And don’t just talk to that one woman, talk to all her girlfriends too!

Start touching her

Third, after you have been talking to her for at least a half hour, start touching her, her hand, her arm, her back if you are walking by her (Such as to go to the loo). Not sexual touching, just gentle almost caressingly soft touches. Not all the time, just every five minutes or so.

Look her in the eye

Four, look her in the eye. Keep your eyes off her chest. Watch her mouth moving, tell her how sexy her mouth is when it talks. And mean it. Women love a man who actively listens to them. That means holding up your end of the conversation without dominating it.

Talk about HER!

Talk about her likes, dislikes, favorite food, movies, people, work, etc. If she asks you a question about YOU, answer it simply and without bragging. Then turn the conversation back to her.

See! See how easy it is?

Well, keep me posted on your progress, my young friend! You will get the hang of it as soon as you put down your gun and start mining. Stop hunting for trophies and start mining for the true gems.

Frankly, you actually sound pretty darned intriguing!


Personal Sex Advice for Better Life

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