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Erotic art is like music to my eyes

Gracy talks with Samarel, the erotic artist from Israel.

H. Samarel creates his erotic art digitally with a digital pen which is almost like drawing on your screen. Every image is then manipulated to an art print on high quality canvas when an order is placed online. It's wild, explicit, yet as the artist himself will tell you, most of his fans are female. No wonder he's been a long time favorite of the Sex Kittens. I first found Samarel, an artist living in Israel, online several years ago. I was so moved by his artistic style that I went on to have a personal portrait created. Since then, Samarel and I have flocked together like birds of a feather (one is Goose, the other Swan ~ but I won't tell you who is who!).

Now the artist & I sit down & talk about art publicly.

Art is so subjective; how do you categorize or describe your style?

My style is liquid erotica. I am mostly interested in showing the sexual energy between couple during the act of making love. I believe my erotic art conveys deep feelings of love and lust.

You've had showings in Chicago, Seattle, and Austin, yet you've made the statement that your art is "not destined for American walls" ~ why do you say that?

One has to look thru my site to understand why, but I do know it is so much different than soft erotic art that CAN decorate a living room wall, or even a bedroom. My art is wild, vivid, restless, demanding and explicit – only few and unique American walls would stand it! I do have a soft erotic art style gallery as well, but the real me is in the 'Explicit sex art' galleries ~ so enjoy and decide for yourselves.

What is your favorite piece/project? Why?

Hard to choose but I tend to like my Aliena graphic novel drawings because she came from a very deep place inside me, to the light of the cyber world...

Let's talk 'art' in general... What is the purpose of art, especially erotic art? What do you think art allows you to say that words could not?

Words may say a lot more, only my media was always about shapes and colors, and being a Scorpio by nature actually 'tells' you must do erotica every day in every way possible, on canvas, on the screen, in bed and all the above once again... I am a graphic designer. I 'live' inside the computer, and my leisure time after work is more work but with the female/male forms on my screen, so it's kind of a 'daily sweet routine' to me, a need, a must.

Being an artist, an erotic artist at that, what are your thoughts on censorship?

If classical nudes are acceptable in museums etc, where is the line for other nude or erotic works? Who should create or police such a line: artists, parents, communities etc. Should there even be a line? There should be a line. I also have kids. But I would not mind them watching erotica and at a certain age porn too - on TV - instead of all those violent movies which are the real porn to me and they don't suffer from censorship at all. Erotica should be free for all. The only line within it must be the mixing of violence inside erotica. Erotic art is a pure expression of our deepest emotions and thus should have no boundaries. I say it very clearly on my site within my art. When I show a couple and they are 'doing it' - I show not only everything about the act but also their inner energy during the sex play ~ the love making.

What is success for you the artist? And for the you the person?

I guess knowing that thousands of people are visiting my site and my blogs looking for my updates... after many years online, it is not easy to keep on creating, exploring, looking for new ways of showing actually the same thing we are made of - love, sex, emotions. As a person, success is having love in my life as well as expressing it thru art on a daily basis (:

Samarel's art can be seen and purchased at his website



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