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Dance me to bed

by Ginger L

Erotic sex art by Samarel


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3 piece canvas making love print for bedroom

Looking across the table at him I lose myself in his eyes. Hoping that he can see in mine what I feel for him. What a dream we live. The love we share. Heaven on earth every day.

He takes my hand in his and leads me to the dance floor. Holding me so close, so tight and firm. Letting me know that I am his. I could stay like this forever. My head on his shoulder nuzzled next to his neck. I plant little kisses. He releases a soft sigh, whispering to me not to continue or we’ll not be able to finish our evening in the restaurant. A smile over takes my face as I think of the many things I would like to be doing to him. I lightly lick his neck and grin. His sigh returns, his hand on my waist tightens in warning. Pressed against him like this I can’t think straight. I just want this part of the evening to be over now so that we can go home. I kiss his neck again and again…soft, light, tender kisses. He pulls away slightly to look at me. His eyes are telling me he is longing for the same thing. To be standing here holding each other naked, our bodies pressed tight, so warm, so smooth. He leans down so his mouth can devour mine. MMMmmm…his kisses send me into another world. Slowly he reaches for my hand. Whispering “we should make a stop on our way home” I nod as I let him lead me back to our table. We gather our things, pay, and wrapped in his arm we leave.

On the way home he makes a stop, I know what he is getting…that wine that I love so much. He returns to the car. I smile at him as he leans over to lightly brush his lips to mine. He winks at me as he puts the car in gear and races off.

Back home he gets out of the car, bottle in hand, making his way to my side. He opens the door allowing me to step out. But not without taking my hand in his. Such a gentleman. He treats me as though I am the most precious gem he’s ever seen. Smiling at him I reach my mouth to his and kiss him so softly. Letting my tongue lick at his lips…it’s too much, he presses his mouth harder against mine as my lips part to greet his tongue. OHGOD he tastes so good to me. Reaching up with my right hand, letting my fingers feel his soft hair between them, I pull him closer for the most passionate deep kiss. Sending me soaring…my head so light. He pulls away smiling, and guilds me to the door. Unlocking it, we step inside. I feel as though we are moving in slow motion…thinking I can’t wait to get his clothes OFF.

Without a word he takes me though the kitchen and grabs one wine glass and the opener. Continuing into the bedroom…he releases my hand, grabs the back of my head, pulls me close for a kiss, looks up into my eyes and smiles. Placing a finger to my lips he whispers “stay right here”…he turns and walks to the bed, sits down looking at me and pulls the wine bottle from the bag. With opener in hand he says to me “take off your clothes!” I think I am blushing here…I smile at him and slowly start unbuttoning my blouse. His eyes watching my every move as he removes the cork without looking at what he is doing. Eyes still on me as my blouse drops to the floor he grabs for the glass and pours. Watching as the wine overflows into his lap I slowly remove my skirt, letting it drop I step out and kick it to the side along with the blouse. There I stand before him, slightly chilly, nipples hard and poking through the thin fabric of my bra. He grins at me and says “I do not think that you are done yet” I swallow hard…so turned on that his eyes are on me…stripping me…OHGOD is it possible to be so turned on by just being watched?

I grin at him while I reach around behind me to unclasp my bra, holding the bra against me I reach up with one finger to slowly let one strap down off my shoulder. Then the other. He lays back against the headboard of the bed and rubs his growing bulge. OHMY…a shiver shoots through my body and I feel a thrilling chill…I let the straps of my bra slide down my arms, and toss it to him…then ever so slow I slip out of my panties, letting them fall to the floor, I kick them at him…he grins at me “DAMN you are so gorgeous” he says as he sips the wine…I move slowly over to him…hands at my sides.

Taking the glass from him I lift it to my lips and take a sip, letting some trickle down my chin. I smile at him. The sexual tension can be cut with a knife. Standing before him naked, he still fully clothed. He stands up. I move closer, placing the glass on the night stand, tugging his shirt free from his pants. My hands wander under his shirt, up his sides to his chest. I lean into him and kiss him so deep…sighing against his mouth.

He begins to unbutton his shirt…I help…staring into each others eyes…I see now where that expression comes from “fuck me eyes”. His shirt falls to the floor, I reach to the waist of his pants, slipping my hand inside…MMMmmm…feeling his hardness against my palm…OHYEAH…our kisses getting more passionate, harder, deeper, lusting for each other…our tongues tasting each other…our bodies longing for more. I undo the button on his pants, unzipping him slowly, looking deep into his eyes I whisper “I am going to drive you WILD”. Kissing his tender lips softly, licking, kissing down his chin, his neck, light little licks as I go. He sighs…I smile…lowering my mouth to his chest, my hands removing his pants…sliding down his legs as my mouth slides down his stomach. MMMMmmmm DAMN he tastes good…on my knees in front of him, I slowly remove his briefs, pulling them down to the floor to meet his pants, he lifts one foot out and then the other. I look up at him and smile “beautiful!!!”

Looking at his hard cock staring me in the face, I lick my lips…he sighs softly and says “I can’t believe how you look at my cock like that, like you own it, like it’s yours, like you are in love with it” I grin as I run my hands up the back of his legs to his ass. Opening my mouth I let my tongue reach for what I want to taste. So lightly touching the tip of his cock…soft gasp comes from his mouth as he places his hands on my shoulders. Licking my lips I lean forward to softly kiss the tip of his cock…MMMMmmm…softly I alternate between kissing and licking the tip of his cock…my licks get fuller, firmer…my hands grab at his ass.

Letting my tongue trail up and down his shaft so lightly I feel him shiver beneath my touch. Taking one hand and grabbing hold of his cock I pull him toward my waiting mouth…MMMmmmm…GOD I want this so bad…he tries to move his hips forward, I back off a bit, look up at him and grin. Then looking back to his cock I lick the tip, slowly letting my tongue glide along the shaft as I keep my mouth open for him to enter my mouth…sliding along my tongue as I cup him…MMMmmm…closing my mouth I hold him there…slide him in more, to the back of my throat, I moan against him. Slowly I let him out of my mouth, kissing the tip, I reach for the wine…taking a sip I replace the glass on the table…pulling his cock to my mouth I slowly put him to the back of my mouth and I let the wine slide down my throat…then I swallow against him “OH GOD” he gasps “that is so unbelievable” I raise to my feet letting my hands run along his stomach and chest, my eyes following my hands….looking into his eyes I say “lay back on the bed now baby, I want to please you”

I softly push back on him as he lowers himself to the bed…laying there looking up at me, my insides on fire with deep passion, thinking I am going to make love to him with my mouth, showing him what he means to me. I kneel on the bed between his legs…slowly moving forward…my eyes looking deep into his. A look of contentment on his face, but with it seeing how very much he’s wanting me. OHGOD he turns me on so much. I can feel myself so wet, my pussy throbbing…wanting to feel his hard cock deep inside me…MMMmmmm.

My hands slowly traveling up his legs, I feel him shiver…looking down at his cock wait for me…OHGOD it’s the most wonderful thing I have ever seen…so perfect…my right hand taking hold of what is mine…holding his cock firm in my hand I look into his eyes and smile. His eyes telling me that he is so ready…begging me not to let him wait any longer.

I lower myself, propping myself on my left arm over his leg…staring at his manhood…hard…I kiss the tip of his waiting cock…a soft gasp escapes his mouth…he whispers “oh baby”…I smile as I lick at the head…slowly licking down the shaft, so lightly, feeling my tongue trail along…so good…I love this…I love his cock…I love him! Taking one of his balls in my mouth and sucking gently, I tug on it and it pops from my mouth…I go to his other ball and again sucking and tugging…I look up at him…his eyes closed, his head tilted back…I smile to myself.

Licking at each ball I let my tongue run up along his shaft…cupping him in my hand at the same time…licking the tip, little kisses…slowly guiding him into my mouth, I hear him “oh yeah darlin”…feeling him reach the back of my mouth I close my lips on his cock and suck, lightly…sucking harder…MMMmmmm….moaning against him…pulling him almost out of my mouth I thrust him back in…he lets out a soft gasp…I love to hear him…letting me know that he enjoys me…my hand at the base of his cock working it with my mouth…as I pull him out of my mouth, my hand replaces where my mouth was…so that he’s always being held firm…

protected…knowing there is more…I suck at the tip, holding him, feeling his hardness in my hand…THRUSTING him back in my mouth…sucking…letting him out…pumping him with my hand…his breathing heavier…his sighing getting louder…gasps getting rasher…fucking him with my mouth and hand….I look up at him…he’s watching me…I slowly put his cock deep into my mouth…so deep…to my throat…using my throat muscles I suck on him so hard…”OH BABY” he gasps…sucking, pulling, pumping…ohgod I love this!

Pulling him out I kiss the tip of his cock and look at him…has hands lifting me at my shoulders…I know he wants to kiss me…I give him my mouth and he kisses me hard…deep…long…passionately…OHGOD I love how he tastes…how his tongue dives into my mouth searching for mine…wanting me more…I slow the kiss down…lightly licking his lips…I raise myself…straddling him…”oh yeah baby” he says to me “I want you so bad”…taking his cock in my hand I guild him to my waiting entrance…my pussy so wet…so wanting…so throbbing…OHGOD I can’t wait to feel him deep in me…I lower myself on his cock…S O S L O W…feeling his hardness against the walls of my pussy…so tight…so good…”AHHHH” I let out a sigh of pleasure…MMMmmmm…feeling him deep inside me…sitting on him…I tilt my head back…reaching behind me to place my hands on his legs…I grind myself against him, moving my hips forward…OHGOD he feels so good…where he’s suppose to be…I reach around placing my hands on his tummy…and grind myself against him slowly moving my hips backward….yessss…his hands on my hips he pulls me forward again…grinding slowly against him…so deep in me…OHGOD YESSSS…I raise myself feeling his cock slide out of me…almost out and I thrust back down on him…our gasps in unison…faster my pussy pumps him…OHGOD…he whispers as his breath labors “baby…I…can’t…I…oh god…fuck me baby…I am…going to cum…I can’t…ohhhh” rising…falling…up…down…grinding against him as I lower myself with each thrust…his hands moving my hips…his hips arching to me my thrusts…so hard…GOD YESSSSS…”FUCK me baby” he almost shouts at me…faster…OHGOD…”YESSSS” I get louder “SO GOOD BABY….OHGOD…FUCK ME SO HARD”….faster…”YES” he yells “I AM THERE”…faster…harder…”OHGOD” we shout together…”ok baby” I gasp out “fuck me! Cum for me! I want to feel you explode inside me”…”AHHHH” he loudly sighs…feeling him throbbing…my pussy throbbing against him…I’m going to cum with him…YESSSS NOWWWWWWWWW OHGODDDDDDDD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I feel him release as I begin….ohgod I love this…same time…so powerful….AHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSS

His hands move up my sides and he tugs me forward…I flop against him and kiss him lightly, whispering “yeah yeah”…he grins, chuckles and whispers back “yeah buddy”…there, holding each other we fall asleep with him still inside me.

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