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A Hard Day's Night

by Jolie Cain | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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Maggie turned off the car engine and leaned her head back against the headrest. Closing her eyes she just soaked up the peace and quiet of her garage. Man, what a horrible day it had been. Her boss had kept her hopping all morning, translating some contracts from Spanish into English so that he would have a chance to review them this weekend. Then she there had been a meeting she had had to attend with the division heads. On top of all that, they had been surprised by an unexpected visit by some foreign investors who had wanted to tour the entire facility. Of course, she had to attend… in her high heels. Finally, she was home. Her back hurt, her head ached, and her feet were killing her.

And Jeff would be there in an hour expecting the home cooked meal she had promised him. They had been dating for almost three months now, and last weekend he had cooked for her…a delicious barbecue on his back deck. He had really gone all out. And afterwards, there had been some very interesting ‘fun and games.’ Tired as she was, the thought of what they’d done last weekend caused a stirring in the pit of her stomach and an ache in between her thighs. Jeff was absolutely the most creative and interesting lover she had ever had. He’d introduced her to things she’d never even dreamed of.

She’d wanted to return the favor tonight. Only she hadn’t known how rough her day would be, or how late she would be getting home. So she couldn’t sit in this car all night like she wanted to. She had to get her sorry ass up, grab a shower, and try to throw together something in the small amount of time she would have before he arrived. She only hoped he wouldn’t be too disappointed.

She finally got up the energy to get out of the car and unlocked the back door. As soon as she stepped into the house, she smelled something. Something delicious. Something…roasting? Following her nose, she pushed open the door to her kitchen just as Jeff bent to check on something in the oven. When he straightened up, she must have made some noise because he quickly turned to face her. A crooked smile lit his face. “Sweetheart, I didn’t hear you come in.” Walking towards her with that sexy stroll of his, he looked good enough to eat. When he stretched his arms wide and enveloped her in a huge hug, cradling her gently against his broad chest, she just sighed and melted against him.

His hands pushed her hair back from her face and nestled her close, and she inhaled the sweet scent that was all him. God, what this man did to her should be illegal, she thought. When he started to pull back, she made a little moan of protest and held him tighter. He chuckled. “Hard day at the office, beautiful?”

Her response was muffled against his chest. Another chuckle. “Yeah, I knew it was a rough one. I called earlier and talked to your secretary. She told me what was going on. I knew you’d be too tired to cook tonight, so I decided you were going to need a little pampering. I used your spare key to let myself in and raided your freezer for something to fix.” This time when he pulled back she let him go. “Now, I want you to go and get out of those work clothes. I’ve already run you a bubble bath. Have a nice long soak in the tub. Take your time. Dinner will be a while yet.”

She shook her head. “But that’s not fair. You cooked last Friday. I told you that I would cook tonight. I wanted to pay you back.”

He picked up her hand and dropped a kiss against the sensitive skin of her wrist. “Baby, I didn’t cook last week because I expected repayment. I did it because I wanted to. Same as tonight. Now,” he took her shoulders in his hand and spun her around to face the door. “Off you go, like I said. No arguments, or I might have to spank you.” She shivered at the threat, not at all sure that would be a punishment. He pushed her gently and set her in motion. Mechanically she stepped forward. At the door she turned around to smile at him. He blew her a quick kiss and then turned back to the stove.

In a daze, Maggie climbed the stairs to her bedroom, dropping her clothes as she trailed her way into the adjoining bath. Leaning down, she tested the temperature of the water. Perfect. After finding a barrette and twisting her hair up in a casual knot, she gratefully climbed into the tub and sank down into the steaming water, the aches and pains of earlier in the day slowly leaching out of her.

Lying back, her thoughts naturally turned to the man downstairs who was, at that very moment, preparing her a delicious, home cooked meal. And looking pretty damn good doing it. God, Jeff was gorgeous in that bleached blonde, California surfer dude way. He looked almost boyish, but he was definitely all man. As she lay there, her thoughts pleasantly occupied with undressing Jeff and doing all sorts of delicious things to his body, a rap on the door drew her attention. “Maggie? You still alive in there?”

“Yeah, come on in.”

His head peeped around the door. He smiled when he saw her surrounded by all the bubbles. “You look a lot better sweetheart.” In his hand he held a glass of wine, which he deposited on the side of the tub. “Here, thought you might like something to help you unwind.”

She smiled as she picked up the glass and took a slow sip. “Is dinner ready?” She didn’t want to ruin the meal that he had taken so much trouble to prepare for her.
“I’ve got it warming, baby. It’ll keep. There’s no rush.”

He squatted down beside her and let his eyes trail over her body, barely covered by the bubbles. Her breasts bounced gently in the water as she reached to set her glass down, and he soaked in the sight. “Baby, you sure do look good in there.” Reaching out, he scooped up some water and dribbled it over her chest causing the bubbles to slide off of her pink nipples. His finger traced a delicate path around one mound, causing the point to tighten slightly. “Man, I’m so tempted to join you…” her lips tilted upward in expectation. He leaned further over and blew on the tip, which tightened even more, and she shivered. Using his tongue, he circled around and around and finally captured the nipple in his mouth.


He worked it with his lips and tongue until she had to bite back a groan. His hand reached across to tweak the other nipple into a matching peak, and then moved down her stomach to slide between her trembling thighs. For a few brief seconds his fingers explored this new territory with delicate precision. But then he moved back, and it was all Maggie could do not to grab him and pull him in to the tub with her. “Yes, very tempted…but I have… other plans for us tonight.” He winked at the puzzled expression that crossed her face. He stood up. “Now, finish that wine, sweetheart, and then get out and dry off. Just wrap yourself in a towel. You won’t need anything else.” He walked to the door. “ I’ll wait for you out here.” He smiled, a wicked little grin, and left.

After he was gone, she quickly finished her wine, and then rose. Water cascaded from her skin, and she reached for a white towel that was hanging on a nearby rack. After she had dried off and drained the tub, she wrapped the towel around her, tucking the end firmly between her breasts. With growing curiosity, she opened the door and stepped into the bedroom. Jeff had turned all the lights out and had lit the candles she had scattered around the room. The covers were turned down on the bed, and Jeff was setting a bottle of her favorite mint-flavored body oil on the bedside table. He had taken his shirt off and was clad only in a pair of jeans.

When heard the door open, he swung to face her. His eyes moved over the sensuous picture she presented, and a fiery heat flared in their depths. “Come here, gorgeous.”

She walked to him, and he took her into his arms for a slow, leisurely kiss that made her insides melt. His mouth caressed hers lightly before pressing more firmly, parting her lips, and she felt his tongue slip inside to explore more thoroughly. Their tongues entwined, dueled, retreated. His teeth tugged gently on her bottom lip before he released her and stepped back.

“Now, sweetie, lie down on the bed. I’m going to give you a nice, soothing massage to loosen up those stiff muscles a bit more.” He helped her to free the towel and draped it across her hips when she stretched out on the bed. Beneath half-closed lids Maggie watched as he poured some of the mint oil into his palm. Then she closed her eyes in anticipation.

Expecting him to start with her shoulders, she was surprised when she felt him sitting down on the end of the bed and lifting her feet into his lap. His hands began a slow steady pressure on the soles of her left foot that had her groaning with pleasure. She had been on her feet most of the day, and this was utter bliss. The mint of the oil made her skin tingle, and the delicate scent permeated the air. Slowly, he made his way to her other foot, his motions sure and steady as he worked the area free of any lingering soreness.

Taking his time, his hands moved up her leg, massaging her calves with long strokes. Up and down, up and down. “Oh, God. That feels so good.” He paused to pour more oil onto her skin. She couldn’t keep from moaning again as her muscles relaxed under his magic fingers and the cooling feel of the oil. His touch moved higher and higher, skimming up her thighs. Maggie parted her legs, the soothing feeling of the massage giving way to a slow arousal, and his hands brushed tantalizingly against her moistening folds before moving higher. She parted her legs more, trying to entice him to return. He chuckled. “Not yet, sweetheart. You need to be a bit more relaxed.”

Rising up, he moved onto the bed, straddling her hips with his legs. Then he reached forward and his hands began massaging her shoulders. “Oh, God,” she groaned.

He used his thumbs to loosen each inch of muscle, moving up to her neck as well and rubbing the tightness that he found there away. The firm pressure of his hands felt so lovely. Another moan emerged from her throat, longer this time, and Jeff softly kissed against her cheek. “Feel good?” he asked. She just squirmed and moaned again.

His hands continued down her back, leaving no inch of skin untouched. His gentle touch grew firmer each time he found a knotted muscle, pressing and prodding until it disappeared. Before long she felt like she could dissolve and melt into a puddle of aroused bliss. She felt him lift up to remove the towel that still covered her hips. As his hands grasped the cheeks of her buttocks, her hips rose in a helpless movement. But he just continued what he was doing, again ignoring the silent plea of her parted thighs. As he stroked and massaged, she could feel herself becoming more and more relaxed and aroused. The mint oil had her skin tingling everywhere he had touched. When he poured some into the crease between her cheeks and rubbed it in, she had to bite her lip to hold back a groan. His finger pressed against the dark flower of her anus, easing just inside. He pressed in and out a few times and the delicious tingle of the oil made her burn for release. “Please, Jeff…” she begged.

“Not yet, love. But soon…. soon…” he promised.

He got off the bed and whispered, “Turn over, baby.” Maggie’s lids felt so heavy, but she forced them open, wanting to see his face as she rolled over and lay nude before him. She lifted her hands to touch herself, needing the release he was postponing. “No, baby. Not yet.”

Reluctantly she nodded and lay her arms back down on the bed, turned on even more by the commanding tone of his voice. His jaw clenched slightly as he observed her tight nipples and the moistness that had gathered at the apex of her thighs. She parted them a bit more so that the pink inner flesh was available to his gaze as he moved to the bottom of the bed. Her limbs felt so relaxed and heavy where they rested against the mattress, even as her need rose and wetness trickled down her thigh. “Beautiful, baby.”

Once more his hands began at her feet, working their way higher and higher. Maggie’s hands fisted in the bed sheets as he approached her pussy. God, she needed his touch on her there, his fingers against her clit, inside her. “No,” she whispered as he bypassed that sensitive spot once again and moved higher. But then she moaned in approval as his fingers closed over her breasts. He dribbled some more oil onto his hands and massaged the mounds in ever decreasing circles until they lightly pinched her nipples. The oil stimulated her sensitive flesh almost unbearably. Her own hands came up to cover his, pressing them more firmly into her skin. Together, they continued to knead the swollen mounds until his breathing came in gasping grunts and her own breath was unsteady. He pinched the nipples a little harder, and then harder still, and watched as they stiffened even more, and she begged him, “Oh, Jeff, please…”

Jeff pulled his hand back and lowered his mouth, to take a rigid peak between his teeth and tug gently. Then he pulled it into his mouth, sucking softly at first, then stronger and stronger. Maggie grasped his head in her hands, weaving her fingers through his hair to tug him tighter against her. He moved to the other peak and gave it the same attention, until Maggie was moaning continually. She helplessly arched upward in search of his hard flesh, needing to feel his cock sinking into her, filling the emptiness.

He released her nipple and his mouth traveled down, lower and lower. Across the trembling muscles of her stomach where he placed stinging little bites. Finally, he reached the spot she most wanted him to be. He nudged apart her legs and looked down at the dripping folds protecting her reddened clit. When his tongue skimmed over the sensitive bundle of nerves, she bucked upward and cried out. Again his tongue dipped to slide across and again she moaned. His mouth lapped at the dewy wetness that trickled from between her legs as if he were a man dying of thirst. No drop escaped. He ate at her until she was incoherent with need, her thoughts a misty haze as she surrendered completely to the elemental forces which controlled her. His stiffened tongue stabbed up into her channel, as he fucked her with his mouth. His hands held her still as he continued to torment her in such a delicious manner. “Oh, God, Jeff. God, I need to cum. Please, oh, please…”

Finally, when she thought she could take it no more, she peaked. Pulse after pulse beating between her legs. A scream of completion rang from her throat as her body bucked with the power of her orgasm.

Quickly, Jeff rose and stripped his jeans off. His cock stood hard and erect out from his body, the head an angry purple. He slid above her, over her, and thrust up and inside her in one smooth movement.

He held himself totally still for a long moment, until she opened her eyes. Staring into her beautiful blue gaze, he began the slow, steady rhythm that was designed to send them both insane. His hand reached below to grasp her leg, and he pushed it up and out, allowing for a much deeper penetration. His cock pounded into her dripping pussy, and the force of his thrusts pushed her further and further up the bed. He withdrew until nothing but the tip was inside her, and then thrust in again and again. Sweat beaded on his brow, and she raised her arms to encircle his neck.

“Look at me, angel.” Maggie stared into his eyes as he continued the rhythmic thrusting, his movements speeding up faster and faster, harder and harder. And once more she felt the tension inside her building, building. He reached for her other leg and looped it over his arm, spreading her wider still, forcing his cock even deeper into her hot pussy. She felt consumed. His eyes boring into hers, he picked up his pace, pounding with an almost violent rhythm into her warm and welcoming body. Finally, his lips covered hers, and his mouth devoured hers as his cum squirted from his cock in hot jets.

Long moments later, he pulled out of her and slumped down on the bed, pulling her back against him. As their breathing slowed, he bent to drop a kiss on her ear and whispered, “I love you so much, baby.”

She looked up at him. “I love you, too.”

A few more minutes of cuddling, and Jeff spoke again. “I guess I’d better go check on supper. You still hungry?”

She laughed. “Yeah, I seem to have worked up quite an appetite.”

He grinned. “That was my plan.”

“I think this was a great plan, sweetheart.”

“Me, too, baby. Me, too.”

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