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by Ginger L | Erotic art by Samarel


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They glanced at each other from across the room. Their eyes met and electricity shot through them both. He gets up and walks slowly towards her, his eyes never leaving hers. Captured in her spell he approaches and stops standing before her. He gazes down into her eyes as he holds out a hand to her. She slowly reaches for it, her eyes never leaving his. He gently lifts her up to him and silently they walk out of the bar.

The truck ride was quiet. She leaning against the door looking at him. He driving, but glancing her way every once in awhile. Reaching out to her he pulls her closer as they travel down the long lonely stretch of road.

They reach their destination. he stops the trucks, looks at her and opens his door. Standing outside he reaches a hand to help her out. She graciously accepts. Holding her hand he closes the truck door and leads her to the front door.

His dogs greet him, wanting to play. He chuckles, a smile widens across her face.

Silently they stand there as he unlocks the door and guides her inside. Shutting the door and locking it behind them.

They stand there looking deep into each others eyes. Lost souls. Wanting each other.

He takes her hand again and pulls her to him "I am the type that loves to give" He whispers.

She replies "I prefer to give than to receive, I like to be in control, but I like it when a man knows how to treat me, if they pay attention they will know, it's not that hard to figure out because I give out signs".

He smiles at her and responds "That's the type of girl i like and as I look at you I like what I see".

They walk quietly to his room, she sits on the edge of the bed. He sits in a chair across from her.

"Stroke that cock while I play with myself" she instructs him. Taking everything but her panties off she reaches a hand inside and teases her pussy. Moving her panty to the side so he can watch she tells him "watch my fingers dip into my pussy".

He lets out a sigh as he removes his clothes before her "oh yes can see them glistening from your wet pussy" his cock standing straight up as he strokes it a little faster.

"yessss...come closer" she instructs him.

He moves closer smelling the scent of sex in the room.

Patting the bed she says "lay on the bed here beside me"

Laying down next to her their skin touching sending shivers between them.

Rolling over slightly she places one leg over one of his "keep stroking that cock" pulling her fingers from her pussy she pushes it up against his thigh as she moves her fingers to his mouth. "taste me" she tells him.

"I can feel your wet pussy against my thigh" he says as he licks and sucks on her fingers.

"You are just like honey sticky and sweet" he tells her.

Raising herself to his mouth she kisses at his lips as he sucks on her fingers tasting herself in his mouth.

"OH GOD it's so sexy when a woman tastes herself" he finds himself saying out loud.

She responds "sexier when I taste myself in a mans mouth".

She straddles his thighs pressing her tits against his chest feeling him stroke his cock against her tummy as she continues to kiss him. He moves his leg just enough that it slowly grinds against her pussy as they kiss feeling her hard nipples rubbing against his chest. "Do you like feeling my hard cock against your tummy?" He asks. "yesssssssss" she replies.

Feeling her ride his thigh a little as they kiss more his tongue touching hers. She pushes away from him and stands over his cock and tells him "take my panties off".

He sits up and slides his hand slowly up the inside of her leg letting it brush against her pussy through her panties then he slowly starts to slide them off, her pussy appearing before his eyes.

Smiling down at him she steps out of them.

Her wet pussy in front of him just begging to be lick as he leans into her slowly kissing her inner thighs moving higher with each kiss.

"MMmmmmmmmmm" she moans softly.

She starts to feel his breath against her clit and pussy, only then to feel his tongue slowly lick over her wet lips.

She lets out a soft sigh and tilts her head back closing her eyes.

His tongue licking slowly between her lips tasting her sweet pussy licking up to her clit and back down.

"oh yesss" she sighs as she grabs his head to pull him more into her.

His tongue pressing a little inside her swirling around her pussy her wetness covering his lips. His tongue slides to her clit lightly flicking it as he take it gently in his mouth.

"oh yes" she cries out "grab my ass".

His hands slide up grabbing her ass pulling her hard against his face, "you are so wet" he tells her.

Her legs weaken as he lays back his mouth never leaving her pussy so she can straddle his face. His hands caressing her firm ass.

"oh god yes" she sighs louder.

Eyes tightening shut her fingers running through his hair grabbing hold.

His mouth gently tugs against her clit as his tongue circles over it, letting a hand slip under her as he teases her wet lips with his fingers.

"ohgoddddd" she moans.

Teasing her clit more with his mouth he slowly slides a finger between her lips letting it slide inside her pussy.

"oh god yes ahhhhhhhh" she sighs louder.

She grinds against his finger and mouth as he curls his finger slightly inside her and slides it back and forth letting it rub against her g spot as his other hand grabs her ass rocking her against his mouth.

"oh god" she shouts "I can't hold it I'm gonna cum".

"cum on my face" he demands her, as his finger moves a little faster and he starts to lick all her juices his thumb rubbing her clit.

"ohgod yessssssss...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

"cum baby cum good and hard" he tells her, as he tastes it all, feeling her body shake against him.

She grabs his hair tighter as she thrusts against his mouth and finger feeling her juices release "ooooooooaaaaaaaaa".

Tasting all of of her his mouth covered by her juices.

She looks down at him throwing her head back again and lets out a louder sigh as her body weakens.

His tongue licking along her lips as her body shivers. She lifts herself off his face and lays down on top of him. Her head on his shoulder letting out a soft sigh "wonderful".

Her breathing laboured for a moment before rising her upper half above him looking into his eyes "now it's my turn" she says grinning at him.

Jokingly he asks, "who said i was done with you?"

"me" she responds as she leans down to kiss his lips quickly and begins sliding her body down his, her lips and tongue trailing along his neck and chest sending chills through his body. She nibbles here and there as she scrapes her nails lightly against his skin.

Reaching up she traces a finger on his lips as her tongue slowly moves down his tummy. He kisses her fingers as she pulls them away and lowers herself more. Her chin touching the tip of his cock, she stops "hmmmmmm" looking up at him she grins and repositions herself between his legs.

He looks down at her, his cock so hard for her.

Her tits rest against his balls as she leans her mouth down to kiss the tip of his cock "hmmmmmmm". His cock jumps at her touch.

Moving down slightly more she takes his cock in her hand looking up at him she bites her bottom lip.

"oh baby you are so sexy" he sighs.

She smiles at him and lowers her head again licking the tip as her hand tightens around his cock. Slowly she begins to pump it up towards her mouth. His cock tenses as her mouth touches it. She squeezes, lifts, look up at him and sternly says "I WANT TO TASTE YOU".

Pressing her lips against the tip of his cock she rubs his cock against her mouth slowly parting her lips until her tongue touches the tip. Reaching out her tongue she slides it along his manhood, down the shaft to his balls. Taking one ball into her mouth and sucking it gently. Letting it fall from her mouth as she takes the other one in and sucks it gently "MMMMMmmmmmmmm"

"oh god yes you feel so good" he informs her. Precum starting to ooze from the tip of his cock. She licks back up the shaft. Licking at the tip tasting his precum "Mmmmmmmmmmm".

Looking at him, she grins before placing the head of his cock in her mouth.

"oh thats it don't stop" he begs.

Her teeth gently resting against the rim as her tongue teases the head. Slowly she extends her tongue down the shaft not moving her mouth. Watching the expression on his face as she slowly lets his cock out of her mouth. Smiling at him she licks up and down the shaft. His hands reach down running through her hair.

Back at the tip she places him back in her mouth feeling him slide along her tongue to the back of her mouth the tip pressing against her throat as she sucks on his hard cock "MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm".

"oh yes" he gasps out "I love the feeling of my cock deep in your mouth".

Her tongue wraps around the shaft cupping him tightly as she begins to raise and lower her mouth on his cock. Pumping him with her mouth, her hand working with her mouth so that the shaft is in a tight grip all the time. Her mouth wet as she listens to the slurping sounds made be her mouth as she sucks on him.



Pumping him.

Pulling him from her mouth she licks the tip, plunging him back into her mouth against her throat sucking on him some more. She pulls him out looking up at him and telling him "I want to taste you".

Placing him back in her mouth she moans against his cock as he reaches the back of her throat again.

Sucking harder.

Her hand pumping him in and out of her mouth.

So hard "MMMmmmmmmmm".

"oh god" he lets out as his body starts to tense getting ready to cum.

She pulls him out long enough to let him know "I love to feel your cock sliding along my tongue...cum for me...let me taste you".

Sucking harder...faster.

Licking the tip and shoving her mouth down on him again, pumping him with her hand "cummmmmmmmm" she demands.

His hips raise as his cock pulses as he cums.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" she moans, sucking him as he cums in her mouth.

"oh yes" he shouts, "milk my cock...suck it dry".

Pulling him out rubbing his cock against her lips licking at the head, licking up and down the shaft she feels the cum on her cheek. She licks his balls and slowly back up the shaft kissing the tip.

"oh yes" he moans out loudly, still cumming for her.

Watching the expression on his face she lick ats the cum coming from the tip of his cock.

Lifting herself up to his mouth, her tits slide along his cock, her tongue reaches for his mouth.

He leans up to kiss her, his hand behind her head pulling her to his lips. She pulls herself up more as she kisses him...straddling his thighs.

His cock rubs against her still.

Moaning softly against his mouth kissing him deeply, he reaches down and grabs her ass with his hands.

Kneeling above his cock pulling her mouth away from his she smiles at him.

Taking his hand in hers she slowly moves it down his chest...his tummy...between her legs...her hand brushing against her pussy as she wrapped her hand around his cock. His eyes watching her.

Moving his hand up towards her pussy his cock reaches for her entrance.

He feels the heat from her pussy on his cock, aching to be inside her.

Smiling at his she lifts his hand til the tip of his cock parts her lips.

Rubbing the tip of his cock between her lips letting it rub her clit too.

Looking sternly at him and then at the clock she say "honey we better make this fast my daughter will be home shortly".

Pressing his cock inside her as he raises his hips to her, feeling her start to sit down on his cock, seeing the pleasure on her face.

"oh god yes" she releases a sigh as she grinds down against his cock feeling him move deep inside her. His hands on her ass, helping her grind on his cock and then starting to help her ride it slowly. Her pussy so wet and tight around his cock as she rides it.

"yesssss" she screams.

Breathing getting heavier "fuck me...harder" she demands.

Starting to help her ride his cock a little faster his hips raising each time she comes down, thrusting his cock deeper.

"YESSSSSSSSSS" she screams louder.

Reaching up he grabs her tits and fucks her harder, his fingers teasing her nipples as their bodies slap against each other.

Leaning back she places her hands on his thighs raising and lower her hips, bucking against him.

Fucking her faster now watching as she rides him, looking so hot as he sees her moaning.

Lifting up she keeps riding his your cock slamming deep inside her she throws her hands forward, her tits above his chest she looks at him "FUCK ME".

His hands still teasing and caressing her tits as he fucks her. His cock aching and throbbing inside her pussy.

"NOW" she yells "HARD" "yesssssssssss"

Thrusting hard against her each time she slams down on his cock feeling her pussy tighten around his cock.

"more more yessss" she moans out loudly "ohgod yesss I'm gonna cum".

"cum with me" she shouts "nowwwwwwwww... nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... pleaseeeeeeeeeeee... ohgoddddddddddd".

Pulling her down to his mouth as she starts to cum, his cock trusting deep inside her "can't hold it back any more" as he pounds his cock deep into her exploding as he starts to cum.

"yesssssss" she moans against his mouth "ohgod yessssssss ahhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Feeling his hips buck against her as he continues to cum, his mouth kissing her deeply as she moans cumming with her.

"MMMMmmmmmmmmmm" she sighs out throwing her head up.

"oh yes god you are so hot" he tells her.

"MMMMMmmmmmmmmm" she smiles at him "thank you".

"glad you enjoyed" he said "told you I wouldn't disappoint".

Grinning at him she responds "yes you sure did".

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