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A Dance to Remember

By Tangled up in me

It was to be a night to remember. His birthday. They had been together for so long, but the day-to-day dreariness had nearly gotten the best of them.


It was a night away from home. Tonight, she was not a wife, not a mother. Tonight, Roxy was his sexy lover. His birthday wish was about to be granted. A wish he didn't even know he had until it came true.


After spending a few hours with friends, at the local dance bar, enjoying the Cuervo Gold, the taste of lime still on her lips, Roxy looked at him and he knew it was time to go. Where, he did not know. She would be driving tonight. She smiled her devilish smile and took Tim by the hand. They drove for miles.


As they pulled into the parking lot near a familiar mall, he seemed perplexed by the vision of lights. "Sensations" the sign proclaimed. Certain they must be in the wrong place; He asked where they were really going.


Roxy turned to him and said "Right here baby. Let's go watch the ladies dance……. together." She'd always wanted to do it, and the shots of tequila made the choice thrilling. Her body warm, a smile upon her face, she took him by the hand and led him helplessly to the exotic dancing establishment. He could hardly contain his surprise.


She stood in line with him, openly giggling at the men waiting to pay the cover charge. They were all young, laughing, waiting to see women dancing for their pleasure. They looked at the couple with a bit of surprise. She smiled as they waited their turn. Eager, she anxiously peeked inside. As she heard the hard beat of the music, and caught a glimpse of part of the stage, her heartbeat quickened. This was going to be exciting.


Once inside, she glanced around, taking it all in. On the stage was a tall thin girl, with long dark hair in twin pony tails. She had small breasts, perfect legs, and was wearing the bottom half of a school girl outfit. Prancing from one end of the stage to the other, she spread her legs, giving all of them a glimpse of her thong. She quickly removed her skirt; and everyone got to see her perfectly shaped cheeks, her legs toned as she strutted the stage in her stiletto heels.


Roxy and Tim made their way to a table with two bar stools, near the stage. She noticed that all the girls serving drinks were topless. It was exciting to watch them weave in and out between tables, as if they weren't mostly naked. She wondered how it would feel to have such confidence. She was enjoying the show.


Bemused, she watched as the girls offered a lap dance at each table. The men would usually pay the money for one, but steadfastly keep their hands to their sides, or on their drinks. This was far removed from going to see male strippers. There was no interaction on the part of the patrons, other than stiff arms, and bulging eyes (and crotches she presumed). She was fascinated. What torture this must be. How powerful those dancers must feel.


Looking around, she saw two other couples in the bar. Both older – they seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.


The cocktail waitress came up to their table. After filling their drink orders, she offered Tim a dance. He turned her down, unsure if Roxy would be jealous. This was unfamiliar territory. The dancer smiled and turned to Roxy "Would you like a private dance?". Roxy replied "Oh yes, dance for me". She was enthralled.


The girl smiled – she seemed to genuinely be enjoying herself. In stark contrast to the bored faces of some of the other dancers, she made direct eye contact with Roxy, leaned in so close her pert breasts were within inches of Roxy's full lips. She then turned around and moved back, until her ass cheeks were pressed to Roxy's leg.


Not knowing the rules, just acting on instinct, Roxy took her hands and ran them along the girls beautiful ass, slipping a finger under the G-string. She couldn't stand it any longer. Roxy stood up, behind the girl. She took her hips and she ground herself into the other girl. She fully expected to be chastised, but the girl pushed back. She then turned around, her breasts pressed to Roxy.


She took one finger and ran it over Roxy's lips. Tongue darted out, as Roxy licked her finger. She wanted more. She openly stared at the girl's naked breasts, watching the nipples harden under her gaze. The girl leaned forward and whispered "My name's Angel. Meet me after my shift? I have a thing for sexy redheads." And with that, she winked and moved on to the next table.


Excited, Roxy whispered to Tim what had been said. He was at a loss for words, as their little show had rendered him, and a few other male patrons, speechless. Watching two women enjoying one another has that effect on men, she realized; as if someone had grabbed their tongues and held on.


They watched the rest of the dancers with fascination. At one point a bachelor got on stage for his special dance. The strippers took turns wrapping their legs around his face and basically humping his head, and then gave him a lap dance. It looked rather uncomfortable, but amusing, and the guys seemed to love it. Roxy was enjoying it. It didn't seem pornographic or dirty. Some of it was very stimulating; and part of the show was quite amusing.


She encouraged Tim to take a few lap dances. He was obviously uncomfortable doing this in her sight, but he liked it. She enjoyed watching him watch the women; Seeing the excitement on his face as he looked over the new flesh was a pleasure for her as well.


As the last dancer finished her routine, Roxy was giggling and finishing her last drink. She saw Angel approaching them, dressed in black pants and a white halter top. God, she was beautiful. Her raven hair long and fanning over her shoulders. She had a smile on her face. "May I join you?"


Roxy looked at Tim "Well, we were just leaving. We do have a room in the Hampton Inn and we're headed there now. Um, you wouldn't want to join us for one last drink in our room, would you?"


"Oh most definitely," Angel said, brushing her hair out of her eyes and licking her lips.

They could hardly believe their luck.


Arriving at the hotel room, Angel and Roxy sat on the loveseat, and began talking. Tim brought them each a glass of white wine, and sat in the chair directly across from them with his glass of scotch.


Leaning forward excitedly, Angel spilled her wine all over the front of Roxy's top. "Oh, I'm so sorry" she giggled "I guess you're gonna have to take that off now."


Without missing a beat, Roxy unbuttoned her blouse and flung it across the room. She said "Oh, I should be a dancer!" She then proceeded to step onto the coffee table in the middle of the floor, and do a slow hip wiggling dance. She removed her bra, and playfully threw it to Angel. Her large breasts fell free and she began to rub them, becoming aroused both at her own touch, and the feel of eyes upon her body.


Her impossibly large nipples swelled under her fingertips. She loved being the center of attention. She slowly peeled her jeans down her legs and kicked them off, revealing smooth legs and lacy shorts, which hugged the curve of her ass.


Angel was loving this and she stood up. Pressing her face to Roxy's dampening crotch, she playfully nuzzled her, darting her tongue out causing the wetness to spread. Roxy was so turned on by the feel of the girl's tongue against her, she wove her fingers through Angel's hair and pressed into her face. Angel took her fingers, looped them through the lace panties, and pulled them down to her ankles. She then eagerly buried her face in Roxy's clean-shaven pussy, licking her swollen clit. It was so sudden, foreign and sensual, Roxy began to cum at once, gushing all over Angel's sweet face.


Tim was watching them, his discomfort growing by the minute. Roxy looked at him through her half-closed eyelids "Do you like this baby?"


"Oh yeah, you girls are hot. I want to watch more." He said in a hoarse whisper.


"Take your cock out" Angel said. "Stroke it while you watch us together."


He unzipped his jeans, and slid his large cock out, beginning to stroke it slowly, watching the action before him.


Angel took Roxy by the hand – she hopped off the table on weak legs and went over to the bed. Angel proceeded to remove her halter top and pants. Her thong was peeled off slowly as she bent forward so Tim could enjoy the full view of her ass. She looked back at him and smiled.


Climbing atop Roxy, she eagerly kissed her, tongues intertwined, their breasts pressed together. They were already moaning, wanting, needing.


Angel moved down, taking first one ripe pink nipple into her teeth, licking, sucking, then the next. She then turned around, positioning her sweet pussy above Roxy's lips. She lowered herself onto the woman's face and she leaned down to enjoy the taste of Roxy's sweet honey.


Thrusting fingers, licking clits, the two girls explored their delicate folds, moaning, kissing, flicking.


Tim sat in the chair, stroking his thick cock, wanting, needing to feel a warm pussy - a sheath for his aching sword. Roxy looked over at him "Baby, come give our Angel a treat. She looks hungry." He took his jeans off, his boxers next, he then walked over and rubbed his thick cockhead over Angel's lips. "You want to taste me sweet girl?"


"Oh yeah," Angel said. She licked the tip of him, tasting the precum that had formed. She then slowly began to suck his cock, taking it deep in her throat. Tim reached down and pinched her nipples, HARD, causing her to moan around his cock. He took his other hand and stuck three fingers in his Roxy, bringing her to shuddering cum as she licked and sucked Angel to completion.


After the girls had cum several times, Tim ordered them on their knees, side by side. He wanted to take turns on them. He was indulging in one of his most secret fantasies. He had reached the point of no return.


Both girls eagerly got on all fours, side by side at the edge of the bed. He first shoved his big cock in Angel, fucking her deep, while he took his fingers and brought Roxy off with his g-spot stimulation. He enjoyed the sight of Angel's puckering asshole, wanting to slide his finger inside it. The thought of that penetration caused him to fuck her even more furiously.


Once he finished Angel off again, he pulled his cock out of her and slid it deep inside his Roxy. The difference in feel was so exciting to him. Here he was fucking two beautiful women, each in turn.


He fucked his Roxy hard, so hard she began to scream his name. He then slid his fingers in Angel's pussy, and took his thumb and slowly slid it in her tight ass. She rocked on his hand, enjoying this double fucking immensely.


Both girls were screaming his name, Angel rocking on his fingers and thumb, Roxy squeezing his cock. He released his hot load in a rush of exhilaration, groaning and rocking as they all reached the end.


The girls simultaneously collapsed on the bed. Tim, weak in the knees, collapsed next to them. They were beyond satisfied…………for the moment.


How will this tale continue……...? Is it a one-night stand?


You'll have to wait and see.


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