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The shower

By Wicked Wench | Erotic sex art by Samarel


'Vintage Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"

I woke this morning, restless and aching, knowing that I had not slept well. Thoughts of you, of us, ran through my brain all evening, leaving me aching for your touch. I crawled out of bed and turned on the shower, determined to steam the loneliness out of my body before heading to work on this cold, rainy morning.


I enter the shower, feeling the heat of the water like a lover's caress over my naked, pulsing body. The water cascades over me, running through my hair, down my neck, over my shoulders, beading on my breasts. At first, I run a hand over my breasts to sluice off the water, but as I shower, my thoughts stray erotically to you~ your voice, your touch, the promise of unrestrained passion in your eyes every time you turn your wicked gaze upon me. My hand circles my nipples softly at first. Both nipples spring to attention like two eager sentries, seeking an assignment. As they peak, I imagine you kneeling at my feet, your hands and palms cupping my breasts while your tongue laves my navel. My fingers grasp my nipples and tug gently, but then with increasing urgency, twisting and turning as I imagine the feel of your teeth upon them.


My other hand, seeking a task, runs over my hip then slides to part my lips, fingers caressing my clit. I begin to stroke myself, flicking the pearly nub as I fantasize about having you with me. The twinges in my nipples shoot directly between my thighs, which are now dripping wet not only with water, but also with evidence of my desire and arousal for you. Two fingers slide into my cunt and I begin to fuck myself, as I pull sharply at my nipples. My eyes are closed, my head tipped back, water sliding erotically over my body as I work myself to climax. I orgasm quickly, sharply, then open my eyes to begin the day and complete the task at hand.


I glance through the shower door and see you standing there~ naked and fully erect. You are stroking your beautifully turgid cock and the desire in your eyes cannot be mistaken. I do not know how long you have been standing there, but I know that you saw me fucking myself, working my hands over my body, and refuse to be denied. Our eyes speak volumes as you walk toward the shower, open the door, and enter.


No words are exchanged. You reach up, grab my hair, twine your fingers in it painfully, and crush your lips against mine. Your tongue invades my mouth, a marauding conqueror that will not be denied. Over and over, your velvety tongue plunges into me, taking my breath away. I cling to you for balance as you have overwhelmed me and my knees grow weak.


Your other hand cups my ass, pulling my hips roughly against yours and pinching. Your cock grinds against my pussy, already dripping from my ministrations. Your hand leaves my ass, glides up my body, and your fingers pluck my nipples like strings on a violin. Twisting, squeezing, painfully arousing. You duck your head and bite down about my nipple and I gasp sharply. I try to pull back, to touch you, but you growl deeply in your throat~ possibly words like "Mine" and "Stay"~but all I can make out is the animalistic passion that is thrumming through you.


You turn me abruptly, pressing my stomach and chest to the glass, and your cock demands entrance at my pussy~ forging in on one deep, quick thrust, lifting me to my toes. As you fuck me, over and over, your grab my hair and pull back on my neck sharply. Your teeth attach to my ear lobe and graze the sensitive side of my neck until they meet the juncture of my neck and shoulder, at which point your bite down firmly. I cry out your name as you fuck me from behind, your staff rubbing so knowingly over the most intimate part of me. My quickened breath alerts you to my upcoming release and you fuck me harder until I scream against you.


I sag against the wall of the shower as my release flows over me, but you have no intention of allowing me rest. You look into my eyes, place your hands on my shoulder, and push me to the floor, my mouth perfectly aligned to take your cock between my lips. Eagerly, my mouth surges over your staff, swallowing you, my hands gripping your ass and pulling you more deeply into me. I suck at your cock, my tongue slipping over it, flicking over the head, laving attention upon you before my hand comes to wrap in a fist over your erection. I begin to stroke, my hand sliding up, my lips sliding up just above it, then back down. Eagerly~ thankfully~ forcefully.


I glance up to see you looking down, your dark eyes caressing my face, my body, examining the supplicant before you. My lips leave your cock and close around your balls, sucking them deeply between my lips as my hand moves furiously up and down your shaft. Harder and harder I work you, aiming for the ultimate goal of feeling your release cascade over my lips, my breasts. My love, my passion, my adoration is evident as my eyes clash with yours and I see your nostrils flare. Your hands tighten in my hair and I suck more forcefully, knowing that release is upon you. Your back begins to arch and you call out my name, as your seed explodes from your body, pouring over my lips and dripping onto my chest. Your chest is heaving as you try to catch your breath and you reach down and pull me to my feet. Your tongue traces over my lips, tasting your release, and you kiss me hungrily, passionately, as you whisper, "Good morning, lover~ we'll pick up where we left off after work today."



The steam of the shower caresses us both as we dress for work, but it is nothing to the steam that shall be emitted when next we encounter each other.

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