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The Temptation of Eve
part 2 

By Jolie Cain | Erotic sex art by Samarel


'Vintage Sex'

Canvas print size 18"x28"

By the end of the week, she still had not been able to come up with a plan to rid herself of the horrid weakness she felt whenever she saw, or heard, or, hell, even though about, Pastor Grierson. She sat at her kitchen table, staring blankly at the wall and attempting to control the urges that even now were coursing through her body. She knew that soon she would give in. That she would climb the stairs and strip herself naked, to lie on the bed and pleasure herself as visions of the pastor took her deeper and deeper into the sins of the flesh. She thought maybe she needed to see a doctor. Maybe there was some physical explanation for what was happening to her. Maybe she had cancer. She shook her head, almost amused that she was close to wishing for a brain tumor. Anything that might explain the predicament she now found herself in. Or perhaps a she should make an appointment with a psychiatrist. Someone who could explain what was happening. Someone who could tell her if she was going insane. Who could offer advice, help, a cure. Something...anything.

In any other circumstance, she might have considered talking to her pastor but...well, she could just see herself in the pastor’s study explaining her desire to suck his cock and swallow his cum as it spurted down her throat, her need to ride him until they were both sweaty and sated. Would he pray with her? Lay hands on her? She shivered at the thought. God, she really was twisted.

The phone rang, interrupting her thoughts. Thank heavens! A distraction, any distraction, was welcome these days.

She picked up the phone from its cradle and put it to her ear.


“Hello, Eve. This is Sally Wilcox.” Sally’s strong voice came to her easily. Sally was the church secretary and a bit of a busybody. Usually Eve liked to avoid her whenever possible, but this time she was glad for the intrusion.

“Yes, Sally. How are you?”

“Fine, just fine, dear. And you?”

“Oh, I can’t complain, I guess. School will be starting in a few weeks, so I’ve been trying to work on some lesson plans.”

“I swear, I don’t know how you do it. I would never have the patience to teach, especially not high school. Good Lord, I can just imagine the things you have to deal with.”

“Yes, well, it is interesting.”

“I’m sure. Look, Eve, the reason I’m calling is because Pastor Grierson has had a bit of an accident.”

Her heart stopped for a fraction of a second and then thudded erratically at the mention of his name. “An accident? What kind of an accident? Is he in the hospital?”

“Oh, no, dear. Nothing that serious. He just fell and sprained his ankle yesterday when he was helping old Mr. Tomlinson clean out his rain gutters. One of the rungs of the ladder gave way. You know that old fool never replaces anything no matter how ancient or worn out it is. Anyway, Pastor fell and now he has to stay off that leg to give it time to heal. So I’ve been organizing the ladies of the church to take care of his meals for him, at least until he’s able to get up and about again.”

“Oh, yes. That is a good idea.” Eve’s voice was faint as she anticipated the coming request.

“We’ve divided up the evening meals between us. But since most of us are working during the day, we were wondering if you could do the lunches by yourself since you’re off? It wouldn’t have to be anything too complicated. Just sandwiches and soup. That kind of thing. And only for a few days.”

Sally paused to await her response. Eve closed her eyes and took a deep breath, her fingers clenching tightly around the phone. Oh, God. Every day. She would see him every day. Be in his home with him. Alone. Could she do it? Dare she? But how could she possibly justify not agreeing to help out? Sally was right. There was no reason to say no. And did she really want to? Eve knew there was only one possible answer to Sally’s request.

With a feeling of trepidation mixed with excitement, she responded, “Of course, Sally. I’d be glad to help out.” As she spoke, she felt a pulse of wetness in her pussy.

“Thank you, dear. I knew I could count on you. Do you think you could start with lunch today? I know it’s already ten o’clock, but that should give you plenty of time for a simple meal. You might need to pick up some things from the grocery, too. Each lady is going to be responsible for purchasing her own food for the meals. Is that all right with you?”

“Sure.” Eve responded automatically, her brain already frenziedly picturing possible scenarios with the pastor, things she could do with him, to him in the dark privacy of the parsonage. No one would know if they used each other to slake their carnal desires, their most wicked fantasies. Why should anyone care if she let him strip her and spread her nude upon his bed? If she allowed him the freedom to use her body as he wanted? Not that she would. Not that she really would dare to try to act out on her fantasies. She wasn’t that far gone. Was she?

“Excellent. Well, I’ll let you go then. And thanks again for helping out. I’m sure Pastor Grierson will be very grateful.”

Eve hung up the phone and stood for a moment, trying to absorb what she had just agreed to do. She would have to keep things very quick. Just go in, fix a fast meal and then leave. No chit chat or anything like that. Because she was very much afraid that if she spent too much time alone with Pastor Grierson, she might do something she would regret for the rest of her life. Like act out some of those fantasies that had been plaguing her.

An hour later, she was pulling into the parsonage driveway. After gathering together her bags of groceries, she made her way to the side door that she knew led directly into the kitchen. She heard a “come on in” in response to her tentative knock. When she stepped into the home’s foyer, she immediately heard another call. “In here, Mrs. Miller.”

After depositing her bags on the counter, she moved to the large living room just across the hall. The pastor was propped up on the sofa, his right leg, wrapped with an ace bandage, was propped on a pillow and his other leg rested on the rug that covered the hardwood floor. He wore a dark t-shirt over a pair of cut-offs. It was just so hard to think of him as a pastor. She swallowed as she took in his careless sprawl. Damn, why did he have to look so deliciously male? Why did his legs have to be so muscular and tanned, and his chest have to stretch the t-shirt across an intriguingly broad chest? Why did his lips have to be so full and soft-looking? She could already feel the quivering need begin, low in her belly.

“Hello, Mrs. Miller. Sally told me you would be by.” He grinned up at her as she hovered hesitantly in the doorway. There was something a bit rakishly mischievous in that grin, as though they shared a secret. And as his eyes skimmed over the peasant-style dress she wore with it’s long flounced skirt and gauzy fabric that clung to her curves, they seemed to heat with approval. Eve shivered. Then he gestured,

“Please, come on in and sit down. I thought we could chat a bit before we ate.”

We? What did he mean “we”? Eve quickly shook her head.

“Oh, no…that is, I mean…well, I have some groceries that I need to unpack. Some of it needs refrigerating. So I’ll just go on and fix you some lunch. I hope grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup is all right?”

She was puzzled when he frowned at her statement, but then he shrugged and agreed. “Yes, that’s fine. Thank you. Maybe we can talk later?”

“Maybe,” she mumbled before turning and quickly going back into the kitchen.

After turning on the electric grill, she fixed several sandwiches and heated up a can of soup. Her pussy was dampening with need as she worked. This was ridiculous. Just the thought that he was in the next room, and she could barely concentrate on what she was doing. Her hands were trembling by the time she began putting the sandwiches on a plate and filling a bowl with some soup, and she almost spilled the tea as she poured it. God, she had to have some relief before she went back into that living room.

Darting a glance at the doorway, she surreptitiously inched up her skirt, bunching it in one hand while the other slid past the elasticized waistband of her panties. Spreading her legs wider, she began massaging that tight little nubbin of pleasure. Knowing that he was only a few feet away...God, how was she going to manage this for several days? Her strokes quickened, and she bit her lip to hold back a moan. She thrust one finger up into her heated channel, her head falling back as she moved closer and closer to climax. She pictured herself walking into the living room, walking toward the pastor as he reclined helplessly on the sofa.

Her steps were slow and sinuous as a jungle cat, and he couldn’t take his eyes from her. She lowered the elasticized top of her dress, pushed down the lacy bra, to let him see the hard, achingly taut peaks. As she caressed them with her fingers, rolling them around to even tighter points, she moved closer until she stood right beside him.

His hands reached for her, pulling her into his lap so that she straddled the heavy cock she could feel through her panties. She leaned nearer to him, near enough for his lips to fasten over her aching nipple and suckle with a hungry desperation. Her hands clasped his head to her, pressing him close to let him know how much she enjoyed the feel of his mouth on her. His hand came up to plump the other needy mound, circling the crest with a rough finger until Eve moaned with need.

She raised up just enough to lower his zipper and release the engorged cock. It fell heavily into her hands, and she clasped it tightly, pulling up and pressing down, feeling its velvety smoothness . Her thumb circled around the head, rubbing just underneath in the spot she knew would drive him mad. His hips arched up into her hands and his mouth moved to her other nipple. She pushed aside her panties and lifted enough to fit him to the entrance of her hot channel and...

Her eyes glazed over...yes, almost there...

“Can I help you with that, Eve?”

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