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Soccer mom

by Tess MacKall | Erotic sex art by Samarel


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Cindy grabbed her jacket from the back of the closet and yelled for the kids. “Let’s go. We’re going to be late.

It was five o’ clock and soccer practice started at five. The two nine year old twin girls came bounding down the stairs, soccer shoes thrown over their shoulders. Their bright orange socks were rolled down to their ankles. There never seemed to be enough time in the day to get everything accomplished. They were always hurrying out the door.

Life had somehow gotten out of control. Ballet lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Soccer practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. Fridays and Saturdays were reserved for The Children’s Theater Group. And that only left Sunday.

She never seemed to breathe before nine o’ clock each night when the girls were finally in bed asleep. And where was her husband, Jack at this time? Working of course. He traveled more and more these days as he climbed further up the ladder of success, but tonight was special and he promised her he’d be home. And early.

It was their fifteenth wedding anniversary. Cindy had everything planned. School was out beginning the next day for spring break and she’d arranged for her sister to take the girls after soccer practice and keep them until the next day. All was ready. His favorite wine. His favorite foods. His favorite sexy nighty.

The last time they had sex was seven months ago and it was more accident than spontaneity. He came home from work unexpectedly and caught her playing with her favorite toy. A pink Rabbit. No way could he resist that. Right? Well maybe she had to coax him a little even then. As his travel increased, it seemed his libido decreased.

Damn! She was horny. She’d gone through two Rabbits in the last few months. Well three if you counted the one that simply fell apart in her hands after its second use. She should have returned it. Yeah, right. Like she would ever walk into an adult toy store and return a freaking vibrator.

She got inside the big SUV and adjusted the rear view mirror, checking to make sure the girls had secured their seat belts. Shaking her head, she smiled, imagining the conversation with the adult store clerk if she had tried to return the Rabbit.

“Excuse me, but I’d like to return my Rabbit, please.”

“Oh, really?” The clerk would respond. “What seems to be the problem?”

“Well I had my legs spread open and the shaft shoved into my pussy hole just as far as I could get it, the little ears were flapping away at my clit just fine. And it was really very nice and just as I was getting into it…BAM! It fell apart in my hand. Lost my orgasm completely!”

Just thinking about it caused her face to heat up.

The girls chatted away about spending the night with Aunt Sissy. She had a daughter of her own, a year older and the girls always loved staying the night. At least she didn’t have to worry about the girls tonight.

She allowed her thoughts to drift, anxious to see Jack. He’d spent the last two weeks in New York. Cindy was absolutely starving for a little affection. She’d even tried phone sex with Jack. Nothing seemed to work anymore. What man didn’t want a woman to talk dirty to him?

Something had to give and give quick or else she was going to jump out of her skin!

Cindy maneuvered the SUV into the sports complex parking lot with ease. She didn’t even have to think about it. Every part of her life seemed to run by remote control. The girls jumped out, now finally wearing their cleats and sprinted for the soccer field. Other Moms already sat on the bleachers watching as the two assistant coaches put the girls through their warm up routine.

As Cindy made her way to the field her cell phone rang. It was Jack. She smiled and answered excitedly. “Hey, Baby! Happy Anniversary!”

But soon her animated expression melted into one of cold disappointment. She was numb. Not even bothering to say good bye to him, she closed the phone and changed course, walking back to the SUV.

“Son of a bitch!” How dare he tell her work came first. How could he possibly have taken on another project knowing how important this night was to her?

Madder than hell, she kicked the tire of the SUV.

“Whoa. Looks like someone is pissed off.”

Startled, she turned to face the girl’s head coach, Greg. Tall, athletic, and the best looking eye candy she’d seen in a while. A couple of months ago she and a couple of the other Moms had helped him with a fund raiser for the soccer league and they’d engaged in a little light flirting. Well light on her part anyway. He, on the other hand, had made it very clear that he was available for more than talk.

There was no telling how many Moms had taken him up on just such an offer.

Clearly embarrassed, Cindy stammered out her response. “I..I…well yes. I’m just a little upset right now.”

He flashed her a dazzling smile. Tanned, broad shouldered, chiseled good looks. Like something straight out of a romance novel. Cindy’s nipples tightened.

“It’s okay, Lady. We all have those moments. Anything I can help with?”

She folded her arms across her chest to hide her straining nipples. “No. Don’t guess so. Tonight is my fifteenth wedding anniversary and Jack is stuck out of town once again.”

Trying her best to make light of it now that she’d made a perfect fool of herself she smiled and batted her lashes.

The expression on his face changed and he looked around as if to see who might be watching. He leaned in close and whispered in her ear.

“I meant what I said to you that day about finding you very attractive.”

Cindy drew back. Not shocked. Turned on. His words sent a hot streak of sexual hunger straight to her pussy. For a moment, just a moment, she almost accepted. What a time for her conscience to kick in. Wet, ready for a big cock and her conscience reins her in.

She took a step back. “Once again, thank you for the compliment, but I’m a married woman.”

“What’s that got to do with anything? We’re talking sex. Not a lifetime of lonely nights here. Come on Cindy, let go.”

The Devil perched on her shoulder. Screw, Jack! Fuck this guy’s brains out! Let him eat your pussy until you scream! The Angel appeared on her other shoulder. You promised to see each other through the good times and bad. Jack loves you. He’s just busy.

Greg brushed a strand of her hair away from her face. His touch set her on fire! The Devil on her shoulder crossed his legs and leaned back, laughing his ass off. Just think, Cindy, if he can do that just by touching your hair he can make you cum with one little lick! Fuck him, girl. Jack will never know. And what Jack don’t know won’t hurt him one bit!

Cindy squeezed her thighs together. The six thousand nerve endings in her clit all but exploded right there on the spot. The Devil was right. One lick was all it would take.

Cindy! The Angel fluttered in front of her face, her little white wings shimmering in the sunlight. Get a hold of yourself girl! Don’t listen to this pointy tailed idiot. This isn’t about sex, this is about love and commitment. Be a good girl. Tell this jerk where to get off.

The devil reared back, rolling with laughter. Where to get off? Trust me, he knows where! Straight into your pussy, girl. Go for it!

Cindy’s eyes widened and she shook her head. She was losing her mind. Pushing past Greg she went straight to the soccer field and sat down with the other Moms. Just what she needed, a little talk and no action.

After an hour and a half of watching her girls run up and down the field, Cindy’s sister arrived. Whether it was due to embarrassment or just the need to be alone, Cindy never mentioned to Sissy that Jack had canceled on her. Instead, she kissed the girls good bye, smiled and waved, then got into her SUV and went home.

She took the bottle of wine she had chilling for her special evening upstairs to the bathroom and drew a bath. When the tub was full she sank down in to the warm water and sipped on her wine. The wine coupled with the warm scented water relaxed her. When the water cooled she got out and padded into the bedroom. Her sexy red nighty was laid out on the bed waiting for her so she slipped it on.

With the bottle of wine in hand, she descended the stairs to the family room and turned on the stereo. She settled back onto the sofa and listened to the bluesy sound of the band she’d selected and downed her second glass.

Thoughts of Greg touching her hair flashed in her mind and her body began to tingle all over. She jumped up from the sofa and went to the hall closet where she kept her newest Rabbit.

During the day while she was cleaning and doing all the wifely chores she sometimes needed a quickie, so she kept one downstairs as well as one upstairs in the bedroom. If Jack would just fuck her there’d be no need for a freaking toy!

Skimming the red silk nighty over her head, she lay down on the sofa and spread her legs. She placed her fingers on her pussy and tested the waters. Oh, yes, good and wet! Teasing herself she dipped two fingers into her hot wet hole and gathered her juices to spread them over her clit. Mmmmm….it felt so good.

Giving herself a couple of minutes to just enjoy touching herself, she then switched on the Rabbit and shoved it inside her pussy, careful to keep the little ears away from her clit. She didn’t want to get off just yet.

The twirling, vibrating action tickled her all the way down to her asshole. She bucked her hips up and down mimicking the movements she wanted to make with Jack. So close to cumming and then she stopped. Not yet. She switched it off. There was nothing quite like bringing herself to the brink and then just switching off! It made her orgasm so much more explosive when she did finally cum.

She allowed herself to cool completely, and then touched herself again. This time she decided to be a little naughty. She closed her eyes and let Greg’s face come to mind. His dazzling smile disappeared as he dipped his head to her pussy and began to lick frantically at her clit. Cindy switched the Rabbit on.

The whirring motion and the sound of the music took her to a place she’d never been before. She rubbed herself and brought some of her juice to her nipples, coating them with her slick wetness and pinching them between her fingers.

In the distance she heard her name called, but she was too far gone to react. She moved her fingers and let the Rabbits ears tap at her clit. With her hips raised, she arched her back. The spiraling burn of orgasm was close. Then without warning, it was gone and her pussy was empty.

Cindy’s eyes flew open and her jaw dropped. Standing over her she saw Greg. The girl’s soccer shoes thrown casually over his shoulder.

His eyes were bright with lust and his hand was already at the bulge in his soccer shorts, kneading his cock. “Fate has a way of working things out sometimes, Cindy. Your girls forgot their shoes. Thought I’d drop them off. Your back door was open…oh, fuck. Who cares! You don’t need this fucking toy. You need me!”

He’d pulled the Rabbit out of her pussy and held it in his hand. Looking from her pussy to the toy, he tossed the Rabbit across the room, reached inside his shorts and pulled out his long thick cock.

Cindy couldn’t move. Her breath was caught in her throat. All she could do was stare at his cock. The Devil sat heavy on her chest. Fuck him! Fuck him now! You need him! But the Angel was nowhere in sight.

Greg let go of his cock and removed his shorts and t-shirt. He kneeled on the sofa and grabbed her knees, spreading her legs as far as they would go. Lowering his head he drilled her hole with his tongue. Cindy placed her hands on his head, pressing him into her. It was too late now, no turning back!

She wiggled her hips back and forth, washing his face in her juices. His tongue slid from her hole and up to her clit, scooping it into his mouth and sucking on it as he swirled his tongue around the hard little nubbin. Cindy moaned, raising her hips. She pinched her nipples hard, letting the threads of pain shoot into her pussy to join with the frantic suction of his mouth.

Losing all control, she whispered then spoke louder. “That’s right. Eat me, baby. Suck me hard. Oh your tongue feels so good. Don’t stop. Fuck me with your tongue. Oh God. Feels so good! So fucking good!”

He flattened his tongue against her clit, stroking her clit hard. Back and forth is tongue raked against the tight bud. Cindy covered her face with her hands and cried out. “I’m cumming. Oh, God. I’m cumming. Fuck!”

The hard rush of her orgasm shot through her pussy and her pussy walls filled with her creamy juices. Greg continued to lap at her pussy, swallowing her juices. When he looked up, his face was shining with her wetness and he was breathing raggedly.

“Damn you taste good. Now I’m gonna fuck you. Fuck you like that husband of yours should be doing.” His voice was low and controlled. He definitely knew what he was saying and exactly how to say it, because Cindy’s need for more increased tenfold.

“Fuck me, Greg. Drive that cock inside me hard. Make me cum again, please!”

He spiked her hot wet hole with his cock, pumping it into her with all his might. Cindy met his thrusts with her hips, ramming herself into him, taking all he had to give. She was so hot and needy it didn’t take long for her to cum again. The spreading fire heated her body like never before and she screamed his name as the crashing wave of orgasm consumed her.

Her hips dropped to the sofa and her body went limp, but Greg was nowhere near finished. He took out his cock and rubbed it against her clit. Cindy screamed again, the sensitized nub was too spent to take anymore.

He grabbed her roughly and turned her over. Up on his knees he lifted her hips and brought her against his groin. Sliding his cock through her slit he soaked it in her juices then slid it up to her ass and slowly entered her tight hole.

His hand slipped between her pussy lips and he fucked her with two long fingers as his cock rocked back and forth inside her ass. Cindy’s blood raced through her body. Jack had never fucked her like this. The strait-laced missionary style had gotten old a long time ago. Her vibrators had been her only salvation, but who needed a fucking Rabbit with a man like Greg around.

Her orgasm strained against her pussy and her hips began to tingle as the splintering shots of pleasure pain began to unfurl through her body. She slammed her ass into him, taking all of his cock in her ass, bucking backward over and over.

“That’s it, baby! Ride me! Take all of it! I’m gonna cum inside you now. My hot load is gonna fill you up!”

As his load heated her ass, her own orgasm released and her juices dripped from her pussy. His feral scream echoed throughout the room. She’d never heard such a sound. It was so primal. Absolutely awesome. This man loved to cum. He loved sex and Cindy needed more.

His cock slipped from her hole, slowly lowering her to the sofa and covered her with his body.

“When’s he coming home?” He groaned into her ear.

“He’s not.”

He cupped her chin in his hand and turned her to face him.“Then we have all night to play. Let the games begin.”

Cindy smiled as his lips crushed hers. Fuck Jack. What he doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.

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