Samarel Art Erotic Sex Story 031


Dark hearts

by Tess MacKall

Erotic image by Samarel

Shards of lightning pierced the night sky. It's fiery fingers touched the land in the most unholy way and the thunder that followed each arc of light erupted like a pained bellow from heaven. God was indeed angry.

Centered in the bed, face down and completely nude, Laura jerked at the handcuffs keeping her prisoner. Like the rain drenching the window panes, tears streamed down her cheeks, but the physical pain of being tethered to the old brass bed was not nearly as painful as the tethers that bound her heart.

How long would it last this time? When would he finally get his fill? Weeks, sometimes months would pass before she saw the bright blue of his eyes cloud over with darkness. A darkness that touched his very soul. A darkness she embraced with fervor.

The door creaked open in the eerie silence that followed the last round of rage from heaven. Laura turned her head in the direction of the sound. He stood in the shaft of light filtering in from the hall behind him. His silhouette appeared even more sinister illuminated by light than when cloaked in the total blackness of the room. Tall and muscular, the darkness emanated from him.

Laura's river of tears quickly dried. He didn't like it when she cried. Instead he wanted to hear her scream.
"Scream your pleasure to me, my love." His words echoed through her mind.

Even his voice sounded different, as if he were possessed by a demon. No longer the man she married, the man she loved.

"I bet you missed me. Didn't you?" His raspy whisper vibrated through her. It's resonance chilling her to the bone.
"Yes, I did." She had no choice but to agree. Anything else would be madness. Hell! It was all madness. A madness they both shared.

He sauntered toward the bed, leaving the door cracked slightly. His movement bounced back and forth between the darkness of the room and the sliver of light from the hall.

Her heart pounded against her breast so violently she thought it might burst. Sweat trickled from her forehead and down her nose. She shivered as a tiny drop dangled from the tip, then fell to the sweat soaked sheet. He'd left her there for hours. The room was stifling hot. He wanted her to sweat. Wanted her to suffer every possible discomfort.

His heavy footsteps on the hardwood floor rivaled the thunder rumbling through the sky. He paused at the foot of the bed. She could sense his eyes on her. With her head down, she waited, not knowing what to expect.
Lightning lit the room followed by an odd orange glow. Laura's head jerked upward with the deafening roar of thunder as pain racked her body. The tree outside the window showered sparks, splitting in half just as the leather of the riding crop lashed into her back.

Again the lightning cracked! Again the leather came down, searing her skin. Laura screamed in agony as she choked on her tears. Did she really deserve this? Were her sins so great? Deep down inside her soul she answered her own question.

"You've been a bad girl haven't you, Laura?" The raw grating sound of his voice tumbled through her with the ensuing pain of the leather carving its way into her flesh.

"I've been bad." Her tiny voice was barely audible, nothing more than a whisper.

Several more lashes of the whip sent her into a state of semi consciousness. She no longer cared about the pain. She only cared about the glorious state of redemption it would bring. Her soul would be cleansed and her sins would simply vanish. Her limp body hung from the bed rail causing the metal of the handcuffs to rub her wrists raw.

The cuffs rattled noisily in her mind as he unlocked them and released her, allowing her lifeless hands to drop to the bed. Sweet relief flooded her body. He was a merciful man. Merciful and just. Righteous in his anger against her.

Images of the night he found her in the arms of another rolled through her mind.

Her letters to him while he was deployed overseas had lessened in frequency. He'd suspected what she was doing and didn't bother to tell her he was coming home. Betrayed by his best friend and wife, he'd nearly killed them both. The darkness had taken over then and slept peacefully inside him until reminded. And then it awoke with a vengeance!

He rolled her over and straddled her. The salt from the sweat-soaked sheets stung her skin and she welcomed the pain. Her need to burn was paramount.

"Open your eyes, baby. I need to see your eyes."

Her lids fluttered open and she stared straight into the eyes of her God.

"There's my baby. Feeling better now?"

Laura nodded, mesmerized by his voice. Completely captivated by its softness, like a gentle caress to her tortured soul. He leaned down and kissed her. The smooth glide of his lips tantalized her, sending a throbbing river of heat down to her pussy. A deep aching need stabbed at her clit making her wetter than ever. He'd prepared her well to be ridden.

Her weakened arms wrapped around his neck, bringing him harder into her mouth. She wanted him, needed him. Only he could satisfy her craving for forgiveness.

His calloused hands slid up and down her body as he probed the inside of her mouth, their tongues entwined. One palm cupped her small breast and massaged it softly.

The tenderness of his touch too exquisite. Too good for her. She needed his chastisement.

She bucked her hips into his groin. The hardness of his cock rubbing against her hairy lips giving her more pleasure than she deserved. He broke the kiss, sliding his tongue down her throat and to her engorged nipple. The suckling sensation rose Goosebumps on her flesh and she trembled with desire.

The storm outside grew more violent as the wind picked up and pelted the torrential rain against the glass panes of the window. A new assault of anger screamed from the heavens.

Thunder, lightning, wind...all now a part of her as he bit down on her nipple. The gasp that caught in her throat strangled her and she struggled to breathe.

He lifted his head and moved to the other nipple. His teeth clamped tightly over the tight pink bud, raked against the all too sensitive peak. A tiny trickle of liquid ran down her breast. Laura touched the fluid and brought it to her mouth to taste. Blood. He'd marked her. She was his territory. Bound to him forever.

Another scream came from her as he bit down hard on the second nipple, drawing more blood. His large rough hand came down hard against her outer thigh. Like a surge of electricity, the slap raced to her pussy. Tiny quakes erupted inside her hot hole, spilling her juices onto the sheets. Over and over he slapped her thigh as his cock jabbed against her pussy.

He sat up on his knees and reached for her. Turning her back onto her stomach, he lifted her hips and slammed her ass into him. His cock punched at her ass hole as his fingers played with her sopping wet pussy. The rough entry into her dry ass sent pleasure pain streaking through her body. He kneaded her clit roughly. Harder. Pulling out of her ass, he slapped her cheek, then plunged into her tight hole once more, sending arcs of pain to heighten her need. Fuck and slap. Fuck and slap. The endless ramming never seeming to end.

Bruised and battered from his ministrations, she begged him for more.

"Harder! Fuck me harder! The whip. I need the whip!"

He reached for the riding crop and lashed it across her back flaying her flesh. Droplets of blood ran rivulets down her back to the crack of her ass and coated his cock as he continued to slam inside her. An unholy howl came from low in his soul as his creamy white cum poured into her. His hand stilled and he took it from her clit.

Laura fell to the bed, weak with exhaustion. She cried softly, moaning for his touch.

"Please. Please."

"Fuck you! You don't deserve to cum! You're a whore!"

Laura curled into a ball and listened to the storm outside. It was always the same. He brought her to the brink then snatched her from ecstasy. Her punishment for all time. Sleep overtook her, washing away the sins of her past, leaving her content with her pain and disappointment.

The warmth of the morning sun woke her. Her tired, sore body slowly turned toward him and she met his bright blue eyes. Her savior smiled and kissed the tip of her nose. The

darkness inside him was gone and with it her soul was saved. 'Til next time.

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