Samarel Art Erotic Bdsm Sex Story 007

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Blindfolded Slut


by Very New Sub

Erotic image by Samarel

Blindfolded, you lead me to the bed

taking each arm, you tell me that I will be bound today. "yes, please Sir" I say, as you tie my arms to the headboard of the bed..not stopping with my arms, you tie my legs apart also, leaving me there for what feels like forever.

I feel you hovering over me, I can't see you, but I am already wet for you. Your weight shifts and I can tell that you are straddling me, but not yet touching me..

Breathing faster in anticipation, I feel a cool, thin chain drape across my chest. Then something incredibly cold against my skin.

You take the chain, each end held together by a small clamp, and I feel the pinch on my nipples as you attach it to each one.

Pulling up on the chain, my breasts rise against the strain.. pain, combined with intense pleasure courses through my body, making my hips buck for you. "shh, little one, not yet" you say to me..

I start to feel cool, sticky wetness from the cold object lying on my stomach, you lean over my face and offer your sweet lips to mine, feeling the softness of them, I moan into your you kiss me deeply and then bite me hard on the cheek.

Instructing me to open my mouth for you, I taste that orange popsicle.. You tease it around my lips, down my chin, neck, chest. Following with what feels like your hot warm tongue lapping all the juice off my body.

Suddenly, I feel the chain pull again, as you insert the popsicle inside my begging body, my nipples being assaulted, my pussy alternately burning and you fuck me with the frozen treat and your tongue sucks on my clit.."cum little slut..cum for me, Now"..I cum as you instruct.. "thank You Sir," I moan to You.


I feel your mouth sucking all the juice from the frozen treat that has been mixed with mine, wringing every last drop from me. You reach behind and untie one leg, pulling it up over your head, so that my body is at a sideways slant, you enter your hard, full, throbbing cock inside of my pussy.


Fucking me in powerful thrusts, violently slamming into me, You tell me to beg for it, "please Master fuck me"...pulling out you enter my ass, at which point I yelp with the suddenness of the entry, along with "oh yes, Master.. thank You"

Withdrawing, you come up and pull off the blindfold, just as the first burst of steamy cum drips into my eyes, in my nose, ordering me to put my tongue out, you land a thick glob of your thick cream on it...

You untie me, unchain me, and watch as I lick off every drop with my fingers and mouth. Pulling me to you, petting my head, telling me that I belong to You, you hold me until, it is time for you to begin again.