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Sex story 006 - Park Suck


by Sensual Kitty | Erotic sex art by Samarel

Every night I go for a walk in the public park. I love to take some time for myself and get away from my busy life. I wait until the darkness, because I love feeling the cool breeze in my hair as I walk or jog quickly down the path. It is a beautiful park, even at night, with the tall green trees and grass. I love to hear the leaves blowing in the wind. Tonight, you said that you wanted to meet me here, but I waited for almost a half hour at our agreed spot, and you still have not come.


I decide that it is getting late, and the park is now completely empty. It has a reputation for being safe, but I still do not like to walk alone at this hour. I put my headphones on, turn the music up, and start my walk.


As I walk, enjoying the night air, I soon "sense" someone behind me. Before I can turn around, strong hands grab me and pull me off the path pushing me down in the grass. The stranger is larger than me, and I feel his weight crushing down on me as he struggles to pin my hands down over my head with one of his hands. My eyes are squeezed tightly shut, as I am afraid to face my attacker. His knee roughly spreads my thighs wide apart. I am overcome by fear, but continue to struggle against him. His other hand pulls my pants off my hips and onto the tops of my thighs, exposing my cotton panties. I cry out helplessly, when all of a sudden I hear a familiar voice...yours.


I open my eyes and see yours looking at me. A devilish smile creeps across your lips, and I don't know whether to hit you or kiss you. Without a word, you crush your mouth onto mine, giving me a hungry deep kiss, bruising my soft lips with your roughness. Without a word or releasing your grip on my hands, you continue your assault on my body. You push my panties over to the side and thrust two fingers into my wet hole. I am dripping wet from fear, but also being so aroused by you taking me so roughly. You slide your fingers out, soaked with my juices and push them into my mouth, letting me taste my wetness. I moan and suck your fingers the way I would your cock, hard and deep.


You undress me, leaving me naked and vulnerable. Your hands spread my thighs wide apart, and without warning, you put your head between them and start to lick me. Over and over I feel your tongue lapping at my pussy, and soon you push it into my wet hole, making me scream with delight. Your fingers move to my clit and rub in hard circles. My hips gyrating against your mouth, trying to get more of your hot tongue inside of me. My hands bury in your hair and I moan loudly as I cum hard around your tongue, filling your hot mouth with my cum. You kiss and lick my pussy gently as I come down from the intense orgasm. I pull you up to my lips and lick yours with my tongue. Your face is wet from me and I kiss and lick my juices from it. We kiss deeply, and i feel your thick shaft protruding against my cunt. I smile at you, knowing what you want now, but tell you that I plan on punishing you first for frightening me so bad!