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Sex story 005 - How can you sleep


by Sensual Kitty | Erotic sex art by Samarel

Do you know that today...I was so tired from sleeping only an hour or two at a time...that I fell asleep this afternoon for a short nap? I was missing you SO MUCH...and feeling especially horny for you. I started to dream that you were here with me....sleeping next to me in my bed...naked. I could see you clearly in my mind...your face on my pillow so peaceful as you rested. The blanket barely covering your nice ass...the tops of your cheeks exposed. As I lay on my side, studying your body, my fingertips caress your skin. I touch the back of your neck very lightly, and trail my fingertips downward....softly tracing your spine, moving slowly all the way down to the valley between your soft cheeks. My fingers explore it, sliding up and down, then slide inside deeper. I drag one finger down lower and find your tight asshole. I swirl my fingertip around it gently. You stir slightly in your sleep, but do not wake. I take my finger and bring it to my lips and push it inside, my nose catching the musky scent of your ass as I do this, and it drives me wild.


I suck on my finger making it very wet with my saliva and return it to your asshole. I slide the wetness all around it, and you move slightly as if this starts to awaken you. Slowly, I push my finger inside, the way you have done to me countless times. I hear you moan into the pillow in appreciation. I slide my other hand down and trail my fingertips over that little ridge that connects your ass to your cock. My fingers gently stroke your balls, and I push the finger on my other hand deep into your tight asshole. You groan louder this time, and you arch your ass up higher, giving me full access. I slide my finger out, and use both hands to spread your as cheeks wide...just looking at your aching asshole, knowing how badly you must be wanting me to fuck it with my tongue and fingers. I lower my head and plant little kisses between your exposed cheeks. My mouth opens slightly and i use my tongue to swirl all around your tight perfect bud. As you moan loudly, fully awake now and knowing what I am going to do to you, I push my tip inside still holding your cheeks wide apart. I withdraw my teasing tongue and ask you "Do you want this baby?" I await your answer. "YES", I hear you groan spreading your thighs apart. "Like this?" I ask. "Fuck YES".


This is all the invitation I need, and I plunge my tongue inside of you deeply until my lips are open wide around your asshole. As I fuck you with my tongue, you move your hips up and down, trying to get more of my tongue inside. My hand reaches under you and I stroke your cock, giving you a firm grip as I wrap my fingers around your shaft.


Your asshole is so wet and open for me now, as I thrust my tongue in and out, my hand pumping your cock, and my fingers swirling around your cockhead spreading your precum around each time I reach your tip. It makes my pussy soaked to see you in this position, as it is normally I who am under your control. I look to the side and see my double sided dildo on my nightstand. I was looking through my toy box last night before we fucked searching for the perfect toy and threw this one here absently. I reach for it now and suck on one of the ends.


I rub the cockhead onto your wet hole, around and around, hearing you moan and feeling your hips moving up and down. Slowly, I insert the head, as I watch you grip the sheets as you take the pain with the pleasure. I move my mouth down and lick around your asshole as I push this cock slowly in and out, each time making you take more of the shaft, the way my ass takes your beloved cock inside. I stroke your cock steadily, and I feel you fucking my hand back and forth. I slide my hand off your cock and take the other end of the dildo, and rub it around my clit. It is hard and swollen, and I cannot resist playing with it any longer. I tease my pussy with the head and then push it inside of my wet cunt, the other part of the dildo, snug in your tight asshole. I squat over your ass and spread my thighs wide, wishing you could only see my dripping wet cunt, and sink down onto the cock, moving my hips back and forth taking the cock inside of me. This pushes the other end of the dildo deeper into your asshole. I moan and tell you to grab your cock and stroke it, as I fuck my pussy and your ass with the dildo. Soon the cock is sliding back and forth between us, giving us both incredible pleasure. My thrusts drive the cock in and out of your stretched asshole and soon we are both moaning loudly, nearing our orgasms. My pussy starts to contract around the shaft, my juices drip down onto your asshole, making the cock slide so good in and out of you. I watch the cock slide in and out of your ass as I scream and cum all over it.


I know you want to cum, so I lay on my back and pull my knees to my chest, spreading my thighs widely apart and giving you access to my pussy and asshole. You kneel between my thighs and thrust your needy throbbing cock deep into my dripping cunt. I grab the dildo and push it back into your asshole, pumping it in and out of you as you fuck my pussy. You moan and stiffen, shooting your cum into my pussy, bucking into me as your ass clenches around the dildo.

You collapse on top of me, and we kiss a hard passionate kiss, with your cock still inside of me. We are breathing hard and when you break my kiss, you look into my eyes and devilishly tell me..."you are going to pay for this big time...naughty slut"