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Sex story 004 - Nature takes it all


by Sensual Kitty | Erotic sex art by Samarel

We sit at the river's edge, taking a break from our long hike. Your feet are in the water, and I laugh because you still have your shoes on...and they are untied. I get into the cool water and kneel down in front of you. I slip my hands down into the wetness and pull your shoes...and soaking wet socks...off smiling up at you. Better? Mmmm...yes. My soft hands massage and caress your feet and toes. It does not matter to me that my pants are getting wet as I kneel here, because just touching you makes me very aroused, and I know that I will not keep these pants on long. I slide my hands up and push your pants to your knees, feeling your calves and the silky wet hair that clings to them. Having other ideas about how we are going to spend our afternoon, I stand up, and hold out my hand for you to take so I can pull you to me.


Once you are standing and looking down at me, I slide my arms around you and play with the soft curls at the base of your neck. I tilt my head up and press my lips against yours, slanting them and nibbling at your bottom lip with my teeth so gently. I slip my tongue inside and find yours, circling and playing with it seductively. I pull you closer to me, and our bodies press together. Your mouth greedily takes over our kiss, and you push your tongue inside deeply.


My hands slide from your neck, over your shoulders, down your chest. My fingers splayed wide and tease your belly as they descend even lower. I unbutton and unzip your pants, as your kisses become more passionate and hungry. My hand slips inside and baldly finds your hardening cock. I feel your silky cock skin, and it makes my pussy instantly wet. I break our kiss and tell you to follow me, as I fix your pants...temporarily.


I pull you down the stream farther, to a place where it deepens and the surrounding forest becomes more lush and dense. In front of us is a beautiful, small waterfall, splashing it's clear cool water into the stream. I undress before you...slowly...and fully...letting your eyes gaze upon my naked skin. I kiss you once more as I start to undress you as well, first pulling off your shirt and throwing it into the grass. My hands feel your naked chest, fingers nestled into your dark hair there. I trail them down lower and this time, slide your pants off. I kisssssssss you deeply and stroke your cock to life, my hands working their magic on your shaft. I kneel down into the grass, and look up at you as I take your cock into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around you getting your taste and scent in my head, before I push my lips down to your base. I bob my head back and forth taking more and more of your cock inside my lips with each movement. I begin to moan when I taste your precum sliding onto my tongue. My hands slide to your ass and caress it gently. My fingers slide into the crevice between your cheeks, feeling your soft down. I explore further until my fingers have found your wanting tight asshole, and I play with it, as I suck you hard and deep until you are throbbing.


I slide my lips up and slowly off of your cock, as you pull me to you. I stand and press against you, wrapping your arms around my back. I slowly move us backwards toward the water. I laugh as I know this water is pretty cool for you, hoping that it will not ruin all my "hard" work. I know you are pretty worked up, so as soon as we are in deep enough, I wrap my legs around your waist, and push your cock into my hot pussy. I move my hips back and forth rapidly on your huge erection, and your hands wrap around and grab my ass. You impale me all the way onto your cock and I moan in your mouth. I squeeze my pussy muscles tightly around you, and move my hips in small circles, feeling your cock stirring me inside. Your hands continue to move my hips to match your deep thrusts, and I moan at you that I am going to cummm...let me baby?


You push your finger deep inside of my asshole, giving me my answer, and I immediately start to cum...HARD...grinding against your cock, my fingers rubbing my clit as I cum around your shaft. You groan loudly as you feel my cunt clenching and releasing over and over. I know how much you love to cum in my asshole, so I turn around facing away from you and grip your outer thighs, with my knees, pressing my ass against your cock. You rub it up and down my ass crack and then push it inside of my tight hole. I sit back on your cock, and your hands slide to my tits and nipples to steady me. I ride your cock in my asshole, and finger my own pussy. Just as we are about to cum, Your hand turns my chin toward you and we kisssss and moan into each other's mouths.


You slide your softening cock out of my ass and the water washes away our lovemaking. We climb up onto the rock above and lay together to rest, enjoying the soft splashing of the waterfall, and the bright sun through the trees.