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Sex Story 003 - The hem of her skirt


by Sensual Kitty | Erotic sex art by Samarel

It is 2:00 p.m. and time for their "afternoon smoke break". Neither of them are smokers, but the hot quick fucking that they do here every day, could most certainly start a fire. She knows he is coming, and patiently waits by the window in the office basement. She is ready and her heart pounds waiting for his arrival. Just then, she hears the door open and the sound of his footsteps tell that he is almost right behind her. She instinctively puts her hands on the window to brace herself for what is to come.


He slides one strong hand around her, his fingers splaying across her belly, pulling her tightly to him possessively. His other hand slides the hem of her skirt up her thighs to her waist. His hot mouth is almost pressed against her ear, so warm and inviting. It excites her as she feels the puffs of his breath against her skin. He praises her for not wearing panties as he instructed her the last time they were together. His hands caress her soft ass cheeks, tracing the outline with his fingers. The softness of her silky skin under his fingertips, make his cock stand at attention. He pushes his body against her, bending her forward, as his leg moves hers further apart. She moans as the thick bulge in his pants presses against her ass. Her hips press back, and she rubs her ass on it teasingly. As she looks out the window, she smiles, knowing she is about to get what she has been longing for all day.


He tells her to bend forward a little more. She does as he instructs, blushing profusely, as she knows he is going to be looking at her pussy, ass and tiny sweet rosebud. His fingers explore her aching cunt, spreading it wide. He pushes two fingers in deep, withdraws them quickly and spreads her juices all around her clit and pussy lips. She is soaking wet, and he presses his mouth to her ear and whispers seductively, "Is my sweet slut's cunt ready for me?" She loves it when he talks so dirty to her before they fuck. "Yessssssssss, it is ready for all 7 inches of your thick cock baby", she says. He positions the head of his erection directly on her pussy, rubbing and teasing, but not entering her body. "Tell me what you want slut?" he says as he rubs he slaps his cock against her clit. "I need you to fuck me now, and make me cum", she breathlessly tells him with so much need in her voice.


Without another word, he thrusts all the way into her cunt. He holds his cock there steady for a minute enjoying the feeling of her pussy locked around his throbbing shaft. She squeezes her pussy muscles tight and milks him, gripping and releasing his cock. He groans loud, and slides both of his hands up to her breasts pinching both nipples hard. She cries out in pleasure and pain, and pushes her ass out to bury his cock as deep as possible into her pussy. He fucks her hard and deep, with long strokes, watching his wet cock slide in and out of her tight hole. She moans and moves her hips to match his thrusts, her juices dripping down her thighs. He slides his hands back down and grips her hips, slamming his cock in and out of her, until she screams that she is going to cummmmmmmm. He slides his hand down and plays with her clit while she cums around his fat, throbbing cock. He feels her clenching and releasing over and over, as her hands brace the window finding her release.


He withdraws his dripping cock and orders her to spread her asscheeks. She slides her hands down the window, sticking her ass out further for his use. Her hands spread her cheeks wide. His cock becomes harder than ever when he sees her cum dripping from her cunt, and that beautiful tight little asshole that is begging to be fucked thoroughly. Their afternoon break is almost over, so he wastes no time letting his thoughts linger about the beautiful sight before him.


Without haste, he stuffs his cock into her tight hole. She screams out "OH GOD YES, FUCK MY ASS", and he thrusts in deep all the way down to his balls. She moans in pleasure and pain, and slowly moves her hips back and forth, getting used to his size and girth. He pumps his cock in and out, moaning and loving the tightness of her ass around him. She moans and tells him how good it feels to have his cock buried in her ass. Her fingers reach between her legs, and she finds her button that is once again aching to be touched. As she enjoys his cock inside of her, she moans and plays with her pussy thrusting three fingers deep inside. She loves the feeling of both holes being filled. He thrusts a few more times, deep and hard, and soon she feels his cock throbbing and shooting his thick hot cum deep into her asshole. She instantly cums around her fingers, as his cream leaks out of her ass and drips down into her Cumming pussy.


He bends and licks the cum from her pussy and ass. She turns around and slides his cock deep into her mouth, gently bathing it with her tongue kissing and cleaning it. They stand facing each other and embrace for a moment. Their eyes meet in a naughty satisfied stare, and they kiss softly. Quickly, they help each other dress, and kiss playfully and tenderly as they head back to the emergency stairway leading to the office. Break time is over. Boss and secretary head to their next meeting.