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Finding you
Tangled up in me

My Prince meeting the way we did while on vacation was like a fairytale, but I knew you were the man for me when you slipped behind me so boldly with a rose presenting me with that rose so erotically that I blushed. That never happens I am as open as it gets and never blush like a silly school girl. But you can do it to me, what I say “IT” I mean make me feel innocent like a young school girl. Yet you can bring out the most primal passion in me, and unleash things that can turn everything around us into a blazing inferno.


I love that we both liked dangerous sex. The fear of being caught got us excited. Today is no exception…We are on the bus; it is completely full. I stand facing you near the rear exit. I have on my white skirt, your favorite one. You quickly glance around, and then look me full in the eyes, and there is an unspoken conversation. You keep one hand on the pole to steady yourself, and you pinch my left nipple through my shirt with your free hand. I squirm, and you know I want you to keep going. You drop your hand, and caress my knee. You move your hand slowly up the side of my leg inside the skirt, glancing around ever so often to make sure that nobody sees.


You get to my panty line and you move your hand around the back. I move my body against you, putting my arm around you. You squeeze my firm ass. I think you enjoy the feel of it in your hand. You slip your hand underneath my lace thong and run a finger up along the crack, causing me to shudder lightly. I reposition my legs, spreading them to give you access. You slide your hand out, and then back into my panties from the top. You encounter my dripping cunt, and you feel how bad I want it. You tease my pussy, running your finger from bottom to top a few times slowly. You insert one finger into me, and I sigh into your ear. You bury a second inside my wet cunt. “Mmmm…yes….”


You pull your fingers out, and begin to pinch my clit between your first and middle fingers, rubbing it between your fingers slowly at first, then speeding up bit by bit. You can’t go as fast as you'd like, or as fast as I'd like you to, because we’d be caught. I grind against you in a very urgent way, and you know I am close. You remove a finger and just circle my love button with your index finger, quick tight circles. I moan softly in your ear, and you feel my legs start to shake. You know I am coming, and I open my eyes; you can see my orgasm building. My legs keep shaking for almost 2 minutes as I cum, and you keep massaging my clit mercilessly the whole time.


I finally stop quivering, and you let up, and slowly pull your hand out of my now very wet panties. You bring your fingers to your mouth, and you suck the juices off your middle finger, as I watch. Then you offer me your index finger, and I lick my own juices off it as well. You kiss me deeply then your tongue deep in my mouth, tasting my saliva mixed with all my other juices.


I ding the bell, and we get off the bus, and go home to continue playing...


"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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