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Hello everybody, I came across this site looking for someone who is interested to transform my erotic stories into a different medium, i.e. film, movie, audio stories or paintings. Whoever will be inspired. I truly belief sexuality has been maneuvered into an misconception. Misconstrued to be a pretentious and feared act or is used as a weapon/ protection/ golden ticket. The most organic act for the evolution of man kind was separated from us. Its being heard of and watched not experienced as a physical and spiritual bond between people.

The science of the act with its life long consequences and funny liquids is being taught along the way.

Who teaches us that a sensual erotic experience can open gateways to the cosmos for every individual involved?

I started writing erotic stories when I realized that no content available, and its tons, appealed to me or met my standard of arousal. So here I am and I'm dying to spread a message, perhaps even with one of you in collaboration do reach all the senses out there, to stimulate them and bring some essence back into the bedrooms of the world.

Looking forward to be in touch.

Warm regards



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