When I was talking to an ATM machine

Atm: Hi!

Me: Yeh, hi..how are you today?

Atm: (ignoring question) Please put your card in my slit.

Me: Hey, talk nice!

Atm: (ignoring again) Please choose language.

Me: Ok...body language.

Atm: (ignoring) Please type your password.

Me: Ok..don't look. Here *******

Atm: Choose your desired action.

Me: Oh really? So gimme the money.

Atm: How much do you want?

Me: How much do you have, spiritually speaking?

Atm: Are we being a smart ass now?

Me: Well, you wanted to talk, I just want money.

Atm: Is 100 good enough?

Me: Wow...you're so generous today.

Atm: Keep mocking me and I'll go back to automatic phase.

Me: Don't mind if you do.

Atm: Click OK here.

Me: Aha! Back to yourself again.

Atm: what can I do..I got my orders.

Me: I thought you're on automatic phase.

Atm: Come on..I haven't got all day.

Me: Why, are you going somewhere?

Atm: OMG...you guys are so strange.

Me: What guys? There's only me here.

Atm: Yeh, but you talk like a whole nation.

Me: You know what? I dont need your money. I'm off.

Atm: Go, go... you come here asking for help, I am doing everything you say and you're leaving me here alone? Go, go...You men. All you care about is my slit. What about ME? I've got feeling too you know....

Me: What the F........?