Every day or two I find myself going up, or down, also in an elevator and having the same dilemma: "what can I do with my eyes".

We all have this dilemma. Men, women, women who are not playing with their eyes (and not only in the elevator). I know there are much harder dilemmas in life but this one pisses me off, really.

When a person is surrounded by people in such a tiny place it's not so simple looking at something without feeling guilty, of something. We tacitly agree to keep our hands to ourselves. Do not touch, do not reach out for anything soft, hold yourself aloof. But the eyes, what should we do with them? What?

After giving up the idea of taking the stairs (very healthy they say, those who use the elevator) and you enter the elevator, you are into a new zone. Disconnected from the outer world, alone in a small cell with some people who might be feeling the same, but never had the urge to write about it as you have, all their wish is to end this short trip and arrive safely to their destiny.

So now that you're in, a few options stands before you:

1. If you're a man and you don't need to prove it to anyone, but you enter the elevator with another man, you guys can simply ignore each other and no one will be offended. Most likely he will get busy with his smart-phone so your eyes will never meet his hands. You can place them wherever you want, he will not notice.