How to quit smoking forever

Read this slogan I made up:

"Once in a thousand years you get one chance to quit smoking, are you going to waste it?"

I want to teach you how to quit smoking. A method I invented and tried on myself. Thing is, it works only once in a thousand years. Let's first hear my idea, then we'll figure out a way to solve this time issue ok?

At the special date 1/1/200, named by a sexy name: Millennium, I quit smoking.

I'm still alive. It's not about that method... I used another one. I invented a campaign and implanted it on myself. I was the copywriter, the designer, the secretary and the client. For half a year before the deadline, I've been selling myself the slogan above until it started affecting my life.

A day followed day...every cigarette tasted bad. I didn't feel the need to finish, the cigarette I mean. Sort of like an endless foreplay. What started out in my mind as a funny slogan became a target with a deadline and a way to achieve my goal.

It's not easy for us smokers to quit smoking just like that. We know very well how to convince ourselves that we don't need to quit smoking, not right now, because when we DO want to quit it'll be very easy for us. I realize now that it's all in my mind. The power of decision. I know some will doubt it saying, 'Oh really, quit smoking by the power of thinking? Gimme a break....'

Yes indeed. At that date, 1/1/2000, after 6 months of preparing myself, of knowing I have a goal to achieve, of thinking of every cigarette I was smoking, I stood by my window in my living room looking into the darkness of a new Millennium rising and smoked my last cigarette!

I am telling myself this in an absolute certainty. There's nothing in the world I'm more sure of. I've already had some crises that could justify a cigarette or two and survived. I don't even count the time I'm not smoking anymore. It is simply something I know - I don't smoke.

On my way to achieving this I did promise myself a few things:

1. Don't tell others they MUST quit smoking. Don't complain about the smoke when you're with a smoker. (Today I live with a smoking woman).

2. Don't gain weight. Oh well, I didn't keep this condition. Lucky me I was too thin before so quitting smoking gave me some justice, plus a small tummy.

This story is an allegory. It's not about smoking. It is something you can learn from. You are probably asking now, 'what can we learn of a method that's good ONLY once in a thousand years? A method that seems like a private joke, right?

Not quite.

The essence of this method is all about that simple act that is so hard to explain until it happens. This is 'The Decision'.

The Decision to make a change in your life.

Reaching a Decision is the hard part. But if you set up some 'baby steps' on the way, if you focus on your target, if you learn from your mistakes during the journey - you will get there.

It starts with asking the right questions and choosing the right words. Don't say "Maybe I'll quit smoking sometime, let's try and see how it goes". Say "In two months from now I will quit smoking". This is only one example.

Again, I'm not preaching to quit smoking. I'm simply telling you my story from which I've learned a lot. I admit, it's not easy to achieve all my goals but I know deep inside of me that it all depends on me.

We can always choose... what to do... how to feel... whom to love.

It's all about us. And it's in our hands.