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Dating advice for women; How to flirt with men

Personal Sex Advice by Deni | Edited by Samarel

Flirting for fun

I have flirty eyes I am told. I don't necessarily mean to flirt, but I apparently do. It comes naturally for me. I don’t think of it as flirting. Instead, I think of it as just being friendly, . . . as being attentive to a person that I am interested in. And by interested, I do not mean sexually necessarily. In fact, to get into my booty, you have to ensnare my mind first.

Some women have no idea how to flirt any more

And most 'giving' worthwhile men do not have the self confidence that it takes to approach what is an apparently hostile woman and ask her for a date, no matter how badly he wants to get to know you. I don’t blame them either. I watch women go to a bar for the explicit purpose of making friends with some man, any man, and they sit there with baleful glares daring anyone to have the audacity to speak to them.

They openly laugh at men, put men down, make jokes about a man’s bumbling efforts to breech the chasm between the sexes. Then they bitch because no man approaches them and knocks them dead with some lame one-liner. They leave, go home and bitch to all their girlfriends about how dead the dating scene is.

Well, I can tell you that it is ALL their own fault. And frankly, I feel kind of sorry for them. For you, if that is what you find yourself doing.

So how do you change that? How does one flirt? EASY!

SMILE at men!

Look directly AT them!

Continue to smile at them and look at them as they walk toward you.

And no matter how badly they stumble in their first words to you, KEEP SMILING and looking at them.

Say “HI!” with enthusiasm and a smile. Say it even before HE speaks! Spare him having to be adoringly coy and cute with someone he has no clue about (you).

Make a joke, not AT HIM, but about something safe, like the weather, or the crowd, or someone’s obviously dorky outfit, or some other equally innocuous subject. BUT NEVER AT HIM! Have the joke in your head, ready to tell, before you start to flirt. It can be simple, like, if it is raining, say “Think I will need my galoshes to get home?”

And Keep smiling at him as you gaze directly and honestly into his eyes.

That is, amazingly, all it takes!

Treat a man like he is someone you WANT to get to know! If he does turn out to be an unsatisfactory dork that is just not your type, get to know his friends for a keeper more suited to your likes.


Forget all those stupid trite and wrong-headed assumptions that women make about men.

Such as:

* Men are only interested in sex.


That is only true if YOUR brain does not function well enough to engage them in conversation.

* Men are stupid.


Men are, on average, much more intelligent, caring, and giving than any woman’s libber will give them credit for.

* Men want sex the first date or forget it.


That is true only if you have nothing to otherwise offer, or they are a taker, in which case you need to drop them like a lead balloon anyway.

* Men are afraid to commit.


Men will commit to a woman that they feel emotionally safe with. Are you that safe to be around emotionally?

* Men are all takers.


I see far more MEN that are givers than women. Women have come to believe their pussy is how they can maintain control in a relationship. Most women are so stingy with sex that their men give up trying to make them happy. Then things spiral to divorce faster than a kite with a broken cross spar.

Good luck girls!

Now go out there and flirt, flirt, flirt...

Personal Sex Advice for Better Life

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