A sexy interview with a hydrant


Me: So what’s up dude, you look lonely

Hydrant: Why you saying that?

Me: Because I see you every day, and you look turned of.

Hydrant: You mean off.

Me: Are you correcting me?

Hydrant: Who me? YOU are putting words in MY mouth. I’m only standing here.

Me: Standing? You look almost bowing to me.

Hydrant: What do you want, did you come here to laugh at me you jerk?

Me: Hey, behave yourself.

Hydrant: Why? What would you do to me that you didn’t already?

Me: Listen…I didn’t come here to fight. I came to interview you, take a good photo of you, do a nice photoshop job on you. I mean you won't even look like yourself. You'll look much better. So let’s relax and go on with this interview shall we?

Hydrant: Ok, your decision. I can't even resist. So, what’s the point of this interview anyway?

Me: To write a nice post for Facebook

Hydrant: That’s it?