Sensual portraits gallery | Samarel Art

A sensual portrait is a unique personal gift for yourself, for your lover, for both of you.  Surprise him/her - send me a photo of your loved one - I will turn it into a piece of art. Or grant yourself with this unique gift - A portrait for life.

All portraits are published with the full consent of their owners.


YOUR privacy is of utmost importance to me Therefore I promise you:

  • NO ONE but me will ever see your pictures, either before, during, or after my work is done on them.

  • I will never show Anyone other than you the product of my efforts.

  • I will NEVER share your address, email or otherwise, or ANYthing else about you, with anyone.

  • The pictures I use to show my talents are of women who have SPECIFICALLY given me written permission to show them. Yours will never be shown here unless you tell me in writing that I may use them to showcase my work. If you wish me to be able to use them for my promotional purposes, feel free to suggest it to me.


Thank You so much for trusting me.

Samarel ~


How about a sexy portrait?

If you feel naughty, sexy and you want to share it with someone you love,

I'm here for making ART - of your beauty....


"I sent in my pictures to Samarel wondering if he could make them look as beautiful as his others. I was amazed with his interpretation of my pictures. He seemed to know what I wanted before I even knew. From just a photograph he can touch the intimate, sensual side of a woman and it shows in his work."




"I don't know how many of you know that the best way to a woman's heart is to make her feel beautiful and special. My husband ordered a portrait of me. When it arrives it'll hang in our living room, where every time I see it I'll think of how sweet he is, and every time my husband sees it he'll understand what a sensual wife he has and want to make love to me."




"Samarel has the uncanny ability to permit a woman to view her truest self, without considerations of age or dress size.

I am a 54 years old grandmother, and the image he created of me actually inspires me to want to daily be the woman he manifested. He loves women and his work genuinely reflects that; ALL women deserve to see themselves as Samarel sees them."

Susi Franco