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The storm within

Deviant Diva

I stand at the window lost in thought as the rain streaks the glass in thousands of tiny little rivulets. Thunder grumbles in the distance, soothing and haunting at the same time.


I feel your presence behind me and drink in the intoxicating aroma of your unique scent as you move closer still. Your hands lightly touch my shoulders, soothing away my stress as your lips brush across the nape of my neck. My head sinks back to rest against you as I melt into your touch. The kisses on my neck send the most delicious shivers of electricity racing up and down my body. I can tell from the look on your beautiful face the effect you are having on me makes you want me all the more and you can hardly resist the urge to possess me immediately. But resist you do, you want to savor every moment.


Your arms wrap around me from behind. Pulling me in to you, as you kiss down my neck. Along my shoulder. Down my arm. Pulling my hand to your mouth, you kiss the tips of each finger. I feel your tongue on my fingers as you pull my two fingers into your mouth. Teasing my sense of touch with the tip of your tongue. As though it has a direct connection, I can practically feel your tongue on my clit as it flicks along my fingertips. Playfully. Sensually. The rain dances over the roof as your hands begin to dance over my body. My skin electrified everywhere you touch. Your hands are on my hips. Tracing their way along my waist. Playfully threatening to trail south. .


You grab the bottom of my skimpy top and pull it over my head. Your hands run down my bare back. Pressing gently into the muscles along the way. You reach around to my stomach. Pull me back into you. Your hands running up my sides and over my stomach, cupping my large breasts. I let out a slight gasp. My nipples harden immediately. The change in my breathing excites you all the more. You hold me tighter. Squeezing my tits in your hands, gently biting my neck. Nibbling. My pussy aches for your attention. You pinch my nipples between your fingers as you grab at my tits, and I gasp. A gentle moan escapes. Then a more jagged moan as you twist and pull at my hard nipples. Each movement sending a throbbing through my cunt. I am at your mercy.


I lean back into you, my head on your shoulder. I beg you to take me. To possess me. To make me yours. Words barely formed between ragged breathing and more rapid moans. You cannot resist any more than I. Your hand traces the line down my stomach to the waste of my jeans. Your arms around me you unbutton them and slide them down to my ankles. Letting your lips brush along the back of my legs, you hold my jeans as I step out of them. On your knees behind me you pull down my panties. You run your tongue along my waist at the small of my back in that little indentation just above my ass. You stand back up a turn me around. I see you for the first time.


You are lit now by the lightning crashing in the distance. I see you. Strong yet feminine. Your clothes hug you curves perfectly. And your boots put you at the perfect height. My body is silhouetted in the light of the storm flashing in the window. You pull me into you. Quickly, now. Finding my breasts with your tongue. Playing over my nipples. Licking. Sucking. Your hands run down my sides. Finding my hips. Tracing their way to my pussy. You find my smooth lips, already soaked in my own juices. Like silk, your fingers run along my parted slit. Your arm is behind my back steadying my body as I grow weak at the knees. You're holding me tight to your body, your face pressed into my tits. Taking long strokes, the full length of my pussy. I can barely remain upright.


My legs grow weaker. My breathing rougher. My cunt throbbing, wanting to feel you deep inside of me. You drop to your knees. I look down at your face between my legs, and you coyly look up at me as you slip two fingers deep inside of my pussy. You catch me collapsing into you and gently lay me on the floor. Gently sliding your fingers in an out of my soaked pussy. Leisurely enjoying the feeling of how wet I am. How open I am. How my muscles clench, welcoming your fingers inside of me. You're teasing makes me lose any self-control I may have had left. I thrust my hips into your hand. You push your finger deep inside of me, as I moan. I want you to fuck me, I cry out. I want you to fuck me so hard. I want you to take me. I want to give over every inch of my body to you. To relinquish all control. You oblige, pumping your fingers in and out of my pussy faster and harder. I spread my legs wider. I can feel my pussy wide open.


You easily slide a third finger inside of me. Thrusting slowly at first, gently letting my pussy stretch to accommodate more of you. I can't hold back, the feeling of you deep inside of me, is driving me wild. I buck my hips into your hand. I feel like I could take all of you inside of me. Like you could reach through to the very core of me. With your hand under my ass you gently lift my hips bringing your tongue down to my clit you rapidly flick your tongue all around it. Still thrusting inside of me. Fingers curved ever so slightly. I can feel you all through my entire body. The sensation is more than I can take, and I begin to cum. Hard. Long. Barely breathing as my body is taught, my nipples hard, your hand sliding in and out of me. My cunt contracting around your fingers. Cum flowing from deep inside of me. It seems an eternity. Time and space slip away and I am drowning in my senses. One final gasp as I come up for air from the depths of my orgasm. And my body collapses, like a rag doll on the floor.


You hand slowly comes to a rest as the last waves are washed away. You slither up from between my legs. I take your head in my hands and kiss you hard. Breathless, but hard. Licking and sucking my juices from your lips. The storm outside has reached its own peak and the thunder and lightning are as one. Rain still slides down the window pane. And I will not be satiated until I have made you cum. I pull you up off me. Pulling your shirt over your head. Unbuttoning your tight jeans. Pushing you up onto your knees. Sliding your panties down your long legs. You straddle me. I can feel your pussy, already wet, on my stomach. I look up to you from below. You, now, are silhouetted in the light of the window. I slide my way down between your legs until my face is between your legs. I lick from the back to the front with just the tip of my tongue. You are so wet. The taste of you makes me want more. My hands behind you grab at your ass, pulling your closer. Positioning you over my face. You gently writhe with the teasing of my tongue. And I can resist no more.


My hands on your ass I pull you down onto my face, I bury my tongue deep inside your pussy. My whole face pressed between your legs. I want to drink in all of you. I want you to lose control. I want you to ride my tongue into oblivion. I want you to give yourself over to me. I feel you hesitate, but my gentle lapping at your pussy quickly forces you to surrender. I hold onto your ass. Guiding your swaying as your ride my tongue, my mouth, my face. I can feel all control slip away and animal instinct take over. Your ride my tongue back and forth. Juices flowing from your pussy. I want you to cum so badly. I quickly slap your ass, sending that sweet shock wave through your body. You are lost now, about to go over the edge. I hold on to you , pressing myself into you. Running my tongue up and down and up and down. Your hips rocking uncontrollably. In between breaths, in barely a whisper you cry out, Im gonna cum. I moan into your pussy, wanting to push you over the edge. Your body tenses and I hold on for dear life. As my face is drenched in your sweet juice, your body is racked with orgasm. And then sweet release. You fall, sliding down my body as you do. Coming to a rest, once again, on top of me. Sucking my bottom lip into your mouth. Tasting the sweet juice of your cunt on my mouth. You rest next to me. Both breathing in the heaviness of the night. The storm has passed, the rivulets on the window are all that is left of the storm.


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"Thank you so much again for doing my portrait, you have no idea what that means to me!!! I've been a fan for so many years, to have you do my picture is such an honor!"

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