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Part 5

Sex Diaries by insatiable kitty | Art Samarel

Nude art woman showing off her ass from the NFT collection 'Eternal Erotica' by Samarel
Adult NFT collection 'Eternal Erotica' by Samarel

Eternal Erotica X

166 images growing collection of erotic art by Samarel.


Diary 37
Picture my ass

it is early morning it is still dark in this damn office... i had to make copies for our boss. He drives me crazy.... I'm in the copy room and i left the light off.... I'm bored waiting for this thing to finish i feel a little naughty today wearing a short skirt so maybe the boss will give me a raise.... i do not know you're watching from the doorway.... I lift my skirt and hop up on the machine taking a picture of my ass in my thongs laughing and leaving a wet spot on the glass.... i giggle as i look at the photocopied image of my ass.... it actually looks sexy and you can even see my pussy and slit.... just then you walk up being so quiet smiling to yourself.... naughty girl so notti you caught me... you take the picture out of my hands surprising me I'm embarrassed turning deep shades of red to my cheeks You look at me, and my eyes cannot meet yours.... I laugh more, nervously you say you didn't know i was a naughty girl.... i say there is a lot about me you don't know.... you what? i say...i like cock.... you look even more surprised .... you unzip your pants. like this one? he is semi erect .... my eyes cannot stop looking at him. I'm wanting to kiss him and make him stand at attention for me.

Without further warning, i get on my knees take him into my hands and stroke him. Looking up into your eyes with a very devilish a cat about to eat a canary. I lick your head...yummy I say. The photocopy machine working so hard to produce the images. You can hear my mouth start to suck your cock even over this loud contraption. You watch as I move my head up and down on your stiff erection. You feel the vibrations from my moans, watch my saliva drip out onto your shaft. mmmm you taste and smell so good I say. I push more of your cock inside of my mouth. My hand sliding down into my panties. Pushing them aside, exposing my wet smooth cunt. You watch my fingers push inside, at the same time that I take your cock into my throat deep. Oh moan and put your hands on my head...guiding me on and off of your cock.


Pushing me down all the way until he is in my throat. I moan and rub my clit harder and faster as your cock throbs in my mouth. I swallow hard as I am now tasting your precum. It is slightly salty and delicious. I need more. My eyes implore you to continue fucking my sweet mouth. I moan on your cock deep and loud as my fingers bring me to an exquisite hard, long, orgasm. You watch my cum run down my fingers. I swallow your hot creamy load as you pump it into me. I slide my fingers into your mouth and let you taste my orgasm, as I clean your cock ever so gently. You pull me up to you and kiss my mouth. You whisper against my lips that I am such a naughty YOUR naughty slut. Prepare thy lips...both sets you tell me...our next break is in a few hours...when all are working in this office. See you in the stairway? mmmmmm can't wait....

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Sex art fucking closeup image Deep penetration

Diary 38
My lacy panties

If i was there right now...sitting next to you...and you were talking to me in your low sexy voice? I'd take your hand in mine, and put it in my lap. I'd close my eyes, and let you know what I wanted so much from you. I'd push your hand up my thigh and my skirt would rise and expose my white lacy panties. When you felt them and your fingers got so wet?

You would bring them to your lips and rub my juices on them. We would try to act normal as we talked about business. You would bring your fingers to your nose and smell my hot aroused pussy from them. I would put my hand in your lap and slowly unzip you. My hand would slip inside and you would have to close your eyes and will yourself not to moan as I stroked him back and forth. We'd get closer together to conceal our naughtiness, and i'd spread my thighs apart to give you access to my cunt.

We would masturbate each other until we were both on the breathless and horny that the only business we could think about was when and where we were going to fuck. I look at you...obviously so fucking turned on and needy, saying quietly baby be discreet meet me in the stairway when no one is looking. I'd leave your desk, my pussy swollen and wet, a trail of my juices running down my leg, I can hardly walk away I am so needy for your cock. I walk down a few flights of the stairs, heading to the basement, where no one goes. soon i hear your footsteps coming down towards me.

You get close...see me leaning against the wall. One foot up on the step above. You come down to me...facing me...kissing me...hands in my hair...then on my face, pulling me deeper into your kiss...pressing your cock against my cunt, so hard and needy. I grind against you...moan into your mouth...fuck me i say, you raise my leg and notice my thigh highs.

You hook my knee with your arm and raise it up high pushing my panties into my slit. Your hand reaches to them...rips them off, and you put them into your mouth and kiss me through them so we can both smell and taste my randy cunt. Your fingers ready me for your cock. We've not much time, but i'm so horny my wetness is running down your fingers, and i'm moaning and moving my hips hard and fast. Your cock is throbbing in your pants. I free him with my fingers that are fumbling. I stroke him and then rub him on my aching hole. My eyes look into yours...silently begging you again...fuck me baby.


You push against me and my cunt opens and accepts your tight...wet and needy.

Your fingers rub my clit as you fuck me hard and deep...holding me against the wall, your hips slamming your cock in and out of my slutty pussy. I moan and moan and you kiss me to stifle the loud sound that is echoing in the stairway. You thrust your hips upwards inside of me, making your cock ram my G-spot. You moan as my pussy starts to cum so hard around you, milking your cum up from your balls...contracting and releasing. over and over. Your cum shoots up inside of me deep, and there is so much it drips out down my shaky thighs. We kissssss deeply and passionately caressing each other, and as we come down, helping each other straighten our clothes. Back up the stairs we go, separately, to the ladies room, to gain our composure and wash away the sexy scent of our lovemaking.

Sex art by Samarel semi abstract fuck scene

Diary 39
I need to have you

I woke up so needy today, and I immediately slid my hand inside of my panties, even though I was half asleep with eyes closed! LOL. I spread my legs a little and felt my mound al over, then teased my slit with my fingers and pushed inside. I felt my pussy lips and traced them with my wetness and then slid them up to my clit. I traced all around her, she was swollen and wet, and it felt very goooood! I thought of you, and your amazing tongue, licking all over her, and my nipples got hard like rocks! I rubbed my wetness on them and I love doing that because I got my scent in my head and it made me even MORE aroused and wanting for you! I tasted me and then returned my fingers to my clit, rubbing in circles...MMM it was so gooooood.


I wished I had you above me...your knees on either side of my hands feeling the hair on your thighs as I look up at you looking down at me, with that same needy and lusty look that i have. You were stroking him, and he was magnificent of course, getting harder and wanting me, and you rubbed our head on my wet lips, my tongue slipping out to capture him as he goes from side to side. Your hand reached behind you and you were rubbing my clit and teasing it hard and fast. I was moaning and I opened my mouth to accept him inside.

You pushed him in, and i sucked on your head. I love the way he feels in my mouth and i let him explore my cheeks and tongue. I opened wider and you pushed in deeper slowly and my tongue French kissed him so warm and welcoming. I moaned on him hard as you continued to torment my clit and you could see on my face that I was getting closer. You started to move and my hands slid up your fine ass and rubbed and caressed it. I gripped it, squeezed a little and pulled you deeper inside of my mouth, the way i'd want you to deep fuck my pussy.


Moaning and now moving my hips against your hands, wanting to cum. Your touch on my pussy lightened to make me crazy and move my hips hard. Your cock pushes into my throat, and you watch as my lips open so wide, you can see the wet seal they are making around your shaft at your base. You see my throat contracting as I take you in, feel my swallows and my tongue pressing against him. You moan and I am writhing like crazy under you, my pussy dripping wet. You move your hips fast in and out of my mouth, dragging your cock all the way out and then plunging him back through my closed lips.


My mouth is now wet with my saliva and your precum as you do this, and some is dripping down my chin. You rub your head in this and then push it past my lips again deep. You allow me to suck your cock until you are just about ready to cum. Your cock throbbing and full grown in my mouth, Your touches getting lighter and lighter on my pussy, making me moan and beg for more. You slide your very stiff cock out and tell me get on all fours needy slut. I do as you tell me, and put my head on the bed, and my ass up high. I spread my legs wide so you can have me however you'd like.

My pussy is pulsing and wanting to cum and i can't help but grind my ass in the air waiting for your attention. You rub your head against my needy soaked slit, talking to me so dirty and telling me all that you are going to do to me. I moan and push my hips back trying to push your head deep inside. I just about scream as you finally give me what i need so much, and my cunt grips him hard and I squeeze and release him a few times. You moan and tell me how fucking naughty I am, and you grab my hips and pump in and out of me, deep long strokes, your fingers rubbing my clit. I can't take any more of this babes, as I can't take it RIGHT NOW, cummmminggggggg......

fuck baby so good, I love Cumming around your thick shaft. Did you feel me too, contracting and releasing over and over? Feel my cum wetting your cock as I slam my hips back on him over and over. ? MMMMM I felt your fingers reach and play with my nipples as i came. fuck that was good.

Fuck me through my orgasm, because I'm already wanting another one. I hear your cock sliding in and out of my soaked cunt. I hear you moaning as you get closer, my pussy lips wrapped around him so tightly. I reach back to your ass and slip my finger inside as you fuck me. Both of us moaning loud and deep. I tease your hotspot and you groan loudly and say my name. I tell you yessssss baby me too im right there. Your fingers stroke my clit as your cock invades my cunt a few more hard slams.....and then....


Oh fuck yessssssss.


we cum together. I feel him pulsing into me emptying his hot cream so deep. You slide him out, your cum and mine dripping from your cockhead onto my asshole and back. You tell me to turn over and i lay on my back, looking very satisfied and dreamy. You lay on top of me pushing him between my slit to rest as he softens still pulsing against me. I put my arms around your neck and give you a very deep passionate kisssssssssssssssssss

i need to have you.

Fucking sex art close up dick in pussy

Diary 40
Suck of love

You are so tired from fucking me over and over...for hours...since our arrival to this hotel room. We kissed after our last fuck session and I hugged you saying I was going to take a hot bath. I could tell you wanted to join me, but you were just too damn tired, from travel and excitement, and thinking about me! You can hardly even stand so I help you into bed (naked) and pull the cool sheets and covers up and snuggle you in. I kiss you gently, looking into your eyes once more before I turn to go. Sweet dreams and I will wake you worries about that!

After my bath, I quietly dry my hair and come into the room. It is dark, but I can still see your outline laying on the bed. It appears you are face down and looking rather peaceful, with your body out from under the covers and your smooth gorgeous ass looking inviting and delicious.


Quietly, I remove my towel and crawl up onto the bed. I bend and kiss from your toes up each leg alternately and slowly, letting my lips linger and enjoy your skin and the feel of your silky hair. My mouth travels up to your inner thighs, nibbling and sucking and licking you so good. I feel you stir beneath me, and wonder if you are waking to my soft kisses. Your legs spread wider, and I know that you are coming to consciousness. I tease your inner thighs with my fingertips as my mouth searches for your balls. My tongue explores them, sliding into the silky hair and making it wet. My lips enclose around them and my tongue and lips suck and tease, waking you and hearing you moan into the pillow.


Darling...that's so good!!!!!! MMMMMMM makes me so happy and excited to hear you wanting me. I slide my hand under you and move my palm up your shaft, enclosing my fingers around you. You are hard and needy, and I wonder if your hands are gripping the sheets tightly as I torture your cock, balls, and now...assssssssss.

I slide my hand away from your cock. Feeling your hips moving up and down pressing him into the bed. My hands slide to your ass cheeks and I spread my fingers out on each and lightly tease as my mouth licks your balls.... I use my fingers to spread your ass wide, exposing your tight sensitive asshole to my tongue. I slide my tongue up and lick all around it, tasting your musky skin there and getting the scent of it and your cock as well. I push my tongue inside of your ass...only the tip and in and out in and out...slowly at first. Circling and torturing as you move your hips harder into the bed. I hear you moaning and I push my tongue in deeper...filling you and moving my hands to your cock again, stroking and sliding him against my palm which I made wet with my mouth, making him slippery and needy!

I slide my tongue out slowly and lick around your rim as my tongue exits, letting you slide your cock up and down on my palm on the bed. I whisper to you...turn over baby. You are so hard and needy and wanting to control me...throw me on the bed and eat my pussy until I cum another 5 times! This time, I hope you allow me to enjoy you for a bit? You roll over and i look up at you as your hands are behind your head. You are looking down at me, and watching as I move to straddle your cock. Baby? I need to have him inside of me again...


I want to be filled with your cock...and feel so needy for him! I squat over him and lower my spread dripping cunt onto his head. We both moan as he sinks inside. I start to ride up and down on him so good as your fingers play with my nipples and move down to torture my clit. I grind on him in circles, moaning and talking to you so dirty. I tell you baby....take this cock away from me...don't let me cum on him right now. I want to taste my cunt from him first. and I really need to have him in my mouth right now.

We change positions, and I lay on my back. You straddle over me, your thighs almost crushing my tits. Your balls rest right underneath them. Your shaft so snug in my wet cleavage. You look down at me and watch as your cock slides between them in and out in and out, my mouth capturing him on every thrust...sucking your head and teasing it so good. You rock your hips and fuck my lips, deep and hard, making me take your cock into my throat. You moan as I allow him entry and swallow on him contracting around him so good. I feel you throbbing, and I wonder if you are going to lose control and shoot your cum into my naughty sucking mouth, but you do not. Instead you slip him out, leaving my mouth coated with your precum and my saliva.


You rub your cock down my body as you change positions, rubbing him on my neck, tits, tummy...and lower...moving between my thighs...grabbing my ankles...pushing them up and way up to my shoulders. You look into my eyes as you rub your cockhead over my pussy and then onto my asshole...rubbing it in a circle teasing me,...knowing I am helpless. You rise above me and push him inside of my cunt...deep and hard...all the way in one smooth deep thrust. Down to your balls, my pussy nestled in your pubic lips wide open to accommodate your size and width. I'm soaked, and my wetness is dripping into your pubic hair and onto your balls. You rub your hands on my thighs as you pump into my pussy. I moan loudly and rub my clit hard and fast as you fuck me faster and deeper. You slide your cock out so wet and rub it on my asshole. Is this what you want slut? My cock in your ass?


YES! You tease my ass and you watch as my fingers replace your cock in my pussy. I pump them in and out as you push your cockhead on the center of my asshole. My wetness dripping down around your cock as it stretches my opening. I moan and try to move my hips, but you have me trapped beneath you. You are totally controlling this situation. I tell you yes fuck good. You push your hard cock in and out of my ass until I can take it no longer...with my fingers rubbing my clit and pussy. I start to cum and my muscles contract hard around my digits. My ass clenches your cock tightly, and this squeezing and releasing brings you to climax.


I moan as I am Cumming so hard and deep, feeling both of my holes filled. You slide your cock out of me and spray my pussy and ass with your hot cream. You lay on top of me and we kiss and exchange softly spoken love words. I tell you time for a shower and a nap...wonder what will happen next?

Fucking from behind sex art by Samarel

Diary 41
Quick fuck

You walk to the ladies room, and once inside there I am, sitting on the counter. My legs are spread and you can see my garters holding up my sexy thigh high stockings. You pick up my foot and remove my sexy high heel, kissing my toes through my leggings. I moan as your lips move up to my ankles and then knees. I know where you are headed and I am not going to stop you! I moan and put my head back as you reach the top of my thighs. My pussy is wet and tingling and I cannot wait to have some contact with your body...fingers...tongue...cock? I wonder which you will penetrate me with first!
My fingers work to unbutton my blouse quickly, and I unhook the front clasp freeing my ample tits. Your eyes feast upon their round beauty and you bend and take a nipple between your lips. I moan and put my hands in your hair, pressing your mouth harder against my breast. You suck my nipple hard and deep, using your tongue and teeth to torment it. Your other hand flicks and pinches the other nipple. They are so hard and needy for you, and judging by the wet spot that is growing on my panties, you have no doubt that this slut wants to fuck your cock!
You slide my panties over to the side and rub my slit. Your mouth descends on mine and our lips lock in a very hard and passionate kiss. Your tongue filling my mouth with your delicious taste, and also with extreme lust. I moan into your mouth and move my hips against your fingers, pushing you inside of my wetness. You look into my eyes and whisper something naughty against my lips...sounded like naughty, but I am so full of lust right now, I can only think of my cunt's need to be satisfied.
You continue to finger fuck me as I slide my hand to your trousers. I unbutton, unzip, and pull your pants down, freeing your throbbing cock and working him with my warm hand. I give him a slight squeeze and stroke him up and down. Your fingers are tormenting my clit so good, rubbing and teasing her in hard circles. I groan deeply as your lips crush against mine again. I stroke you harder and faster, feeling your silky cock skin in my palm. My hips are moving like mad, and I know that I need to have you inside of me. We both realize that we can only keep people out of this ladies room for so long, so as if we were both reading each other's minds, i pull my legs up onto the counter and spread them wide. My knees touching my chest and my pussy on display for your use and approval.
I am shaved and you think my kitty looks very likable. She is very wet and smells needy for your cock. You cannot resist but to lower your head and spread me wide with your fingers. I moan as I watch you and bite my bottom lip as you tease me with your tongue. You tongue fuck me and I reach down and put my hand on your head. Yesssssssssssssssss oh yes tonguefuck me baby...right there!!!!!
I moan and writhe until you feel my cunt muscles contracting on your hot wet tongue. You taste me and lap my juices as I cum all over your tongue and lips. I am out of my own control and into yours, and you take full advantage, pulling me from the counter and telling me to turn my slut ass around and spread my thighs wide. I know you are stroking your cock and i turn one last time and bend, taking him into my mouth and sucking him up and down, taking him so deep inside of my wet lips. My tongue slides around him and swirls over his head. I let you watch as i spit my saliva onto him smiling so fucking naughty at you. You are about to fuck that smile off my face and replace it with a look of pure lust and eustasy.
I moan as you tell me to turn around and bend. My naked ass and slit are yours for the taking and you see my wetness running down my thighs. Your own cock is throbbing and you can no longer hold back. You spread my pussy and push your cockhead inside, not moving and making me work for this fuck. I move my hips back and forth on him, coating him with my juices as I take him inside inch by inch. I moan and you grab my hips and push him all the way in. YES FUCK ME! I AM YOUR SLUT. I hiss this to you, not wanting every one in the office to hear what we are doing in this bathroom. You thrust into me over and over deeper and harder, moaning as you feel my cunt squeeeeezing him so tightly...opening and closing around him with my trained muscles.
I know we are both close and there is knocking at the door. You thrust into me faster and deeper, and we both moan softly as you empty your cock into my Cumming cunt. Our cum mixing together, running down my thigh. You turn me to you and we kiss while cleaning up and dressing. I go into the stall and you walk out first. I wait until the person who has just come in leaves, as I know that the smell of hot sex is in the air. I slip out unnoticed, but go past your desk on the way to mine. Our eyes meet and we smile and laugh softly, not believing our own boldness, but definitely feeling a new connection and lust for each other.
Sex art couple erotic image

Diary 42
Feeling so lusty

I found myself...fantasizing...SO deeply about us. i feel like it won't be too long...until I have you...but today i was imagining only good things....that we had so much attraction...that i was kissing you...and you were talking to was so good lover! I was so so so wettttttttt....when i got home...first chance i had alone which is a gift to have even 5 minutes at night...i took a shower and fingered this soaked aching pussy. I sat on my little tiled seat in the shower pulled my legs up spread them open...let the hot water beat down on my clit....closed my eyes...head against the wall...wet hair stuck to my face...and i spread my pussy open ...ooooooo so good...


I imagined the water was your tongue licking didnt take me long to start feeling my orgasm building higher and higher....and i used my other hand to tease these very hard nipples...and tugged on them...pinched and i did the same to my cunt...imagining you with your face between my thighs...controlling me and taking what belongs only to you...and I came SO SO SO SO SOS OSOSOoooooooooooooooooooo hard...OMG it was GOOOD. I squeezed my fingers so tight inside...and my cum was alllll over them being washed away as the water hit. I moaned softly...couldn't help it...

I was feeling so lusty...imagined that once you were done with me....ate me so good and made me weak and even more needy for you....that you stood up...kissing me and letting me taste myself from your lips (and i tasted so nice baby) ...and you were stroking your cock...long strokes...then...rubbed your head on my lips...your precum was covering them. I licked and sucked as the water fell upon pussy just...throbbing with need for you...and anticipation...knowing I was gonna have this cock fucking me so good in no time at all! I took him into my mouth deeply while looking at you...looking up at my master who owns my pussy...and i sucked you until you were moaning for me so goood...


until your hands pushed my head down and made me take more cock in...then i used hands and mouth...together...working your cock over...sliding my fist up and down with a twisting motion...around your slippery cock as my saliva dripped onto different and slick than the shower rain. I grabbed your ass in my hands and guided you to pump in and out so deeply...hearing you groan as your cock pushed into my tight throat. I swallowed on him as my lips opened widely and were flush against your pubic nose buried in your pubic hair. I let my tongue swirl around almost gagging me on this stiff cock. I inhaled your scent as i sucked so deeply...lips locked around the base of your shaft. MMmm honey you taste so gooood!


I moaned and made hard vibrations ripple through your cock down to your balls. My hands caressed...then opened your ass to me. My finger...slid inside as i continued to fuck your cock with my mouth and tongue....and when your stiff dick was buried in my mouth? my finger pushed deep into your almost grunted as you pushed your hips hard against my face. I felt you throbbing deeply...knew it was time...

Looked up into your eyes...mine half open and glazed with lips still stained red from my lipstick....moaned...rubbed my clit in hard watched this sight...your slut...YOUR SLUTTTT...on her knees in this steamy shower...eyes begging for your cum because she wants to please you so much. One more thrust and deep suck...and i am swallowing this gift that you came all the way across an ocean to bring me. I swallowed and you slid out of my lips and finished cumming on my cheeks...eyelids...mouth. I kissed him gently once pulled me up under this water stream with you....hands feeling and caressing...mouths meeting...sharing the tastes of our bodies...and melting into your beautiful kissssssssssssss....

the vision in my mind rubbing you down with silky soft lotion...and slipping into bed with kiss and tease..laugh and please....more and more and more...kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Erotic sex art fucking nsfw image

Diary 43
Downtown, on me...

I'm waiting for you in a hotel downtown. Our southern skyline is beautiful at this time of day, with hues of deep pinks and purples, right before the sun goes down. It reminds me of something that you would paint as a background in your art. The only thing missing would be the images of a man and woman making love.

I look down to the city below, and see all the cars in traffic passing by. I wonder when you will get here, and which one will be carrying you in it. Then I hear the door open to our hotel room and there you are! I turn away from the window and smile big at you, hardly able to move from excitement and disbelief that we are here in the same room together. It feels like a dream that is not really happening. I turn to move toward you, but you tell me to stay where I am. Yesssssss this is the Scorpio that I know, so calm and in control. I nod and smile, feeling shy and maybe insecure that I will be all that you have imagined I would be. You come to me, before this large window and beautiful sunset. I cannot think of a place that I'd rather be, and long for your kisses to finally touch my lips.

Your hand slides across my cheek and you pull me against you tightly. I tilt my head up to you and you slant your mouth over mine. I am very shaky and I am hoping that you cannot notice how nervous I am! This doesn't last for long because your kisses are even better than I ever imagined, and they just melt me into you. My hands slide up your chest and unbutton your shirt. I slide my hands inside and feel your silky hair and also let my fingertips explore your nipples...tracing them and running my smooth tips over their delicate skin making them so hard for me.

I wonder what else is hard for me too? And I slide my hand down your tummy to the waist of your trousers. I slide my fingers in there and slide them back and forth like a whisper on your skin, tickling you slightly and making you take in your breath. Our kisses are deeper and I am so thrilled as your hands unbutton my blouse all the way down. I feel your hands push it off, your fingers brushing over my shoulders as my blouse falls to the floor. You pull me against you harder and our skin is warm because we are both very aroused. We've waited a long time for this, haven't we?


MMM! kissing deeper our tongues playing hungry and needy for each other...just can't get enough of you ...can't get close enough to you. I unbutton and unzip you, my hand hesitating only for a second, anticipating the excitement of feeling the bare skin of your cock touching my fingers for the first time. I moan into your mouth, as I push your pants off of your hips. My hand sliding to the place it has longed to be, around your erect cock. Our kiss is passionate and burning and we are so excited now, we can hardly contain our emotion. Your hands work fast and free me of my pants.

Your mouth leaves mine, and i feel so lost without your kisses, but so needy for your mouth to roam down my body...tasting every inch of me. I lean against the glass window and watch you as your mouth tongue and teeth ravish me down to my panties. You put them in your teeth, and drag them down, exposing my newly shaved and waxed? pussy. I'm so wet and needy and my juices are already glistening on my lips and thighs. I look down at you with half closed passionate eyes and spread my legs apart. You run your beautiful long artist fingers over my mound and use one to draw a line down my slit, pushing it into my slit and between my swollen lips. yes please eat my pussy baby....


Your mouth teases and tastes her, and i am almost out of my mind with lust for you. Eyes closed and red lips open I spread my legs wider, giving you access to my gates. Come inside baby. You push your tongue in deep, and i instinctively bury my fingers in your hair, caressing it softly and moaning and moving my hips against your lips and tongue. I watch as you make love to her so good with your mouth, and the vision of you doing that brings me to climax quickly. You spread my lips wider and thrust your tongue in and out of my dark hole until I am begging you to let me cum...whimpering and moving my hips against your face. I hear you whisper against my pussy ..cum slut...cum now for me...cum baby...cum FUCK I cannot help it, but I let my mind and body and your hot tongue take me to that heavenly place. You moan into my pussy and i am so turned on watching you lick and suck my juices from me, that I can hardly look anymore. I close my eyes and feel my cunt opening and closing tightly around your tongue.


OH YES babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......


I scream as I cum. I pull you up to me and kissss you deeply, as I reach for your stiff cock and stroke him so good.

My pussy is aching to be filled by your cock, so I turn and put my hands against the window, and push my ass out to you. My hand slides down and I rub my soaking wet slit up and down with my fingers...spreading it open and saying ...fuck me here...fuck my pussy...fill me with your cock because i need it so bad! You stroke him and when i look back i see he is hard as a rock. slightly curving and needing me as well.

Looking at him makes my mouth water, so before you fuck me, I turn and bend down low...pushing my mouth around your head that you are holding up to me. this... i hear you say the words, and your hands push down on my head showing me where to suck you. I feel your fingertips move down to my lips as they enclose your cock...feeling your shaft slide in and out of my tight wet mouth. Your precum and my saliva dripping from my lips onto your fingers. oooo yes naughty that yes. That is what i imagine you say to me...I suck you hard and deep until you are on the edge of cumming, then I slow down a bit and you guide me off your cock, not wanting to cum so quickly.


You pull me up and tell me to assume my position with my hands on the widow again. I do as you tell me , and I push my ass back out to you. You spread my ass cheeks and I feel your eyes inspecting my ass and pussy, and it makes me blush. Your fingers explore me from my cunt to my little rosebud, and you take your swollen cock and push the head between my slutty pussy lips that are wet and dripping for you. I moan as you push him inside...only giving me a little and teasing me by pushing and out, not giving me what i want! Your fingers rub my clit as you push in deeper...this time all the way and your balls are against my skin. I moan loud..




Fuck me....and i move my hips against him. You grab my hips and pump in and out of me, over and over, and my pussy muscles grip him tightly, trying to resist his outward stroke. You groan as you feel my cunt grip him, and your hands slide and cup my breasts, your thumbs working my nipples. This sends a thrill down to my pussy and I buck my hips against you, your cock slamming into my cunt deep and hard . I brace myself for your thrusts against the window, the beautiful sunset now starting to fade.

I feel your thrusts deep and hard and your cock is throbbing so hard inside of me. I continue to squeeze and torment him, until i hear your breathing and know you are going to cum. I'm close baby I tell you. Cum inside of my pussy ...I moan to say....yesssss ... now i am there too....I rub my clit hard and in circles as we both start to amazing that we are moaning and moving together, as you empty your cum deep into my cunt. My pussy contracts around him hard, our juices mixing together and running down my legs. You withdraw him and let your cum drip over my tight needy asshole.

I get on my knees and very gently lick your shaft of our cum. I know your head it too sensitive to touch so i just kiss him softly letting my silky saliva linger over him. I take you to the bed and pull you on top of me.. Your cock resting against my pussy. We kisss so deeply and passionately, being soft and roll to your side...facing me and we cuddle and drift off to sleep...for much more we have to do during your visit.

Sex art by Samarel illustration for sex diaries

Diary 44
I am so fucking wet


feel my kisses on your lips, and my warm breath against them as I whisper to you how sexy you are, and how much i want and need you. Feel my lips lightly bite on your bottom one before dragging down and sensuously kissing....sucking and nipping on your neck. My hands trembling in anticipation as I slowly unbutton your shirt, my fingers smoothing it open and feeling your chest.


whispering against your skin as i kiss downward, how good you feel and taste. The scent of you in my head as my fingers gently touch your silky chest hair. I capture your in my hot wet mouth, tongue swirling around it, teeth between my fingers...rolling, pinching and teasing. I moan on the one that I am sucking as I feel your body pressing into mine. My greedy mouth kisses from one nipple to the you watch me loving you with my eyes closed. I suck on the other one now, giving it the same attention, as my hands tease your skin, sliding to the one that i just made wet, feeling it so slick and cooling from the air...wondering if your cock is getting as hard as your nipples. I kiss to the center of your chest, and move downward...straight down, hands lightly touching and raking down your body.

My hands move to your trousers, and I unbutton them and open them wide. I am very careful not to touch your growing cock...I want him to be achy and needy and oh so stiff for me. I touch either side of him, as my tongue very lightly traces your belly button. I feel you take in your breath deeply, your gorgeous hands move down and play with my nipples, gently teasing and circling them with your fingers. I moan as i continue tasting your body. I am so wet that my fingers cannot help but slide down my own skin and into my panties. I cannot resist touching now. As my tongue pushes inside of your sexy belly button, i push two fingers into my needy pussy. I'm so wet already, and my juices drip down onto my hand and wrist.

My wet mouth moves down lower now, and I am so hungry for you. I am needing a taste of your cock...I want to devour it actually, because I'm so close and his scent is driving me mad. My fingers quicken their work, and you watch as i fingerfuck my own pussy, moving my hips as i am now squatting before you. I look up into your eyes, and you can tell that i am almost there...that i am filled with lust and am going to take you with me into my beautiful fantasy. I press my mouth against you, and my nose is inhaling the scent of your cock.


I bury my face in your pubic hair as I tease and mark your body with my kisses and saliva. I moan as my soaking wet fingers slide up to my swollen clit. You can hear how wet I am as I circle her lacing her with my juices I stroke her between two fingers like a little needy cock. I moan and you can feel my eyelashes grazing your skin as I kiss the base of your cock. My tongue presses there and licks around it.

My fingers on my other hand explore to find you, and wrap around your shaft. I slide my mouth and tongue up and finally touch your silky cockhead. I lick all around it and push my tongue in your slit. I am rubbing my clit harder and faster...only slowing when I come right to the edge of cumming.


I want to cum with you. Your hands are down on either side of your cock. My mouth takes one of your fingers inside of my mouth. I suck on it slowly, looking up at you as my lips move up and down, softly and slowly at first then...feel me sucking harder. I feel your cock growing in my hand, so stiff now. I slide my mouth from your finger leaving a tiny string of my saliva attached to my lips. I move my greedy mouth back to your cockhead, sucking it between my lips, wrapping them around his rim.


My tongue swirling and tasting. My thighs so wet with my juices. I am very close. I push my head down onto your cock and use my mouth and fist to fuck him, bringing you to full erectness. I moan on him deeply, and you watch as you look down at lips so wet and slick with your dick between them, so deep into my mouth. you grab my hair and fuck my mouth. I have my first orgasm and cum all over my fingers, my hips moving back and forth as you fuck my mouth.

Now I am your needy slut more than ever, and as you pull me up and turn me around to fuck me, I bend and lay my head on the bed. I push my ass out to you, and spread my legs wide. My hand is underneath me and i push my fingers in and out of my soaked pussy. My cum running down my thighs, and you take your cock and rub him in it. You tease me and soon I feel your strong hands on my ass, I feel you spreading it and looking at your slutty lover's tight asshole and dripping slit. I spread my cunt open and you push your dick inside of me, I groan and say YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS fuck me!!!!!!!!!


And as you push inside, I rub my clit hard and fast moaning and bucking my hips against yours. You slam him in and out of my tight pussy, feeling my muscles grip and release him, milking him and coaxing your cum. I push all the way back and grind hard and slow in circles against you...i'm moaning and begging for more...telling you ooooooooooooo so damn GOOOD baby.




I rub my clit faster and I feel your finger teasing my tight little asshole. You wet it with your saliva and push inside. Feeling so needy and out of control I move my hips back and forth until..................................


i cum like:.........;';';';';';';';';';';;'...m./..,<<<<

I feel you fucking me and i feel you slamming into me and shooting your hot cum inside. you have more waiting for me, and you slide out of my hot cumming pussy and come around to my mouth...lips parted and eyes closed from my amazing orgasm. You push him into my lips and I suck him hard, as you fuck my mouth again. This time< i reach up and grab your ass. I slide my fingers up and down between them, making you slick with my cum. I push my finger inside and fuck your asshole as you empty your cum down my throat. your hot cream all over my face and lips, dripping down onto my tits, my chest rising and falling as i try to catch my breath. slowly and lightly i slide my lips from your softening cock. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bed, where we lay in each other's arms...kisssing and sharing our tastes and scents, and cuddling close.

Adult erotic art couple afterplay

Diary 45
After afterplay

You make me feel so incredible lover. I'm so shaky and breathless from cumming all over your fingers and I watch you in the mirror as I relax and lay down on my tummy. I see you behind me, licking my cum from my fingers as you talk to me, and i admire your sexy reflection. Your cock is hard once again and i tell you to spread my cum between my ass cheeks and rub him up and down between them. I watch him slide in and out of my cheeks and it makes me so hot, that I am already needy for you again. I roll over onto my back now and tell you, come here lover i need to taste that throbbing dick again before you fuck me. I urge you to straddle over my face, and my hands slide up and down teasing your thighs with my light touch.

I watch your expressions as you rub your cockhead over my wet lips. My saliva covers your head and makes it so slick. you talk to me so dirty and tell me that you love to see these red lips surrounding you. I open wide as you push him inside of my warm wet mouth. My lips enclose him like my tight pussy does when you fuck me. I suck him in deeper as my hands, grab your ass and pull your cock into my throat. I moan and relax my throat muscles around him as I look up into your eyes.

You alternate, watching me suck and swallow him, and also watching your mirror image, seeing yourself push your hips back and forth...seeing my image laying on this bed submissive beneath you. loving your cock and taking every inch of him. I moan and my fingers slide down to my needy cunt. I let my knees fall open wide and i rub my clit hard and fast, then push my fingers deep inside. I rub and suck until i know you are close to cumming, feeling your cock throbbing so hard, feeling your cock veins pulsing, as you are closer to shooting your creamy load.

I moan on him and you admire my lusty look, of eyes half closed, lips open with a stream of your thick cream running out of the side and down my neck. your hands play with my nipples, pinching and pulling them as you fuck my mouth deep. do you want me to cum in your mouth slut? i hear you ask it, but i am too horny to even answer you. My body is yours to take as you wish. you look at me lusty but thoughtful before you slide your erect dick from my lips. You kneel up and move back, dragging your precumming cock down my chest and over each nipple, leaving a trail of your wetness behind, marking me as your slut. I moan and writhe beneath you, still rubbing and torturing my pussy. you drag your stiff wet cock down to my belly, circling it around my belly button, making me beg for a deep fuck.

I am helpless and so needy as your hands and cock move down my skin, I hear you telling me that i look best this way, after I have already cum once, but quick and only a teaser. You tell me you are going to fuck me so hard that I am going to squirt all over you. You move down between my thighs and spread them wide, taking my fingers away from my cunt. I am reluctant to let you control me, because i am close to cumming right now, but you are my sexy master and I let you do as you please.

You bend and lick my soaking wet slit, telling me how much you love my taste. I move my hips in a circle, teasing you and telling you im ready to be fucked so good. You stroke your cock and push your head inside of my pussy lips. I moan and move my hips begging for more. You do not disappoint and push your cock in deep, until your pubic hair is tickling my shaved smooth pussy. I groan and grind against you, until you force me to stop and spread my thighs apart even wider. You thrust into me hard and deep, cumming and pushing upwards against my gspot. I moan and buck against you and without much effort, i squirt alll over you, screaming my loud sharp orgasm out. YESSSSSSSsss SO DAMN GOOD LOVER.

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