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Part 4

Sex Diaries by insatiable kitty | Art Samarel


Diary 28
Dinner will have to wet

just got out of the bath, and am smoothing lotion on my legs when this delicious scent tickles my nose. You must be cooking something for us, how sweet! I wrap a sexy robe around me and head to the source of my hunger...the kitchen where I find you naked...singing and stirring the sauce. I smile big at the sight of you, but try not to make any noise so as not to disturb you from your culinary masterpiece. I watch as you dip your finger inside of it and taste your creation, and my pussy gets wet as I watch your lips suck the sauce from your finger. My mind flashes an image of me laying down with my legs spread wide and looking down and watching you suck on my clit. I know the way that tongue feels pressed against skin like that.

I continue to peek in at you, as you cook away, your ass shifting as you move your weight from one foot to the other. I love the shape of your sexy ass honey, and I feel the urge to quietly sneak in to the kitchen and give you a little appetizer.

My pussy is dripping in anticipation, hoping that you will be wanting me as much as I am wanting you...forgetting your hunger for food for a moment and instead feel the hunger for my body.

Quietly, I walk into the kitchen and slowly walk up behind you. I am trying not to giggle out loud as I place my hands over your eyes and whisper "guess who" into your ear. Before you can answer I give you a big hint, by pressing my body against you. Robe opened, my large tits press into your back and my pussy against your ass. You laugh, your very sexy laugh, and I then tell you that I am the "food critic" and I've come to sample and review your "sausage". We both laugh, and I kiss your neck and tops of your shoulders. My hands sliding down over them as my mouth moves to plant little kisses on your spine. In between kisses I say, "mmm...yes...and I will need to sample everything on your menu sir in order for you to qualify for this five star rating".


I kiss and nibble my way down your back to the top of your ass, kissing and licking the two indentations on either side. My fingers explore your deep crevice separating two perfect smooth cheeks. They are absolutely irresistible to me, and I kiss each side, sliding my finger up and down the separation, pushing it deeper inside. I moan and tell you how sexy this ass is to me, and that I'm going to eat it right now. I slide my tongue down the middle, deeper and lower as i get on my knees. I continue to lick until I find the very soft, hidden spot, that is no bigger than and as sweet as a raspberry.


I lick around your asshole, and you moan as you feel my hands spreading your cheeks and expose it for my tongue to fully enjoy. I tease and suck on it, and my other hand slides around to your balls gently massaging and teasing them as well. My tongue pushes inside of you slowly and then deeper until my lips are open and around your sensitive bud. my hand slides up to your shaft as I wrap my fingers around him and start to stroke slowly. You moan as my tongue starts to fuck your tight asshole, giving yourself to me to do as I please, as I take control of your cock.

I slip my tongue out, kissing you there one last time and then move my hands to your hips to turn you around. Still on my knees, i look up at you and smile into those dark passionate eyes. Your cock is so stiff and sticking straight out into my face, almost touching my lips. As you gaze down at me, you push your hips forward slightly, your cockhead rubbing against my lips that I just licked wet in anticipation fo your cock's invasion. You push your head through my closed lips, feeling as though you are entering my tight hot pussy.


My mouth is wet and warm, and my tongue greets you at the entrance, swirling around your rim and exploring his smooth helmet. I dip my tip into your slit and taste your salty sweet precum. The taste and smell of your cock makes me even more aroused, my pussy aching and wet with hunger for you to enter her.

I push my lips all the way down, and take him deep inside of my mouth. I moan as I slide my fingers down to my cunt and start to tease and finger her deep. You watch as I move my hips back and forth on my fingers, as I suck you harder and with more need and lust. I rub my wetness around my swollen clit and torment her until I am close to cumming. Your hips are thrusting your cock deep inside of my mouth, in and out, fucking it so good. I moan louder as I feel him start to throb hard against my lips. You grab my hair and pull me all the way down on your cock, groaning as you feel him enter my throat. You grind your hips against my lips that are buried in your wet pubic hair, as you feel my tight throat open and accept your cock so snug around him, my swallowing bringing you closer to your climax.

You pull your cock out of my mouth and tell me "Don't you dare fucking cum slut", "get up and get onto that counter now!". Forgetting about your sauce now completely, you pull me up off the floor and I obediently jump up onto the counter. I spread my thighs apart wide, showing you my randy hot cunt that is already dripping with my juices. You bend down and lick the trail of wetness from my inner thigh up to my slit. Your fingers spread my cunt lips wide open and you bury your face inside licking and nibbling, as I moan and play with my nipples and your hair. I grind my hips against your face, as your fingers and tongue torment my cunt mercilessly. I cry out your name as you push your tongue all the way inside of me. I look down and watch as you thoroughly eat my pussy....


Your tongue fucking me as my pussy tries to capture it by squeezing with tight muscles. I tell you that I want to cum, and if you don't stop I'm going to right now! You take your mouth away and push your fingers inside continuing to bring me closer to orgasm. You bring your mouth to mine and kiss me hard and passionately, letting my taste and smell my pussy from your lips. I lap up my wetness and suck on your tongue the way i love to suck your cock, hard and deep. You break our kiss and tell me "cum my fucking it!"...


You kiss me again as your fingers alternate between rubbing my clit hard and in circles and fucking my cunt with them, in and out deep and hard. You bend again and thrust your tongue in and out of me, your fingers rubbing my clit at the same time. I can no longer take this torture, and scream your name as I contract around your tongue. You lovingly drink my juices and then kiss my lips again, tenderly as i return back to us.

As I regain my senses, i realize that I am more needy for you now than before! The first orgasm is always the hardest and best one for me, but it leaves me wanting more! I kiss you passionately, then wrap my thighs around your waist. My fingers slide down and touch my dripping cunt then spread my wetness onto your cock. I stroke him and he slides easily in and out of my wet palm. I spread my cunt lips apart, and push him inside of me, squeezing him hard upon entry. You hear me gasp as you push your cock in slow and deep, savoring the walls of my cunt. We kiss as you carry me, impaled on your cock to the opposite wall of the kitchen. You push me back against it hard and i grind my hips into you.


You press me there and thrust your hips back and forth over and over, and my hands slide down to your ass cheeks. I grab them and buck against your cock, as my pussy enjoys this deep fuck. You moan and I feel you throbbing, knowing that you are close. I whisper on your lips...yessssssss fuck me harder...cum inside of my cunt...make me cum lover. You reach and rub my clit, as your cock thrusts upwards hitting my Gspot. I scream and dig my fingers into your back as you thrust deep for the last time.


I bite and suck on your shoulder, and I feel your face buried in my neck, your hot breath panting against me as your throbbing cock shoots your load into my contracting cunt. We moan and enjoy the ride as we cum together in an amazing orgasm our bodies overcome by pleasure as we hold each other tightly. We kiss softer and sweeter as we come back down slowly. We hold each other lovingly as we are with your softening cock still inside. MMMM...We part and you return to the stove and shut off the sauce so it doesn't burn, and then join me in the shower. Dinner will have to wait!

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Diary 29
Fucking against the tree

We were some place where you were having a good time...but you were restless...and trying to tell me with your stop talking to everyone...and slip away with you somewhere...for a quick fuck.

In my mind I saw me leaving the group, and walking away, as you kept an eye on where i was going. And you waited until no one was paying attention, and you slipped away as well, casually walking toward some nearby trees, where you saw me wander.

And when you got there, you did not see me...but I was leaning against a big tree not too far from where you were standing. And when you turned. You saw me looking at you, and already unbuttoning my eyes were calling you over to filled with cocks lust and you could smell my cunt and knew that I was wet and ready for you.

By the time you get to me, I have my shirt open, and your mouth descends upon mine in a hard lusty kiss. Your tongue pushing into my mouth and finding mine...kissing passionately and feeling so needy and hungry for each other. Your hands are impatient, and fight with the front clasp on my bra. Unhooking it and pushing it off my breasts, and covering them with your hands, pinching and pulling on my nipples making me moan loud. I pull you tighter against me, my heart pounding as I push my own skirt down and off. Your hand moves down and slides into my panties from the top, covering my whole mound. I moan and break our kiss...head back...eyes needy for you baby.


I spread my thighs apart wide as you thrust your fingers inside. Your other hand pulls my panties down and off, exposing my wet cunt...her wetness on my thighs.....

We don't' have much time, because the others will know that we are missing together and may become quickly i unbutton your trousers and push them down. Your cock is sticking out, so hard and wanting a hot cunt to devour him. While standing you take my leg, and pull it up onto your shoulder, while I balance on the other and lean against this tree. You tease my pussy with your head, my wetness dripping on him...i moan and say...yes fuck me please...and you push him in deep, brining our bodies together. Your hands brace the tree on either side of my you fuck my needy cunt with full deep thrusts, my clit rubbing against you.


Your mouth finds mine...and we kiss deeper. Your hands move to my hair and pull my face against you...our lips open wide and tongues fucking deep. Your cock is throbbing hard in my pussy and when i look at you, i can tell you are too.

You slam into me over and over and my hands move down and grip your ass, pulling you into me as this last thrust brings us both over the edge. I bury my head in your neck and bite on your shoulder as my cunt starts to contract hard around your pulsing cumming cock. We hold each other and kissss as we come back down to this earth and reality. One more kiss and then we part, dressing each other quickly. I leave you without a glance back and go back to the our group. You linger behind for a moment, enjoying the scenery and clearing the scent and vision of our fuck out of your head.

Soon i see you walking back towards us, but i pay you no special attention, even though my heart, mind and pussy are reacting on the inside. You wait for an opportunity to get close to me, and as I pour us a drink, i feel your face close to me, the sound of your breath as you inhale my scent. your lips graze my cheek softly, and i know you are thinking about me, and remembering our hot sexy quick fuck against the tree.


Diary 30
Day dreaming of you

i was daydreaming before...about you
in a bed with me
and i woke before you
and was watching you sleep
so peacefully while you dream
I kissed the top of your head
smelling your hair
I kissed your eyelids
softly so as not to wake you
I kissed your sweet cheeks
inhaling your delicious scent of your skin
and then I pressed my lips against yours
so softly like butterflies wings
delicately kissing you and my tongue
My hands couldn't help touching you
and i trailed my finger down your spine
to the top of your asss
I pulled your boxers/briefs
exposing your nice smooth ass
My fingers lightly touched you there
all ten splayed wide over your cheeks
raking slowly with my nails
then I
slid them down between your cheeks
up and downnnnnnnnn
each time, moving my fingers lower
to your forbidden cave
i want to explore it
with my tongue
that is what i want
so I climbed over you
on all fours
as you lay on your tummy beneath me
and i lowered my head and gave you sweet
gentle licks and kisses
all over your ass cheeks
you stirred slightly
but still i continued
I licked at them
sucked them
and even gave you love bites
which I know brought you closer to consciousness
then i trailed my tongue
along that crevice
and down into it
until my tongue found your
silky balls
i teased them
and your velvety hair there
made it wet
and i thought it smelled good too
I brought my lips inside and sucked on them
licking your seam
sucking it
hearing you moan and press into the bed
wow your cock must be stiff!
but i ignore your cock because I am enjoying your ass!
I lick down further
to your asshole
put my lips over it
kissed it
I wonder if that felt good to you?
then I licked all around it
flicked it with my tongue
i heard you moan and saw your ass move
maybe i am getting to you?
I licked a little harder
with my flat fat tongue
right over it
then i took my tip
and positioned it right on your hole
as you moaned louder
your ass pressing against me
urging my tongue inside
i teased you
pushing only my tip in so you could feel
that tingle in your cock
then i licked around it again
my saliva dripping into your opening
I pushed my tongue in a little
just the tip
and you went mad
moving your hips up and down
trying to get more tongue
do you want more ?
do you love when I tongue your asshole?
I know you hate giving up control!
but you know what?
i am in control of this fine ass of yours
feel my tongue pushing into you
as i lock my arms around your thighs
holding you to me
as my tongue pushes in deeply
feel me tonguefuck you slowly and passionately
kissing your rosebud the way I kiss your cock
let me open you with my hot tongue, and hear you growl for me
i want to hear you tell me that i am your slut
and how much you love when i pleasure your ass
I love it too baby
feel me stroking your cock as i do this
bringing you to the edge, and then
easing up on you
going slower
You are awake now, and your thighs are spread wide
giving me access to your balls and ass.
Just then
i hear a noise behind me
it is our lover!
she got up before us to have coffee, but
now she is horny again and ready to play
she watches as I lick and suck your ass
while playing with your cock
she gets on the bed next to me
and brings her mouth to your ass as well
kissing me alternately as we tease you

She takes over for me and pushes her tongue and fingers into you.
We roll you over, now awake, so we can take advantage of your perfect dick
She continues to have your ass, while I tease and suck on your cock.
You rock your hips up and down as I push your cock into my mouth.
our hands and mouths are working you over so good, and soon you get that
familiar feeling that you are just going to explode.

You get on your knees on the bed and stroke your shaft while she and I kiss together under your cock. We lay and kiss and tongue each other while you stroke over our pretty faces and soon your hot cum is hitting our lips and cheeks and tongues. You look down and see us swapping your cum and kissing so good. We clean your cock with our wet tongues and share it with you in a passionate kiss before we cuddle up next to you naked and sleep a bit before our next hot romp!


Diary 31
Wanting you

Right now, I am wet and wanting you so much. My mind has closed the distance between us, and I am right there with you in your office bathroom? I pushed you against that wall, I am so needy and I kissed your mouth hard and deep while unbuttoning your shirt. Once i opened it, I let my mouth travel down your neck and across your chest, planting sexy kisses all over it, and rubbing my cheeks on your silky hair. My mouth could not wait to find your nipples, licking across each one with my flat wet tongue, then teasing around them and making them stiff and wet. My lips enclose over one as my fingers pull, squeeze, and flick the other. As my fingertips pull, i make my mouth suck hard on your other. As I squeeze, i use my teeth to nibble and bite the one in my mouth.

As I flick it with my tongue, my finger teases up and down torturing your other so good, as my other hand slides slowly down over your tummy. I take my time enjoying your body, as my kisses move to your other nipple and then downward. Your hand covers mine, and you guide me in stroking you how it pleases you best. I get onto my knees and look up into your eyes, as you now take your cock into your hand and slide him across my wet lips.


I stick my tongue out and lick along your head, as you watch me with lust filled eyes. I plunge my mouth down onto him, moaning at his delicious taste and smell. My hand slides into my panties and you watch as I rub her, getting more and more wet by the minute. With your cock deeply implanted in my mouth, I reach down and take off my panties. Out of my bag I pull a dildo and position it under me on the floor. As you look down, you see me spread my cunt lips and squat down on this cock. I moan and my eyes seek yours as I suck you hard and fast like the greedy, needy slut that I am for you. My juices are running down this cock as i bounce up and down on it...loving the feeling of two cocks filling me.


I reach down and finger my clit while this cock and yours slide in and out of my needy holes. Your hands reach down and tease my nipples. Pulling and pinching them as I get closer to climax. Your cock is throbbing in my mouth and I push my head on and off him, each time getting deeper and closer to my throat... watching your eyes intently to see how you wish to take me.

Will you cum in my mouth and let me drink you? Your precum leaks onto my tongue and as I taste you, it puts me over the edge, and as I rub my clit hard and fast I start to cum all over this cock. My wetness sliding down the shaft and onto the floor. I moan loudly, and I feel your hands in my hair, caressing me. You pull me up to you and kiss me although I am very shaky and needy. Your cock is wet and slick and between my thighs as we kiss and kiss, our hands so impatient and needing to touch. You taste your precum from my mouth, and I move my hips back and forth, causing your stiff, throbbing cock to slide in and out of my thighs. I press my legs together trapping him there, feeling his hard smoothness sliding in and out. My pussy juices are dripping onto him, and soon I can take this torture no longer! I break our kiss and lean against the wall, pulling your body to press against me.

FUCK ME HERE...I hiss against your lips....I put my leg around your waist,a nd reachand position your cockhead against my pussy. I move my hips forwards and back, each time taking more of him inside. YESSSSSS...I moan into your mouth and my hands slide to your ass working you in and out of me. My fingers tease your sensitive asshole and push inside when you slam him into me deep. SO deep that my cunt lips are wide and our bodies are flush against each other. ! I moan out to you that I am so close to cumming now. ...let me cummmmmm on this cock that i love! I hold you tightly as another hard orgasm rips through me. My cunt tightening and releasing around him. You moan and fuck me through my orgasm, getting closer to your own release.


One more time i get onto my knees and suck my cunt from your cock. My wetness is heavy and coated your cock, dripping down to your balls. I suck and lick on them and then travel my tongue to your head, sucking and licking...hearing you moan for me over and over and moaning my name...yesssssssss.....I spit my saliva over him making him extra wet, and you know this is because I am preparing him for my tight ass. I know what you need baby...let me.

I stand and turn to the wall...bracing myself for your hard needy blows. I push my ass out and wag it at you...fuck me here ...give me your hot creamy cum baby. I spread my cheeks and bend lower, displaying my pussy and ass to pussy still dripping with cum. I run my fingers in it, and onto my asshole. I push my finger inside, moaning as I grind my hips in circles. You are stroking your cock and he is so stiff he is twitching to get inside of me. I reach back and position him directly on my pretty rosebud...


so tightly closed and needing to be opened to you. You push against me and I moan in pleasure and pain as she starts to slowly accept your gift. You move your hips back and forth slowly, and grab my hips with those gorgeous hands, pulling me back slightly on your head. I moan as you almost have your whole head in my ass. I feel moan to you ...OH fuck yesssssssssss I feel his head pop inside, my ring so snug around his neck.

You push deeper, careful not to hurt me but wanting to get more cock in my ass. I move my hips slowly back and forth and you watch your hardness disappear into my ass. My fingers start to torment my clit again, and you reach down and push two fingers into her...fucking me with them as I move my hips back and forth taking your whole cock deep. You push all the way inside of me, and moan as your balls are flush against me. You hold him still for a moment feeling my ass and your cock throbbing so hard. You bend and place kisses from my ear down my spine telling me in between what a good girl I am and how much you are enjoying your naughty needy slut. This makes me so excited baby, and i move my hips with each of your deep thrusts. Your fingers continue to fuck my cunt, and I am quickly brought to yet another climax.

OH baby..i'm fucking cummmmminggggggg...hardly any warning and I cum HARD on your fingers, mine rubbing my clit fast and hard. My pussy contracts on your fingers, and as you feel my cunt muscles contract and release, my ass also tightens around your fat cock, milking your cum up from your tight balls. You flood my ass with your hot load, and watch as it leaks and drips down over my pussy and your fingers that are still deep in my cunt. Slowly you pull your softening cock out of me, and turn me so that I am facing you. We kiss deep and soulfully, knowing we have pleased each other so much.


Diary 32
Another fucking day at work

Our boss calls us the whole staff into the conference room. I sit down next to you and we have a little small talk. I know that you are looking at my tits, and I love when you do...makes me so much naughtier. I tell you it is very hot in here and I unbutton one more button, making my blouse dangerously low. I have a low cut bra on underneath, and you can see it. You are wishing it to be just a tiny bit lower, because then you'd get a glimpse of my nipples. You wonder...are they erect? hmmm...something to think about during this boring meeting of blah blah blah bs! LOL.

I am bored with this meeting as well. I've much better things to do with my time than to sit in here! i could be doing this thing called WORK! Lol. I smile at you once again, and our eyes meet and lock. Maybe this is the first time that we have really looked at each other...I mean really looked! I laugh quietly and say, my my have a very....mischievous look...almost naughty...but very nice. You smile and look me up and down, and now I am sure of your naughtiness.

As we sit and listen to blah blah blah...talking and talking, I get bored and look over at your uninterested look. I decide to spice things up with you...besides I have always wondered about those sexy hands of yours. My mind starts to wander, and I get this deep urge to slide my hand into your lap. I am now thinking all kinds of crazy sexual thoughts of you. I wonder what will happen if i.......

You are thinking of a million things...but all brain activity stops when you feel my hand slide over your thigh and into your lap. You look at me in disbelief, and as our eyes meet, and your eyebrows go up as if to ask what are you doing! I give you a devilish that is wanting and needy. You know this look....

I turn my attention back to the speaker, but my mind is on your cock now. I slide my hand to your zipper and unzip your trousers. You do not move but I can feel the anticipation coming from you. You cannot believe your co-worker's boldness, but welcome the naughty distraction. You want to "see where this goes" and are open to my sex games. Immediately I feel your semi hard cock. I trace it with my fingers and wrap my hand around it. He is warm and his skin is like velvet. My pussy gets wetter by the second as I start to stroke him very slowly, not showing too much movement with my arm so not to be discovered. My other hand is also below the table and has pushed up my skirt high on my thighs. I slid my fingers in the side of my panties and began to rub my clit.

I look over at you with lust filled eyes and as i do, your hand moves over on top of mine...looking surprised to find it in my panties! I fight the urge to moan as your finger slides in with mine. My hand grips you a little tighter. We try to pay attention in the meeting. It is getting harder...literally. I'm soaked and my wetness is on your hand. I can smell me and I wonder if anyone else can as well!

Just then...the meeting ends. You bring your very wet finger to your mouth and i watch you put it inside and suck on it....quickly and it seems that no one is watching us. I stand and worry that my wetness will be apparent on my legs. Immediately, I go back to my desk, not giving you another glance. I feel your eyes watching me as I go.

I sit down at my pc, all shaky from our encounter. When I look up, you are there...dark passionate eyes staring down at me. You grab my hand and pull me along behind you. I cannot wait to get where we are going. You drag me into the freight elevator, heading down to the basement. The doors close. Once safe inside away from bosses and coworkers, you get behind me and hiss into my ear that you never knew what a naughty slut I am. You tell me that you are going to punish me so good for making you hard and distracting you in that meeting.

I giggle and try to squirm away from you, but you pull me against you and kiss me hard. I can still taste my pussy lingering on your lips, and I'm getting hotter by the second, as your strong hands are holding me so possessively. We kiss, tongues so passionate, swirling and exploring, open and wanting. Our eyes closed, but sometimes open to make sure this is really happening and to check our lust for one another.

The elevator gets to the bottom floor and we do not get out. You simply hit the STOP button. Clothes start flying as we semi-undress each other, just enough to get to all the important hot places. We know we do not have much time. We dont' want others to know we are missing ...together.

You hold me against the elevator wall, and my legs wrap around your waist. We are kissing madly and our hands are all over each other, in our hair, on our bodies, feeling and touching everywhere. I reach down and grab your cock...stroking him in my fist, moaning into your mouth...then looking into your eyes...let me suck you rel. I need to taste you first.

Onto my knees I go, and I take him in deep. You moan as you watch me suck him so good, your hips thrusting in and out in and out...fucking my lips. I suck you until your cock is rock hard. You urge me upwards and we kiss once more, sharing the flavor of your cock.

My turn I tell me...will you? You kiss down my body, and soon you are on your knees before me now. I spread my thighs like a needy slut, and you rip my panties off...not wasting any time with romancing them off my body. I look at you...looking at my pussy, and it makes me so wet, I could almost cum from your thorough inspection and approval. You open your mouth and cover her, your tongue exploring my slit and clit. I moan and push your face against my cunt. OH YES ...fucking eat my pussy baby...SO GOOD. Yes yesy yes yes...and i move my hips back and forth claiming your tongue inside of me.

You tonguefuckme until I cum alll over your hot tongue and into your mouth, and I watch you swallow me. You order me to turn around and put my hands on the wall. I do, and stick my ass out to you. You shove your cock inside of my soaked cunt and fuck me hard and deep, making me moan out loud for more. My cunt muscles squeeze him tightly and i milk him by clenching and releasing over and over until he is throbbing inside of my walls.

You pull him out and rub my wetness over my ass...teasing my asshole with your cock. You ask this what you want sweet? My dick up your ass? Hmm? I can hardly breathe with excitement, but i answer my new master with YESSSSSSSS..... I push my ass out and bend over far, giving you complete access. You see my dark gate, yours to enjoy, and you rub your cockhead around my little bud. Your precum wets me there and you rub and push, while I moan and move my hips. FUCK ME . YES. You push your head inside and I hear you sigh as he slips inside of my muscles. I moan loud and move my hips in tiny thrusts...inching him inside of me. Your fingers move to torture my pussy and I moan and beg for more. You lean close to my ear and say...don't you dare cum slut until I tell you you are ready!!!!!!

I just about cum when I hear those mi ni words for me...but instead i say OK!! You push your cock in deeper and start to fuck me...moaning and telling me how much you love being inside of me. You grab my hips and pull me slowly against you...until your cock is fully inside. I moan in pleasure and pain. You hold still inside and I feel you flush against my ass...your pubic hair tickling my skin and balls resting against me.

We start to move together and your hands move to my tits...pulling and releasing my nipples, as my fingers replace yours in my cunt. I moan and ? now? NOW? Please I want to cummmmmmmmmm. You spank me hard and thrust your cock in and out of me, giving both of us tremendous pleasure. You tell me yes cum are close too. I rub my clit harder and those sensations along with your fingers on my tits...are too much for me and I cum hard and deep. You can see my pussy muscles clenching and releasing on my fingers and also feel the contractions from my ass around your cock. You groan and give me deep slow thrusts, before your cock explodes and your cum shoots deep inside of me. You collapse against my body, pushing me against the cool wall of the elevator. You kiss my cheek and whisper in my ear....and I am panting as well recovering from my own amazing orgasm.


Diary 33

thinking of you
in our hotel bed
leaning against the headboard
under the covers to your waist
naked above
what a sexy vision you are
and i feel the need stirring inside of me
i crawl onto the bed
and pull your covers down
exposing your naked cock
i reach and grab the warm oil
that i heated with warm water in the sink
i slide my hands up your thighs
rubbing and massaging
I slide them over your cock as well
making him slick as he stands so proudly
cannot resist
cannot wait
I'm wet
I climb up over him
and squat down onto him
moaning oh aaaaa
i love your cock
feels so fucking good
you'd moan as my pussy lips open like
a sweet flower
surrounding your "stem"
I sink down
you play with my tits
as they bounce as I start to ride you
I look into your eyes
when I get close
rubbing my clit
hard and fast
and I cum
as i slide up and down
my soft white cum
dripping down your shaft
into your pubic hair
your cock enjoying my contractions
I climb off your cock
and lean and suck him
up and down....
tasting the sweet oil
and my sweet cunt


Diary 34
Quick snack

I'm laying on my bed on my tummy
watching tv
you have been meanie to me
so i am in here ignoring you
and doing my own thing
you come into the room
knowing that I am pouting
because you did not give me my way
you try to make me come around with your
funny words and sweet ways
but i am still being a brat
You say
well i will have to spank you then!
and i giggle, without letting you see my pleased face
i do not move, only look at the tv...watching...just pretending to ignore you
but you have my attention
you always do
your hands yank my pants off
and you see my pretty lacey panties
the thong inside of my ass
you spank me lightly
i do not respond to you
you laugh at my behavior
knowing that i cannot resist your touches
you tease my cheeks with your fingers
and i feel you trace on them this word
you laugh
and i cannot stifle mine anymore
your fingers tease my ass crack
delving deep inside of them
you have made them wet with your saliva
and you tease my asshole, circling it
and whispering naughty things to me
i pull my legs up
underneath me and get on all fours
head low
ass high
OH you say
for me?
I can see you out of the corner of my eye
stroking your cock to life
as you look at my ass as I
spread it open with my hands
and let you see my wet pussy and ass
You tap him on my asshole
and i moan
and tell you

bring him here
let me kiss him deeply first
you bring me your cock and i suck and lick him until
he is in a throbbing hard fully erect state
i spit my saliva on him
making him slick and wet
you return to my ass
and rub this wetness over my asshole
making it soft and ready to take you in
You push
in inches
in and out

one inch at a time
teasing me
im moaning
you are too
fuck me baby
your hand on my back
as you push in again
until all of your cock is within me
with my tiny tight asshole stretched
around your thick shaft
I moan
in pleasure and pain
good pain
give me more
I reach back and grab you and pull you in deeper
you hold yourself still
while I get used to your size
your balls are against me
and i feel the tickle of your pubic hair
You start to move your hips
and i move mine too
back and forth
over and over
in and out
in and out

slow and steady
then deeper
and faster
moaning for you
tits bouncing as i accept your thrusts
you are slamming my ass now
but in harder
more deliberate thrusts
i know you are close lover
rub my clit
and finger me deep
let me cum on those gorgeous artist's fingers
as you fuck me with your thick rod
You grab my hips and one more thrust
and then.............
deep and hard and soon
i feel you filling my ass with your hot cream
my pussy contracting on your fingers
with your cock deep in my ass and softening
you collapse on top of me
kissing my back
caressing me
your mouth returns to my ear
kissing it and nipping my earlobe
i giggle
i can't stay mad at you for long


Diary 35
Half asleep and damn wet

you sit up on the edge of the bed
you think you heard the alarm clock
but damn it feels like it went off tooo early!
you check my side of the bed
sliding your hand under the covers to feel my warmth
but it is cold
and lonely
no me in there?
where have I gone?
well you will find me in the house somewhere
but you cannot be late today
as you are bringing someone to work
You rub your sleepy eyes
and proceed to the bathroom
you woke up hard this morning
and now you are cranky because
i wasn't there to ease the ache in your cock
damn me!
you push the door to the bathroom open
but the shower is already on
and the room is quite steamy
i peek around the curtain

come and join me baby?
i glance down at your cock
and you feel him betray you
tingling and aching for my pussy
your eyes barely open
i reach out of the shower
with soapy hands
and pull down your pajama bottoms
well look at him baby?
he is really awake this morning!
I giggle and pull you inside with me
I'm wet and very warm
the shower is hot enough to cause a lot of steam
as soon as you are inside
i press you against the wall
my body against yours
so wet and hot
your cock pressing against my slick skin
i tilt my head up to you
press my lips against yours
so needy, and instinctively our lips open
tongues melt into each other
passionate kissing begins
yessssss baby you are awake for me now
all of your senses are alive and wanting me
as much as mine are wanting you!
you moan into my mouth
as you can smell my pussy, so wet and not just with the shower water
you know my scent that she makes when she is needy and calling to him
your fingers slide down my body and play with my slit
up and down you tease and rub
as you kisssssssssss me deeper
your hands in my wet hair and sliding to my cheeks
mmmmmmmm i love you i say
you have time.....
bathe me
play with me
fuck me

start here
i had you a razor
and you know that I am asking you to shave me in all the places that I need to be smooth. I trust that you will not bleed me, and i am very still, as I put my foot upon your smooth soap on my leg, from my ankle up to the top of my thigh...your eyes following your hands along the way...looking at me so seductively my pussy is aching by your eyes inspecting my body.

you take the razor and slowly shave my legs, taking great care not to miss any spots. The other leg follows and every time you drag it up to the top of my thigh, I have to conceal a moan from escaping my lips, knowing that your gorgeous fingers are but inches from my pussy. im wet and very juices dripping and mixing with the water you know you are getting to me because my nipples are like rocks and my skin is raised with "goosebumps".

Your eyes seek mine and "ask" me if I want you to shave well
I close my eyes, and say yessssssssss. I spread my thighs wide for you to look your fill before you shave me close and smooth. My heart is beating wildly knowing your fingers will have to touch me very intimately to do this task. You use your other hand to cover my clit, so she is not harmed in this procedure. Your fingers touching her set me on fire.

As you shave me, you see my wetness seeping out of me. You know that as soon as you are finished torturing me that I will be needing your fingers, tongue, and cock in deep.

I whisper your name, hurrying you along, as I am very needy for you this early morning. You shave me very carefully until I am smooth and soft, using your fingers to inspect your work. You tease my clit and cunt until I am almost senseless...loving the feel of my just shaved pussy under your hands.

I moan and you press your lips against mine (upper set) kissing me deeply, and laughing softly say
im sorry
but it took me so long to shave you that
we will be late for work if i dont wash up and get out of here!
I giggle back
not today lover
i changed your alarm clock
one hour earlier
come here
I'm so naughty to you
and i slide my hand around your cock
stroking him as i kissssssss your mouth fully
i pull you to me
and close my thighs around him
grabbing your ass
and moving you in and out of my thighs
you feel my pussy sliding over your shaft as i do this
he is so hard and my pussy so silky and smooth from your attention.
no time for too much foreplay
so you push me hard against the wall
press against me
raise my leg to your shoulder
your fingers
push inside of my pussy

fuck me hard and deep with them
my wetness covering them
i moan into your mouth
and when you break our kiss
our eyes meet
mine dark and lusty for you
daring you to put your cock in your slut and fuck me
fuck me

like this baby
you take him
position him right onto my
open pussy
so exposed

as you have my leg
over your shoulder
your body pressed hard against mine
i gasp
as you push in
crying out
as he impales me
down to his balls
my wetness
gushing out around him
my hands
grab your ass
pull and push
you in deep
almost screaming
fuck me
like this

kissss me
your hands
slide behind my head
to protect me
as you slam him
into me
your mouth pressing on mine again
french kissing me deeply
as i moan and move my hips against your cocks invasion
my hard nipples pressed against your skin
breaking our kissssssssssss

im gonna cummmmmmmmmmmmm
on this big cock of yours baby
fucking me so good
your needy horny slut
i look into your eyes
as i move my fingers to my clit
and rub in circles
hard delicious circles
my hand trapped between our bodies
until i cummmmmmmmmmmmmm
alllllllllll over him
god babes
can you feel my cunt milking him
so gooood?
feel me cumming on him?
feel my silky wetness dripping on him
as the shower washes it away?
mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss
i get to my knees when you withdraw him
i suck him deep and hard
as the water falls over me
you watch
and moving your hips
in and out
in and out
until i know you are throbbing so hard
between my lips
i know what to do
i know baby
i get up
bend over
alll the way
brace my hands
against the wet shower wall
spread my legs

fuck me
inside of me

take me this way
and as i bend
and push my ass out to you
you can see my slit
dripping so swollen and needy
you know i need to cum again already
clit erect and very pink from stimulation
my dark gate
ready for you to access and fuck
you bend and lick me
from my cunt to my asshole
licking around it
hearing me moan
oh yes lover
like that
you tongue me there
and rise up
behind me
your cock
tapping my ass
rubbing up and down my crevice
diving two round cheeks
i look back at you naughtily
you push inside
so slowly
feeling your cockhead
sink past my gates
welcoming you in
a tight warm welcome
the shower rain
falling on him
i reach backa nd rub my saliva all over him
you push in deeper
i moan
reaching back
grabbing your hips
slow and deep
so goood
fuck me

cum before this water gets cold on us
you grab my hips
my hands are behind me
holding yours as well
fuck me
fuck me

you push in all the way
groaning for me
telling me how ......gooood.......yessssssssss
you pump him into me slow
and deliberate
until we are both moaning
im close i tell you
fuck me
you grab my hips and push him
alll the way inside
down to your base
my ass stretched wide around him
i moan
pleasure and pain
my fingers
play with my clit
as you watch this erotic site
of you in deep
your balls against me
and my need to cum with you in my ass
fingering madly
and moaning for your cock
my ass gets tighter
and as i cum
you feel it squeezing your cock
milking you
until you spill your hot creamy load
inside of me deep

and as it runs down my legs
the water washes it away
i moan and you press me against the wall
my cheek against it
my hands
reach back for you
you kiss my shoulder
as you press against me
slipping your softening cock out
we are still
holding each other
your kisses on my face and neck
i turn into your arms
kissssss you
tell you
i love you
and we kiss and play as wash
and let the shower take away our lovemaking.



Diary 36
Hand in my panties

I'm thinking of you
right now
hand in my panties
thinking about your
9 am meeting
wondering what she is like
lucky lady
wondering if she is sitting close
wondering if you are speaking to her
with your sexiest tone in your voice
although i do not think you can help that at all
I am wet
thinking about her
thinking about her looking at you
such a lucky lady to be able to see you in the flesh
she has no idea how much I would love to be her right now
next to you
in that chair
talking some BLAH BLAH BLAH about wouldn't even matter
as long as I was near you
right there
next to you
my leg
accidentally touching yours
i wonder
what is she thinking of you?
does she notice those naughty eyes
undressing her?
looking at her nipples through her shirt
wondering if her panties are wet
at hearing you
seeing you
knowing about your talents
of course...
she doesnt know about your talents the way i do
but i wonder
i have to wonder
if her hand
slipped into your lap
and felt your cock
because you made her hot
made her feel very womanly
very wet
very hot
I wonder
would she slip her hand inside of your trousers?
would you moan softly and say
lady not here
in my office
where i am working
where someone could see us?
would you take her hand out gently
after sliding yours on top
would you look into her eyes
and seek the same naughtiness that you have
that I HAVE?
would you lead her into the bathroom
or under your tree
or your secret place at work?
would you kiss her?
on the mouth?
with your tongue?
if you did
i have to wonder
did it melt her, the way it melts me?
would your hands be all over her?
the way I long for them to be all over me?
in her bra
over her nipples?
would you pinch them hard and make her moan
in her panties?
would you play with her slit and clit and make her crazy?
would you make her waitttttttttttttttttttttt?
would you tell her not to cum yet?
the way you do to me?
would you rub her clit until she was mad with lust for you?
would you get on your knees in front of her and
raise her skirt?
tell her to spread her thighs?
would you bend your head and eat her pussy?
OMG would she beg for more?
hold your head against her?
move her hips the way
your wanton slut would?
would she appreciate your tongue the way i do?
would she want more
would you give it to her baby?
tell me
would you tonguefuck her into her sweet oblivion?
I bet
that if you did?
she would cum so hard
and flood your mouth with her wetness
but would she taste as sweet as me?
and soft as me?
would you lap at her juices the way you do with mine?
would you think of me?
and miss me so?
if she came
and she squirted
and you were so pleased
would it make your cock stiff?
stand at attention the way it does for me?
want her cunt the way he wants mine?
would you look at her face and her lips
after she came so good for you?
would it make you want her?
the way you want me?
I wonder about this so much
tell me
would you long for her lips to surround him?
to sink down around him?
wrap around his rim?
lick there?
and here?
would you moan as her tongue hit against your shaft
would you need more?
would you press her head down?
would she suck you until you were throbbing hard
and then
finish you off?
mmmmmmmm i wonder this so much my love
if it were me
with you
in your special place
after you made me fall in love with you
as i am now
after you made me cum for you
as i have so many times
I would suck him
so deeply
up and down
with much passion
until he was throbbing and so needy
until you could barely make this decision
i would drag my lips up
to your head
tease him with my tongue
and whisper against him
how shall i take you lover?
tell me..............

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