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Part 3

Sex Diaries by insatiable kitty | Art Samarel

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Diary 19
Morning lust

Thinking of you coming with me to this cozy mountain house....
The place where I love to be the most
So peaceful and with nature.
Walking through the trees and tall grass talking and laughing with you
Feeling happy and in love with you.
It is bright and sunny, and early morning
my favorite time to make love.
I kiss you deeply and slide my arms around your neck
tugging you downwards to your knees in the grass.
We lay on our backs looking up at the sky
and then turn to each other allowing lips to touch softly
as the warm summer breeze whispers against our skin
In jeans and barefoot.
you roll on top of me and put your hands in my hair
giving me a deeper kiss as you press your hips onto mine.
your legs are tangled with mine
feet touching and it feels so natural.
My hands slide to your jeans and I unbutton them
our tongues kissing madly
clothes come off one layer at a time until we have none on at all.
but not worrying because we are in a place where no one will find us.
I gasp softly as I feel your naked cock against my thighs,
your hot skin against mine and as we kiss and touch
our bodies feel as if they melt into each other
and our lovemaking begins instinctively
without planned foreplay or fantasies
this time.
I spread my thighs apart wide for you and position your
velvety hard cock on my wet pussy.
Your hands on the ground, bracing you as you
push him inside of me deeply and slowly.
Your mouth finds mine again and you nibble and suck on my
lower lip making me moan and my mouth eager to find yours.
kissing passionately with tongues so needy.
my hands slide down your back raking my nails against your skin,
pressing you into me deeper as my hands caress your ass
over and over we move together.
Wetter and throbbing so hard wanting to cum
Looking into each others' eyes
We cum together
as my pussy contracts around your cumming cock
He softens inside of me.
As i caress your hair and slide my hands up and down your back
as you rest on top of me
recovering from your orgasm
feeling so sleepy and satisfied.
we kiss again and drift off to sleep
as the warm sun envelopes us in her embrace
and we feel complete togetherness.

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Diary 20
Fucking table

you're late coming home from work
door opens
i pull you in
kissing you
you are surprised

laughing as i
undress you right in the
dining room
big long table and i
hop up
taking off my own shirt
and then reaching for you and
unbuttoning and unzipping you
what has gotten into you baby?
you are so surprised and ask me that question

I say
nothing yet
but you will
I've been wanting you all day
fuck me
like thisssssssssss
I see your cock sticking straight up and needing me
to suck him thoroughly
i bend and take him into my mouth
and you move your hips upwards
fucking my lips
while my saliva coats him so good

you are still half dressed in your work clothes
and you pull your shirt over your head
You lift my chin and pull my mouth off your cock
kiss me deeply
so fucking horny yourself now
and push me back on the table
laying me down
and pushing the flower arrangement and other things off onto the floor
with a crash
you kneel on the chair
and spread my thighs wide
my cunt is wet
and needy
and you are going to feast on it
right here at the table on which we eat every night
Your fingers tease and start to fuck me
deeply, curving to hit my magic spot
that makes me go wild for you
I'm moaning and looking down
as you bury your face in my pussy
your tongue and fingers
working me over and making me moan and writhe for you
You tell me that you cannot believe
how I am acting today
so needy
I am being such a slut
and you are going to treat me as such
and give me what I need and deserve!

I move my hips against your face
not being shy with you at all
wanting your tongue deep
and grinding my hips to get more inside
your finger slides into my tight asshole
and you use my wetness to make it soft and ready for the
upcoming invasion of your thick hard cock
It is not long before I start to cum hard,

and as your tongue
curves and fucks my gspot
i uncontrollably squirt on your face, wetting you thoroughly
this surprises us both!

But now I am more needy than ever!
once i recover
you tell me
get on all fours slut
i say
and then
you want me on this table?
right there
and i submit
getting on all fours and spreading my shaky knees apart
you climb up on the table
and put your aching cock into my cunt that is still dripping my cum down my thighs
I moan loudly
as you shove your fat throbbing dick
deep inside
grabbing my hips
fucking me thoroughly

I hear you moaning
and telling me how good my pussy feels around him

my cum
dripping all over him as you fuck me hard, fast and deep
the way a needy slut needs to be fucked!
You slide your hands under my body and hold my tits
as you slam into me over and over
playing with my nipples making me moan more and buck my hips against you
then i scream to you that I am going to fucking cum baby
and you slide a hand down to my clit and torment it
until I cum HARD and intensely all over your cock
you fight not to cum inside of me, as my pussy muscles contract and release
over and over
harder and squeezing him so good
My hips are still moving against you
as you slide out slowly
i moan in disappointment
as your head slips out

Oh baby
You take your cock
dripping with my cum
translucent creamy wetness
running down onto your balls as well
you rub your cockhead over my asshole
teasing it
teasing me
making me tell you what I want
oooooooo yes baby
fuck my ass
fuck me there

i run my hand up and down your slick shaft and position him
myself onto my asshole
you push inside
deeper and deeper each time
until you are up to your balls in my ass
I'm moaning and rubbing my own clit
you cannot believe that I am still needing more
insatiable slut...that is what you tell me
which drives me even more wild for you
i move my hips back
rhythmically with your thrusts
that are getting deeper
and harder
as my ass gets used to your length and size
you are moaning
and caressing my ass
kissing my neck and back
running your hands over my body
and soon baby
i feel your cock throbbing
your thrusts
deep and hard
faster and faster
your hand moving mine from my clit
taking over and rubbing it hard and fast
then thrusting your fingers in and out of me
I'm gonna fucking cum

you moan and i hear you grunt as you empty your
hot load into my asss, as I cum all over your fingers
yessssssssssss baby
you slide out of my ass
your cock still pulsing but softening slowly
I turn over onto my back and
pull you down on top of me
sliding my hands around your neck
kisssssssing you deeply
telling you..........
let's move this to the bedroom
so you can rest a bit
you'll need your strength
im not finished with you yet.

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Diary 21
Shower love making

I get home late and hear the shower running. You must have had a long day and needed let the water wash away your stress. I feel my heartbeat quicken as I think of your naked body alone in the shower. I quickly head for the bedroom and start to strip down. I don't want to miss all the nice hot water. The bathroom is so steamy, and I hear you singing. I smile to myself, thinking that soon that little song, will be your moans when my lips are wrapped around your cock.

I push my skirt down and step out of it. You are still not aware of my presence. I open the door, and some steam escapes. I slip in quietly and see your nice ass facing me. I cannot help but want to touch it. I move closer to you and slide my hands around you and over the muscles in your chest. I press my body against you, my pussy against your ass cheeks. My mouth kisses your spine, and you are startled a bit from my touches. You reach your hand back and feel my hair as it becomes wet and silky from the shower. Hiiiiiiiiii I whisper to you softly. I've missed you and have been wanting you all day. I heard the shower running, couldn't resist.

My fingers play with your nipples, and then I drag them down your chest and onto your tummy. I splay my fingers wide and run them down and over your hips. I let them linger into your pubic hair, lightly tugging, as my kisses travel down your spine and onto your ass. I let my tongue explore between your ass cheeks, lightly teasing up and down.

I slide my hand down until it is under your shaft. Your cock is getting very hard from my caress and is quickly rising. I wrap my wet hand around it and begin to stroke you. My tongue slides down deeper and I push my face against your ass, spreading your cheeks with my nose and tongue. You bend slightly and i bury my tongue inside. I find your dark gate and lick around it softly. I hear you moan and you press one hand against the shower wall to steady yourself.

You move your hips back and forth, feeling your cock slide in and out of my fist, and my tongue teasing your tight asshole. I moan as I push my tongue inside only a little at a time. Your hips greedily enjoying my favors. You moan loudly as I start to tongue your ass, sliding it in and out in the same rhythm that I am stroking your cock. I feel your cock throbbing in my fist.

I slide my hand off, and my tongue out of your ass. My hands slide to your hips and turn you around to face me. On my knees before you I pull you to me. My hands move to your cock once again and i position it onto my wet lips. You look down at me with passionate eyes as the water falls upon us. I lick you softly from your balls to your tip, before sliding my tongue around your cock head and tasting your slit. I push my lips down onto him, sinking all the way down to your balls. I suck hard and deep, moving my head up and down. You are moaning and guiding my head, showing me all of your most pleasurable spots. You feel my moans all the way down to your balls.

My fingers leave your cock and I only use my hot mouth to suck him fully and deeply. You look down and see my fingers sliding over my soft skin to my very wet pussy, not only made wet by this delicious shower, but because of my juices flowing inside of me. My mouth becomes so greedy, sucking you harder and deeper, as I rub my wet clit. My thighs are spread apart wide so you can watch.

You glance back and forth between my fingers fucking my cunt and my mouth sucking my saliva and your precum from your stiff throbbing cock. I moan and you watch as I start to cum all over my fingers. You guide my mouth from your cock and bend to kiss my mouth as my orgasm washes over me.

As you pull me up to you, I push my fingers, wet with my cum into your mouth. I feel your tongue swirling around my fingers, tasting my sweet pussy from them. You push me against the shower wall, and I put my leg upon your shoulder. You push two fingers inside of me and start to fuck my needy cunt deeply. I moan as your thumb torments my clit running circles around it. I moan loudly into your mouth as I move my hips back and forth on your fingers. I feel you pressing me harder against the wall, and I cannot escape your sweet torture.


My hand reaches down and closes over yours, as I cum once again all over your fingers. You watch my expression and kiss me deeply, whispering to me that you know what a needy slut I am, and that soon I will have your cock in my cunt fucking me so good. I reach and stroke your cock back and forth, rubbing my cum on your shaft, making him slippery. I moan and rub it all over my pussy as you talk to me so dirty.

I push him into my greedy pussy and moan and move my hips wildly, as you fuck me deep and hard. With your hands against the wall on either side of my head, and my leg on your shoulder, you have me trapped between your body and the shower. You relentlessly thrust in and out of me deep and hard. My pussy squeezing and contracting around him with every deliberate stroke. Your mouth crushes mine and our tongues kiss passionately. As you push in deep one more time, you press hard and grind against me. I move my hips in circles at the base of your cock, my fingers between us and rubbing my clit fast and hard. Looking into your eyes...and knowing you are right there with me, I cum once again, my pussy contracting over and over on your cumming cock.

We kissssssssss deeply and lovingly, and before the shower water starts to get cold, wash away our lovemaking.

Fingering your pussy sex art for sex diary

Diary 22
Instantly aroused

This morning I woke up...the window is to my right and the leaves are golden and fall is here. It is pretty cold outside and I was snuggled under my covers. The sky was a little grey, but I thought of you immediately, and what a perfect day it would be to cuddle with you. I was instantly aroused. My nipples were straining through my t-shirt. I didn't dress sexy last night in bed...soft white thin t-shirt and grey sweat pants. I didn't wear any panties, because I love the fleece against my smooth pussy. I was warm inside and out...and thinking of you so much.


I closed my eyes, and spread my thighs wide so they were touching either side of the bed. I felt very exposed and naughty and imagined you under the covers looking at your sluts assets. I imagined just feeling your wet hot mouth latching onto my pussy and giving it a greedy mouth with your tongue tasting and wanting to please me so much. I slid my hand inside of my sweats, and ran my fingers over my smooth cunt. I just shaved and she was so soft and smooth...and when i slid my finger between my slit...wet.


I was breathing softly and very still on the inside, as I imagined hearing you suck me. I felt your expert fingers rubbing my clit. I gave my body over to you to do whatever you wished. I know that i am yours. I teased my pussy over and over....fucking her deep with my fingers...sometimes fast sometimes as not to cum right away. I wanted to enjoy you fully...loving your mouth and tongue on me and thinking about your cock sinking in between MY lips when I return the favor! I felt your lips travel up my body...leaving a trail of your saliva and my juices. I could smell my needy pussy on your mouth and fingers.


Your weight is upon me as you bring your mouth down over mine and kiss me, your hand sliding back down to my cunt and finger fucking me so good. I moan into your mouth, sucking me from your lips and tongue so greedily, loving that you give me such a great gift of eating my pussy so good. I move my hips on your fingers, and then slide my hands to your hips. I push your pj's down and run my hands over your great ass. I caress it over and over, loving the feeling of your ass on my palms.

I reached and slid my hand down your ass cheeks and found your balls, wrapping my hand around and caressing. I moaned and whispered into your mouth that i needed your cock inside of me...fuck me baby....Your fingers never stop fucking me and I am moaning and moving against them, almost ready to cum...even though my mind is wanting your cock buried inside. I force my fingers to work quickly, sliding between us and finding your cock...I stroke are so hard for me. I need this cock to please me.


I grab him and rub him all over my soaking wet cunt as your fingers stroke my little clit. I groan loudly, moving my hips up and down, as I rub him around my wet hole. We both moan as you push inside, inch by inch, my hands once again grabbing your ass and pulling you into me. We move together...hard and fast, your cock slamming into me. You bend your head and kiss me deeply, my loud moans break our kiss as my head goes back...eyes closed...caught too deep in passion to do anything else but let you fuck me.


You bend and capture my mouth again, your tongue swirling madly with mine. I reach between us and rub my clit....screaming your name as I cum all over your cock. Feeling my cunt contracting so hard and deep like this puts you over the edge and i feel your hot cream shooting into me. You lower your head and bite on my shoulder as we cum together.

You collapse on top of me and i stroke your hair and back lovingly. Still inside of me, I feel your cock pulsing and softening. we kiss gently as you slip him out and rest him on my wet cunt. I whisper to you to turn over on your tummy and let me relax you babes. You put your head on the pillow and allow your body to go limp as you enjoy my hands massaging you so well. I work out all your tension and then let my hands caress you, putting you to sleep...just for awhile. I kiss the side of your face before I settle down next to you...thinking how lucky i am.

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Diary 23
Between cyber lovers

It is 1:00 am, and you are in your hotel room in Canada. You had to go there on a short business trip and were not happy about it at all. You are thinking about an incident that just happened in the lobby. You saw something that made your heart skip a beat. It was a lady with long black curly hair smiling and laughing with a handsome man. You were waiting in line with them, waiting to check in. They were hugging and acting like newlyweds. Something about her reminded you of a love you once had, that didn't work out, and for a moment it made you feel a touch of sadness. Couldn't be her, you think to yourself. She is hundreds of miles away!


You are not wanting to stare or be conspicuous, so you never look at her face. As you wait patiently for your turn, you see her hand slide down his back and onto his ass. She playfully teases and caresses it with her fingers. This makes your cock start to harden. She whispers something in his ear and giggles. He spanks her hard on her nice ass and grabs it with his whole hand. They step away from the counter, not even giving you a second glance. You wish you had someone to cuddle with tonight as well.

Instead, you grab a bite to eat and head back to your room to watch tv, call home, and get things ready for the next day. At 1:00 a.m. you are restless and wide awake...thinking about the girl in the lobby and wondering what they are doing now. You don't have to wonder very long, because just then you hear her familiar laugh down the hall, and the key in the door next to your room! You listen carefully, and you hear their quiet voices..."yessss"... "here"...laugh (him)....laugh (her).


You hear more soft laughing and then something hits the shared wall between the rooms...a high heel? It gets quiet for a minute, although you think you just heard the sound of their bodies collapsing on the bed. Your mind creates the scene of what they could be doing.

Restlessly, you toss and turn in your bed. Your cock starts to ache and harden as your neighbors become hear her...that familiar voice...moaning loud, and then..."OH GOD YESSSSSSSS"..............

Annoyed, you climb out of bed and head for the door in your pajama bottoms. You do not even give your raging hard on a second thought as you storm out and start to bang on their door. You are just going to tell them to quiet down so you can get some fucking sleep!!!!

You knock hard, and at first no one answers. You only hear quiet talking and laughing in the background. To you, this is NOT a joke at all! You bang louder on the door. That is your complete shock...I answer the door.

Our eyes meet...and widen....unbelieving. I almost drop the crisp white sheet that is wrapped around me, the only thing between you and my nakedness. I cannot even speak your name, because I am still not willing to believe what my eyes are seeing. My lover calls to me in the background..."Kitti, what's going on...come back to bed". I turn my head briefly and say shakily "Just a old lover is at the door!". He thinks I am kidding, and says..."well OK...invite him in or whatever, but get your ass back in this bed!"

I look at you devilishly, remembering how much you loved it when I was with another man. I smile and open the door wider with my arm, stepping back and inviting my stunned, sexxxy Paul into the room. You look about to protest, but my eyes slide down to your thickening bulge..I know that HE will not deny matter where your other head may be. You numbly move your feet to walk into the room, you step on the sheet accidentally, exposing my large round breast and very hard nipple. I shyly pull it back up. It's been awhile Paul.

You walk into the room, and my lover looks a little shocked. Here we stand, the three of us, and although we do not express what we want to do in words, it is unspoken and inevitable what is about to happen.

I walk over to my lover and slide my arms around his neck. As I do this, my white sheet drops, giving you a view of my naked body. You watch as I start to kiss his mouth, hard and wanting, sliding my hot tongue between his lips. You hear me whisper into them..."cmon it will be fun...lets do it". He laughs and appears to want to go along with whatever I have in mind.

I know you are watching my every move, so I kissssssssss from his mouth, down his neck, over his bare chest. My fingers splay across it and feel his silky hair. I play with his nipples making them hard for me, and you feel your own nipples betray you and become hard as you watch my hot mouth cover them and start to suck...just the way I used to do to you.

My hand travels down his tummy, and my mouth slowly follows...kissing and swirling my tongue in little circles. As I do this, my hand reaches back for yours, and i pull you closer to me. I am still facing him, my mouth now moving down to the top of his pj's, my tongue licking along his waistband. I slide my hand over your hard cock, remembering your size. length, and hardness. My finger traces your cock head through your pj's. I feel a tiny wet spot from your slit, and know you re already starting to precum for me. My lover pulls down his pj's, and you get your first view of his very large cock. It is thick and long, and comparable to yours, almost the same size, but maybe a little bigger.


You size him up, and know what it is that i like about him. He is handsome and appears to have a similar sex drive. You can hardly think about anything more after that, because i slide my hand inside of your pj's, and find your silky hard cock. You moan as my fingers explore and start to stroke you. I remember the way you like it.

My other hand wraps around my lover's cock, and i get down onto my knees before him. My hand urgently strokes your cock back and forth, as you watch my mouth enclose around his large head. It is almost too much cock for me, but i manager to wet my lips and make them slick enough for him to push inside. You hear him groan and say YESSSSSSSSS KITTI FUCK that is soooooooooooo good.




Your cock feels jealousy, as you watch me obey my lover, licking and sucking, swirling my tongue and bobbing my head, trying to take more of his cock in with every thrust of his hips. You push your hips back and forth in my soft hand, I stroke you harder. His precum is all over my lips, and when I drag my mouth from his is still connected to my lips by a long string of his precum. It is white and glistening on my wet lips.


I turn to you, looking deep into your eyes for only a moment. I lower my eyelashes and then bring your cock to my wanting mouth. It is watering and wanting to know you once more. My lover is hard as a rock and moaning as i stroke him, my hand wet from my saliva and his precum. He is urging me to suck your cock. His hands push my head over to your stiff shaft that is sticking in my face. I open my lips and push your cock head inside. You moan deep as you remember my lips upon your fat cock. I suck you good and deep and hard , as I remember how you like it. I bob my head and you watch me take your whole cock in. My lover caresses my hair, then pushes my head all the way down on your cock, until my nose is flush with your pelvis, and you both hear me gag on your size. I struggle to push my mouth off your cock, but my lover holds me there and soon you feel my throat relax around you and i start to swallow...over and over...coaxing your cum....

I drag my mouth off of your cock, my eyes watering from forcing your size into my throat...and also from remembering how it used to be. Your precum is mixing with my lover's on my lips and running down my chin and neck. I alternate, taking his cock back into my mouth...sucking him fast and deep. I continue to alternate, and suck his cock, then yours, swirling my tongue around you and spitting his precum onto your cock head. I look up at you naughtily as I suck it off of your cock.

I change positions and get on all fours. My hand reaches up and grabs his cock, stroking and teasing him, sucking and licking his gorgeous cock. I spread my thighs wide apart, giving you view and total access to my ass and pussy. I am freshly shaved, and smooth, and your cock wants to dip inside and get wet by my dripping cunt.

You eagerly get behind me and finger my pussy, making me ready for your cock. Your fingers make me moan onto my lovers cock, and I take him deeper. I take my mouth off of his cock briefly and tell you how fucking good he tastes and smells. You plunge your cock head inside of my wet pussy lips. I moan and move my hips slightly back toward you. You grab my hips and start to fuck me hard and deep, my moans getting louder when you fill me with your size. You rub my clit the way you know i love, hard and in circles, your fingers enclosing around it and stroking it like a little cock.


Oh fuck...i moan onto this cock. You thrust in and out of me until I can no longer take this sweet torture, and i squeeze my pussy muscles tight around your shaft, milking your cock as i cum. My lover removes his cock from my mouth, as he does not want to cum just yet. He wants to fill my pussy that has just been fucked thoroughly by you with HIS cum. He strokes his wet cock, my saliva dripping off of it, as he watches me cum around your cock. You thrust a few more times, deeply and then fill me with your hot cream. I feel your cock throbbing so hard, as my pussy clenches and releases, as we cum together once again.

You slide your cumming cock out of my pussy, and finish cumming on my tight little asshole. You spread my cheeks wide and then shoot your cum all over it. You watch as it drips down into my pussy, so creamy and filled with your load. Your cock is still hard, and I get excited remembering that you are able to have multi orgasms. I know you are wanting to be inside of my tight ass now, and I reach back and spread my cheeks open for you.

My lover gets onto the floor and lays down. I climb on top of him, facing him, straddling his erection. I sink down on it, moaning, and wait for you to enter me from behind. I cannot wait to be filled completely by these two huge cocks. I hold my cheeks open and you rub your cock head onto my asshole. I hear you moan loud, and say FUCK YESSSS, as you push inside of my sweet rosebud. I am now filled with cock, and start to rock between you both, taking both of your cocks in fully. You both thrust in and out of me, over and over, as I moan and beg to cum. You both explode into me, filling me with hot cum.


As I cum all over his cock, my ass clenches and releases around your cock giving you an amazing orgasm. You both pull your softening cocks from my body and as I lay dreamily on the bed, you bring me your dripping cocks to suck. I lick and suck both of them clean, and then alternately kiss you.

We drift to sleep in the big king bed. Me, sandwiched between my lover of the present, and one of the past. I roll over and face you, kissing your lips softly, then parting them with my tongue ...kissing deeper and sharing our lovemaking. I look into your eyes lovingly once more, longing for the past.

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Diary 24
Work fantasy

So today you are in a really crabby mood. I could sense it when I walked by you in the office. Whenever I see you, you are always looking at my tits and ass, not even caring that I KNOW you are doing it! But today? You are grumpy and only look at them ONCE! SO I definitely know something is going on.

I know that you and our boss have been hitting heads, and having trouble getting along. You also seem very restless doing this work for him, when inside you know you are WAY more talented, and if you could just take wouldn't have to be this way. You wouldn't have to be in here. Everyone who knows you knows that you are way too talented to have your creative mind stifled this way.

One person who knows this the I'm the one who doesn't really mind if you look at my tits and ass. I rather kind of like it! I do things on purpose sometimes to get your attention like wearing a blouse that cuts too low, or making sure that my nipples are hard as rocks by touching them first before going to your desk. You probably don't even notice, but I also wear my pants a little tight sometimes, and when I am in a skirt?


Oh baby...if you only knew that I either wear lacy thongs or none at all when I know that we will be working together. Little subtle things to make your cock ache when you see me. You may not even notice it! baby...I'll make sure you notice me alright!

I see you at your desk, not being yourself, just working and keeping your head down. I come up behind you and look over your shoulder at your screen. I whisper in your ear "what are ya doing?" are very grumpy with me, maybe even wishing me away! I'm not giving up that easy should know me..I'm Taurus and the complimentary opposite to your sign Scorpio.

I rub your shoulders gently, and when no one is looking...I slide my hands down over your chest. I let my fingers rub your nipples making them hard. My mouth buries closer into your ear...mmmmm. You say nothing back to me, only continue your grumpy ways as you look at the screen. But Ah Scorpio...I know you so well, and I know what it will take to get you out of this funk that you are in!

My hands slide boldly down to your lap, and trace your cock through your trousers. Mmmmm I whisper again, with my hot sweet breath...deeper into your ear. Giving you a delicious shock down to your rising cock. He is betraying you. You want to stay in this mood, but he just wants to play with me! My hand pets him and strokes him so good, and before you can protest, I slide your zipper down and slip my hand into your trousers. In your ear again I whisper "yesss what is this here?" My hand strokes up and down feeling your velvety cock under my fingers.


I slide my fingers to your tip and feel the bead of your wetness...for me. I moan again softly, but this time, I whisper, "Meet me in the bathroom in 5 minutes. I need to show you something." With that, I slip my hand out, leaving you erect and throbbing. You turn your head and watch me walk away and I look back at you so naughty and smile. I hold up my hand exposing all 5 fingers spread out...and mouth...:"five". You laugh to yourself, at your silly slut, knowing that she is probably wet and ridiculously horny for you.

You try to ignore him, by thinking about things to calm him down, but he is already up and stiff. You are wondering if I'm really going to meet you in there, but your curiosity got the best of you and you find yourself opening the door to the ladies room cautiously. It doesn't look like anyone is inside, but you step in anyway. And there I am. Waiting and smiling at you. Trying hard to suppress a giggle, like a naughty school girl! I lock the door behind you and tell you we are alone. My arms wrap around your neck and I tilt my head up to kiss you.


Without much thinking you bend your head and slant your mouth over mine. instantly, we are on fire, and our tongues are French kissing deeply. I moan into your mouth and my hands trail down your back. Fingernails lightly raking you and feeling your body as they make their journey lower and lower. My hands reach your ass and I give it a slight squeeze, then allow my hands to play up on it as we kiss even more deeply. My hands move up and unbutton and unzip you. We don't have much time before someone may come in and find us in this compromising position.


I quickly remove your pants, pulling them down and then getting on my knees before you to worship your magnificent cock. He is already so hard and needy, and I kisssssssss him gently with my soft hot mouth. You groan and take in your breath as you watch my lips surround his head sucking him into my mouth. I moan on him and you feel like you could just explode right now! You look down and watch me sucking on your cock. Taking him deeper with every hard suck.

My hands slide down to your balls, caressing them and teasing them as I feel your hands slide into my hair guiding me up and down on your cock.


Controlling my speed and the depth at which I devour your length. I feel you throbbing hard between my lips and I know that if you do not stop me soon, I will be tasting the flood of your cum down my throat. I am ready to taste you and swallow all of your love for me.

You pull me up to you and urgently kiss me again. You can taste your cock from my lips and it excites you more knowing how much I love sucking you. I break our kiss and get up on the countertop by the sink. I pull my knees up and spread my thighs apart. You can see that my pussy has created a wet spot on my panties and you can smell her teasing scent. You bend and look at her, sliding your fingers inside of my panties, and move them over to the side. I moan and move my hips slightly as you push two fingers inside of me, gathering my wetness..


You slide them out and rub them on my clit, around and around, making it wet with my own juices. Your hands take my panties off and throw them aside, then you lower your mouth and start to tease my naked smoothly shaved, very wet cunt with your tongue and lips. I moan as I look down and watch you eat my pussy, my juices glistening on your mouth. Your fingers continue to torment me while your tongue fucks in and out of my wet hole. I moan and move back and forth and then bury my hands in your hair, guiding you to tonguefuck me deeper and harder. Yessss this is what i want baby. MMmm!

It doesn't take long and before I know it my body is overtaken by an intense orgasm. I feel your hands on my thighs pulling me against your face and drinking my cum as my pussy contracts and releases over and over on your hot tongue. You steady me as I come back down to us after that first amazing orgasm. I smile at you and kiss you again, first softly, letting my tongue lick my juices from your lips, then harder and deeper, tasting my hot cum from your mouth. This makes me so very excited, and I only want to be more naughty and more slutty for you as a result.

I undress and turn and put my hands against the bathroom door. I push my ass out to you, so you can enjoy it s full roundness. I wag it at you and say mmm baby yessss i need you to fuck me now. Your cock is stiff and wet...and you can almost still feel the sensation of my lips wrapped around him. I bend more so that you can see my swollen slit and asshole, letting you know that i thoroughly need to be fucked and hard and in both holes. I move my hips in circles and beg for your cock. You are stroking him and watching as I slide my hands down the door and spread my ass wide.




I don't care about your bad day. Your slut needs to be fucked right now! Can't you see how needy her cunt and ass are for your cock's affection? Take your cock and fuck me here. With that...I slide my finger up and down my is wet and dripping and i moan and moan...moving my hips as I fuck my fingers deep. You are aroused more than ever by this sight and also by the vision of my fingers spreading my wetness over my tight rosebud. You've never been inside of my ass before, but know that I have only used a dildo in it a few times and that your cock would really be my first true ass fucking.

My fingers spread my cunt open for you. My cum drips out and down onto your head........

You push your cock into my cunt hole not even waiting for the invitation. I moan loud, so loud, you worry that the other office workers or even your boss would hear us! You know i've locked the door, but what if someone needs to use the facility! You can't think about this anymore, because your cock is throbbing and needing to be inside of my snug pussy. I reach back and stroke him with wet fingers, making him slick with my saliva. You push inside of me, and we both moan loudly. Yesssssssss

You grab my hips and fuck me hard and deep. I moan as you slam me into the door, and I move my hips back and forth to meet your hard thrusts. I look back at you every now and then with so much passion and want. I tell you OH I LOVE YOUR COCK...don't stop baby!!! DONT STOP!!! You think I am going to scream when I cum this time, so your hand covers my mouth as you pull me back against you. Impaling me onto your cock as you feel me clench and release him over and over and over. Moaning into your hand as you kiss my neck and back.

You pull your cock out of my cumming cunt and cannot help but rub him on my dark gate, asking me for entrance.


I moan yessssssssssssss baby is YOURS to fuck and take however you please. I am your lover and slut remember? You push your cock into my asshole...inch by inch, taking it in and out in and out...letting me get used to your size and length. Ooooh Yes...feels so good and naughty! I grind my hips back against your cock, pushing it further into my tight little asshole.

It is too much for you to take as your cock pumps in and out of me, and you look at my pussy and ass that i said belong to you. My fingers are rubbings my clit furiously and you know that I am just about ready to cum are you baby. I can feel your throbbing and your hard deliberate thrusts deep into my asshole.

Just then....we hear a voice on the other side of the door...Is anybody in there? And the doorknob is moving although it is clearly locked. You shoot your hot load deep into my asshole, and as you are moaning and enjoying your orgasm, you see your cum dripping around your cock. You watch as my fingers fuck my cunt until she is cumming, your cum mixing with mine, trailing down my leg. As we both reach our climax, the poor person on the other side of the door hears in unison....


Wet pussy and throbbing clit erotic art for a sex diary

Diary 25
Waiting and wetting

I wait at the airport, watching all the people coming off the escalator. Each time, my heart skips and my breath catches in my throat. I don't think I've ever been this excited/nervous/anxious in my entire life. I have wanted this so badly, and I cannot believe it is really going to happen.

I see you through the crowd right away. I already know you so well...from cyber...from the phone....from my dreams. We are connected in a way that I will never fully understand how it is possible...but we are and deeply.

You see me, and we smile at each other. I think we are experiencing the same unbelievable excitement. Right now, even though this airport is very busy...there is only you and me...moving closer to each other...finally closing the distance between us.

Our arms, wrap around one another, and immediately your mouth descends upon mine...kissing deeply and passionately...not caring who is watching...this is our moment. My hands slide down your back as we kiss, making sure that you are real and that this is really happening. I know that from this moment on, my body belongs to you and only you.

Reluctantly we break our kiss.....savoring each other's taste. You taste and smell exactly how I knew you delicious...I need more...Let's get out of here.

On the way to the train we talk...about everything. I listen about your flight and say that you must be so tired. i look into your eyes and let my fingers slide into your hair...another kiss please I hate when our lips are apart. I want to touch you in some way every second that we are i never ever forget what you feel like after you leave.

We sit on the train, in the back. It is not crowded as we missed the rush hour crush. I sit facing you, sideways on the seat. Your back is against the widow. I pull my knees up, and you can see under my skirt. Without even touching me, you know my panties are wet. I am needy for you and hardly able to contain are very calm...eyes dark with passion and wanting me too. As you look at me, you slide your fingers between my thighs...feeling them...i'm soft baby. Your hand reaches the side of my panties, and you trace it with your fingers. I moan softly. My eyes close. I want you to touch do not.


You ask me how long on this fucking train? I say...30 minutes. I look at the bulge in your pants, as your fingers tease me. Instinctively i lick my lips. I need to taste you and very on this train? Your fingers glide over my panties tracing my slit. I'm so wet and horny and needy for you...I think I could cum just like this!

My eyes casually look around the one too close to us. My hand slides to your've already unzipped for me...still looking at me...watching your fingers slowly torture wetness seeping through my panties. My mind already imagining you fucking me a thousand different ways. I whisper your to feel it on my lips.


I slide my hand inside of your trousers. Find you...find HIM that i long for and want to worship. I stroke him and for the first time i hear you take in your breath...feeling my fingers wrapped around him...exploring your silky cock skin. I already know this cock baby...well...and I know how you like him touched. I want to climb up on him right now and sink my aching cunt down to your balls...but i don't...too many people on this train although not crowded.

When i believe no one is looking...I bend forward...and you watch as my very wet mouth touches your head for the first time. My hot tongue sweeping against your head...licking the bead of your precum. I hear you say oh baby yes as I sink down more...enveloping your head with my lips. Your hips gently rise up pushing more cock into my mouth. I want to finish you off right here, but you soon urge me off your cock. Now you know what it is going to be like when we get to that hotel room.

We continue to torture and tease...and i kiss you...letting you taste your cock from my lips...finally. My clit is very swollen and pussy aching. I can hardly think. So good to see you ...we try to talk, but right now I only want to talk with our bodies crushed together...when is this damn train ride over??????



We reach our stop and the hotel is not far from the train...only a few minutes drive. I have made all your arrangements to stay in a nice hotel nearby in the beautiful metro Perimeter area. We reach my press me against it...kissing me hard and deep...our hands all over each other....kissing for a minute. Again, pulling apart...we need to get to destination.

We check in and head to the elevator....there are a few people in there and i wonder if they can smell my cunt...because i am dripping wet. I look over at you knowing i am going to be ravaged as soon as we open the door. We step out of the elevator and rush down the hall. I take your hand in mine and drag you quickly behind me...laughing. We fumble with the key...kissing and so excited like two teenagers. the door opens and you pull your bag time to do anything...i need you right now. You grab me and pull me to you...kissing me deep and hard needy ...both of us. Your cock so fucking hard and pressed tightly against my mound as we kiss and go backwards...Your body laying on top of me as we hit the bed. Pushing me down....kissing me hard and deep. Our hips grinding together hard...your cock pushing my panties into my hot wet hands working hard to free your cock...pulling them over your ass...

fuck no more sentences. I'm too hot to write properly...

watch with your mind

working your pants off
your hands on my thighs feeling them
sliding them up and pulling my skirt off
ripping my panties off and exposing my naked cunt to you
Your warm hand covers my mound
cupping it
feeling my wetness in your palm
I'm moaning into your mouth
and kissing you
and moving my hips
like your wanton slut

dripping and needing already to cum
Our mouths hot and ravaging each other
tongues making love
Hands are everywhere
i unbutton your shirt
feeling your silky chest hair beneath my fingers
your hands shaky trying to quickly undo my bra
get rid of it
i want nothing between us now
I move my kisses down your neck
as you finish undressing me
My hands remove your shirt
my fingers caressing every inch of your body
i reach between us and wrap my hand around him
kissing you madly
spreading my thighs

you better do something
and fast
because if you don't stop me
i'm going to cum
and take you with me
so soon!
your mouth trails down my neck
and to my breasts
your lips heaven on my skin as you
lick and suck them...taking my nipples into your mouth
it is almost more than i can take. I arch my back and press your head onto
my tits. YESSSSSSSSSSSss more baby

my hhands sliding down your back
to your ass
feeling it
caressing it
my fingers exploring it
holding your cheeks and pressing your hips against mine
pressing your cock into my slit

your mouth returns to mine
hovering over my lips
whispering to me
what do you want
tell me slut
i whimper and moan moving my hips against you in circles
fuck me
fuck me
fuck me

teasing my mouth with yours you say
not yet
and dont you dare cum until i tell you so
i swallow hard
i can hardly breathe
your mouth moves down my body
searing my skin
with every touch of your lips
i know where you are going
i surrender to yo u
you can have me baby
take me where i need to go
your mouth reaches my mound
and i am moaning and writhing against you

opening my thighs wide for you
come into my gates baby
your tongue brushes against my cunt
MMMMMM I moan loud

so needy
you whisper against my cunt
i feel your breath and hot mouth
almost touching her
your lips..............and tongue

what do you want me baby
tonguefuck me
make me
I can no longer take it and i slide my fingers into your hair
urging you to press your face into me
I moan loudly as you push your tongue inside

I watch you
god it turns me on so much to see you doing that to my pussy
i moan writhe and when you tell me how goood i taste and smell...
I scream... LET ME CUM
yessssssssss you say cum slut
I cum
so hard

clearing my brain of any thoughts
cumming on your tongue ..heaven
I'm there
over and over feel my pussy clenching hard
my fingers pinch my nipples hard, intensifying my orgasm
as i scream out your name
cumming in your presence for the first time
wetting your mouth.
urging you upwards
as i come down back to earth
kisising you deeply tasting my pussy from your mouth
makes me want to cum again
my hand reaches between us
puts your cock on my pussy
fuck me
looking into your eyes
my wet fingers
push your cockhead inside
fuck me
our hips start to grind
I'm thinking tell me that it feels so good inside of me
you do not disappoint
as your cock sinks in deep
i squeeze him with my muscles and moan into your mouth
you start to fuck me hard and deep
whispering naughty things to me
making me fucking crazy
i slide my hands to your ass
spreading your cheeks
working my hand inside your
teasing your asshole with a wet finger
around and around
hearing you moan and fuck me harder
i tease your hole
then push inside
the tip
your cock so fucking stiff
moaning and kissing
and talking to each other
expressing our feelings
i push my finger in to my knuckle
then withdraw
to the rhythm you are fucking me
in and out
in and out
in and out

squeezing your cock all the while
clench release
clench release
over and over
in and out
arching my back
moving my hips with yours

you say
me too
i know
i know
and we kisssssssssssssssss
deeply as i cummm
all over your cock
so hard you almost shoot your load
right then
deep inside of me
you feel my cunt

i kiss you gently
returning to us
and whisper to you
as you are still moving inside of me

let me........
and i urge you to bring me your cock
that is throbbing
and i lick it and clean it with my hot tongue
then i look into your eyes

fuck my ass
getting on all fours
on the floor...pillow under my head
ass up high
spreading my cheeks
here baby
fuck my
dark cave

so tight feels like heaven
I reach back and rub my asshole with my own saliva
i look back at you
looking at you so naughty
cum in my ass
that is what i want
fuck me
you push your cock inside
very slowly
and feeling my ass with your hands
i moannnnnn
pleasure and sweet pain
feeling your cock
sliding in deeper
both of us not having this sensation in awhile
savoring every naughty delicious minute
pushing my hips back on him
opening to him
wanting him inside
hearing your breathing quicken
feeling him move
feeling your hips
gently at first
deep strokes
all the way to your balls
reaching down and playing with my aching clit
moving my hips to meet your thrusts
feeling your cock throb
hearing you moan
feels so good baby i tell you
don't stop
grabbing my hips
you thrust into me
over and over
rubbing my clit hard and fast
i moan
yes I'm ready baby
I feel you slow a bit
your thrusts
and deep
until you groan loud
and i feel your cum
rushing into me
so much
you watch it leak around your cock

running down to my cunt over my fingers
as I cum all over them
You collapse on top of me
softening cock still inside of me
kisisng my neck
as our breathing slows
you slip him out and
l turn and take you into my arms
feeling your weight on top of me
we kisssssssssssssssssssss
hello baby
join me in the shower now?

my mind is thinking
how i love this man
but my lips never say it


Naked man with thick long cock sexy image for sex diary

Diary 26
About your cock

First...I would take your beautiful strong hands...that makes me want to cum just looking at them... and i would kisssssssssssss each finger....and while on my knees? I'd lick and suck them deep into my mouth while you watched me...YES! you hold him up like that so i can have access to your filled with cum that you will give to me later... I will LICKKKKKKKKK your seam from the bottom of your balls to your tip with my hot is like velvet baby and your cock would come to attention right away! THEN...i'd run my tongue back down and suck on your balls...making your silky hair on and around them wettt from my mouth. I'd be very gentle and loving to them baby...and you'd beg me not to stopppppppppp!!!

Seeing your cock stiff and curved slightly makes my pussy ache. I would first continue to ravage him with my mouth until he started to throb.....sucking your head and licking allllll over...alternating with hands and mouth...alllll while looking up at you for your approval and also to see your LUST for ME.


MMMMMMMMM....then I'd get in front of you turn around and brace my hands on your desk....tell you...breathlessly while looking back at you.....i am so fucking horny...i cannot stand it baby...take off my panties and fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!! and while you were sitting you'd pull my pants down....see my pretty lace panties....tease me then pull them down...all the way...and maybe you'd have to spank me and tell me how naughty i am...and i'd spread my legs apart for you and bend more so you could see my slit...aching and dripping for your touch.....and i'd push back closer to your cock...take him in my hand and rub him......up and down my wet slippery from being so horny for you...i'd open wide with my fingers slick from my juices and use your cockhead to trace my opening...

MOANING..yess...and you move your hips forward.....sticking him way out...and I would push my ass back and impale myself on him.......getting onto your i take him all the way down to your balls...feel my cunt lips split wide open and resting on your balls...dripping my juices onto them...I cant go much longer like this going to fucking cum before i finish writing this damn novel.

and so i'd buck my hips fast and hard back and forthhhhhhh on your your cock go in and out of my wet wetness dripping down on your balls and in your pubic hair in glistening drops...FUCK...I'd tell you... too far gone to make this last baby...i HAVE to cum right now.......OH YES YES YES YES YES YES...and i'd grab your hands and put them over my tits...and you'd know what i like...and squeeze my nipples...pinch and release over and over the waves of my contractions from my cumming cunt squeeze your cock........

I imagine that after i cum and you hold me and steady me with your rock hard cock still in my cunt needing to be satisfied, you'd slide out yr cock soaked... smelling like my fresh cum dripping with your sluts honey... and i would turn around and get on my knees and worship him.... id say spread your legs lover and i'd use my hands to tease them and spread them apart.... let me have access to your dark heaven.... i'd tease your ass with my tongue and stroke that monster.... then lick and suck on the space between your balls and ass because i know that feels so fucking goooood and i'd push a wet finger inside your ass to replace my tongue ....and i'd move my finger and stimulate you inside in a "cum here" motion.... slide in and out slowly licking and sucking still looking up at the monster above me.... licking my tongue upwards holding him in my other hand and pushing him into my mouth moaning MMMMMMMM LOUD onto him....

feel my vibrations along with my tongue assaulting him mmmmmmm licking and sucking hard feeling you throbbbbbbbbb between my lips rubbing your ass and MYSPACE with my fingers so wet.... sucking you up and down pushing my head down and opening my lips WIDE letting them press into your pubic hair so soft and smells goooood like my pussy OH yesssssssss sucking and sucking bobbing my head ....feeling your hands in my hair saying YES YES THAT IS IT FEELS SO GOOD THERE THERE.... pushing my head where you want it ....guiding me and teaching me how you love it the most.... sucking and sucking and sucking harder deeper.... my saliva and your precum dripping from my lips as i now suck you loudly letting you HEAR ME enjoy our wet juices swishing between my lips and tongue........

my moans getting louder as i feel you throbbing pulsing over and over more and more quickly you are close.... i am sucking you hard on off on off on off deeper harder alll the way down.... gagging and then sucking to your head.... plunging my mouth down over and over and over........ yes yes yes yes yes.... moaning loudly vibrations down to your bury your hands in my hair say yessssssssssss fuck oh fuck yess and as i have wished for it your cock pumps his delicious creamy treat down my throat....

MMMMMMM moaning and swallowing your precious gift to me mmmmmm.... your love that is waht i want mmmmm baby.... dragging my lips off so softly as your cock softens and gets so sensitive.... letting you pull me into your arms.... kissssssssing you letting you see what you taste like from my lips and tongue.... kissssssing sweetly saying baby come into my bed cuddle me.... spoon me be mine.... sleep in my arms lover until we are aroused again soon.... insatiable lovers that we are mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love being with you thank you for tonight and everything............

Woamn riding cock erotic image for sex diary nsfw adult fantasy

Diary 27
Crazy hot dream

Crazy good...i woke up wet and ready to cum...and I did!

So...after your first day with me, we are acquainted and temporarily satisfied from fucking and playing ever since you stepped off that escalator in the airport. We decide to go out for a bit before getting something to eat. It is late in the afternoon, and there is a nice mall nearby. We take a nice walk from the hotel to the mall, and into one of the shops, as I wanted to get you something nice for your birthday and I also have a naughty surprise for you as well! I tell you to find some things to try on, giving you a naughty look and smile, hoping you are catching on to my plan. You are as clever as I always thought, grabbing a few things and following me to the dressing room.

I slip inside with you cautiously so no one else will see. My arms slip around your neck and you bend your head and kiss me hard and deep. I slide my hands down your neck and chest and then unbutton and unzip your pants. I push them down off of you roughly as i am so needy to have you once again. The thrill of being in a public place heightens my desire. I slide my hand into your briefs and wrap my hand around your cock.


My mouth slants over yours and we kiss deeply, the taste of your saliva in my mouth making my cunt throb with need. I drag my mouth from yours and kiss down your neck. your hands work quickly to unbutton your shirt and then mine as well. Your fingertips slip into my bra and find my nipples, rubbing and pinching them and making me moan against your skin. Kissing my way down your body I find your belly button and tease it with my tongue.

My hand finds your cock again as I drop to my knees. I stroke you and open my mouth as you push your needy cock past my lips. Moaning and leaning forward you brace your hands against the dressing room wall. Your hips pump back and forth, as my hot mouth takes your cock inside deeply, wanting you to use it as you do my tight pussy. My hand twists back and forth and strokes up and down as my tongue swirls in the same motion. My saliva drips down onto your shaft making it slick as my hand spreads it around. I push my lips all the way down.

My mouth wide open around your cock as it feels the soft snugness of entering my throat. You groan and grab my hair feeling my throat contract around your shaft...adjusting to your size I feel your cock throbbing hard, and it excites me even more. I slide my hand to my panties and pull them over to the side, exposing my very wet pussy. My lips swollen and wet. I move my hips back and forth on my palm and fingers moaning and sucking your cock harder...readying it for my pussy and ass. You pull me up and press me against the wall, roughly pulling my panties off.

We kiss deeply again and i wrap my hand around your cock, stroking him and guiding him to my aching wet cunt. I moan uncontrollably into your mouth as you enter me, hoping that no one just heard me except for you. I move my hips like your greedy cock slut and squeeze him tight every time you thrust in. Your moans and passionate looks almost enough to send me over the edge right away.

Just then we hear the sales person outside the dressing room. You thrust into me hard and hold him there, My hips moving in circles, grinding against you. I hardly care that he is there. He asks if everything fits....and as you have your hand over my mouth to stifle my moans...looking at me with a devilish smile on your face you say...yes everything seems to be fitting very well indeed and I'm almost finished.

He leaves and you resume fucking your slut the way she needs to be taken care of! I grab your ass with my hands feeling your muscles working as you slam into me over and over. I look into your eyes, moaning and moving with you my tits bouncing against your chest with every deep thrust. I tell you...oh baby I'm gonna fucking cum....and you can see in my eyes how close i are too and your cock is throbbing with need to fill me with your cum.

You talk to me so dirty and in a calm...low and sexy voice...yess cum my slut...fuck my cock...wet him. I kiss you hard as you move your fingers down to stroke my clit. I am there....I grab your ass harder pushing you deeper into me....taking your cock fully within my cunt. You feel my lips wrapped tightly around the base of your juices wetting your pubic hair...hips grinding against you. My eyes close and lips part to moan as I fuck your cock wildly...kissing you passionately...moaning....cum.... (oh i am...again...right now) cunt contracting around you putting you over the edge....feeling your cum rushing into me.

We kiss

i hot baby...

sooooooooooooooooooo goooood

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