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Part 1

Sex Diaries by insatiable kitty | Art Samarel

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Diary 1
Airport 07

I spot you through the crowded airport…waiting for me….how could I not see you right away?…you are so beautiful….immediately I feel my body respond…aching for your hands upon me…I walk to you…slowly and deliberately…smiling…letting you take in the vision of the one who loves you most...making you remember all your lust and love for me…hey there…my body melts into yours as I return the big hug and warm kiss…your lips are delicious…oh how I missed you…love you….have wanted you …looking into your deep soulful eyes…looking for the same lust that must be reflecting in mine…there it is….you want me as much as I want you…I can smell the heat between us….we need to reach out destination quickly so we can quench our thirst…


I slide my hand to your ass while we are hugging…needed to touch you…needed to press my breasts against your chest…I need your kisses….taxi here….getting inside…I want you so much it almost doesn’t matter if Mr. driver sees what I’m going to do to you…fantasizing about you sliding in next to me and having your way with me on the seat….hard to wait…I’m so aroused..kiss me…mmmmmm yesssssss…


that is what I have been longing for…our tongues meeting softly, playfully…inside so ready to explode….you kiss me harder…I feel your passion…know your intentions….I return the same….open my eyes now and let you see my desire for you…that is barely being contained….your fingers tease my waistband…I suck in my breath in anticipation…my body is tingling…please touch me…..your hand slides inside…over my panties…fingers exploring…stroking…I can no longer hide my emotion…desire and lust are consuming me…I moan…softly…putting my mouth against your ear…feel my warm shaky breath….that is what you do to me…more….


feel how wet and wanting I am….your fingers…exploring my pussy lips…sliding up and down….so maddening…I want you…I’m ready to explode…will you let me? …never….you love the exquisite torture as much as I….my mouth….seeks your ear once more…moaning louder as your fingers enclose my clit…mr. driver cant help but look into the mirror at us…his cock is probably stiff from all the sounds and the scent of sex in the air….oh god I am sooo aroused…make me…HERE…just do it…


you’ve got me…rub my clit harder…how I wish your mouth or cock was upon me…my hand….can no longer wait….I need to feel your silky cock…I unzip you…slide my hand inside…find you…hear you sigh as my soft hands wrap around you gently stroking….i need to taste you…to have you in my mouth and pussy…getting harder to wait until we reach our destination…your fingers…mmmmmmmm maddeningly stroking my clit…I moan loud…against your lips…slide my tongue inside…taste your mouth while my hand remembers your cock…we kiss…your other hand caressing my long black hair….oh baby….what you are doing to me…I’m cumming…


you feel my body responding to you…you own it…feel my contractions around your fingers…taste the lust from my mouth…this has only just begun…your cock so hard from my gentle stroking…wanting and needing so much more…taxi driver knocks on the window…looking as aroused as we….thank god its time to get off…you are so hard now and I need you inside of me…don’t worry baby I won’t forget my wanting for you from this taxi to the motel room….hurry inside….my mind is wandering…visions of our lovemaking are all I can think of….


I need to suck you and taste you…how will you have me first?….maybe I will have YOU first…….mmmmm…the thought of your hot cock that I have missed so much…in my mouth….door opens ….im so wet…my heart pounding…we get inside…can’t wait…you lay me on the bed…taking off my pants… panties…and they’re wet…you can’t resist me now…you spread my thighs apart….looking at my pussy…its yours baby…your head lowers…your hot tongue….mercilessly fucking my pussy…deep …fast…stroking my clit…faster…I moan again…louder…not concealing my lust for you as I did in the taxi….pleaseee…..yesss…..


OH baby yesssssssssssss…you take me…I cum hard and you taste my love for you on your lips…I need you now more than ever….I sit…looking so hungry…my hands working quickly to take off your pants….my hand seeking your cock again….stroking your full hard length…its mine now…I waste no more time…into my warm hot mouth it goes…my tongue bathing your cockhead…sweeping across…tasting your precum…looking up at you…with naughty desire-filled eyes…give it to me my love…my mouth sinks down upon your hard shaft…you watch but soon close your eyes feeling my sucking….enjoying my mouth making love to your cock…feeling my French kisses…my tongue swirling….my hands slide down to your ass…and I pull you toward me…


sucking so deep now…into my tight throat…feel me swallowing…coaxing your hot cum…need to taste it…to have you become a part of me once more…..I move my head up…down…faster…harder…deeper…my tongue and lips…so wet and hot…wanting to please you….my mouth…slides up to your tip…then off…only for seconds…baby…my mouth so wet with my saliva and your precum….cum for me…my tongue licks again…my eyes naughty and needing….i give suck on your cockhead …looking into your beautiful eyes…my love…my lover….fuck my mouth…give it to me… may have no choice as I plunge my mouth all the way down again….you smell and taste so good….I feel your throbbing….hear your moans…feel your hands in my hair…so close…I cannot wait to taste you….its cumming…..

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Diary 2
Come to me

you are before me with your beautiful erect cock...I on my knees before your strength. I look up into your eyes...searching for your passion and desire for me....looking for your approval and want. My hand strokes your shaft...long strokes feeling your silky cockskin and the rock hardness of your shaft in my hand makes me pussy is dripping into my mouth is wet and lips alllll aching to have you between the....i say...babyyy....i want to taste you...need to have this cock fill me....


i look up at you so naughty...your eyes dark with lust looking down at me...i move my mouth to your cockhead...still looking into your tongue sticks out to bathe your as i lick your head around and around. around the rim...putting my lips on it, nibbling, tasting, smelling....then needing wanting you and i cannot wait any longer...i stroke my fist up around your cockhead...only the head peeking out, and put my mouth upon it, surrounding it...licking and saliva dripping down onto your shaft...onto my fist...making it slick...moving my hand up and down along with my mouth...sucking...sucking...harder...deeper...


tongue swirling...tasting...moans vibrating...surrounding your whole cock, deeper, my pussy is soaked and wanting to be filled...only makes me suck you better...exquisite my head bobbing up and down...up down up down...your slick with precum and saliva...sliding in and out of my hot wet snugly around you...sucking...harder...deeper...taking you from your tip...all the way down...slowly at first....getting used to your size and girth stretching my mouth as you grow...up and down my mouth works your cock...milks it...coaxes your cum...


i feel you throbbing between my want are moaning and now pumping your want me to deep throat your huge erection....i want it wet...and throbbing...imagining the cock that is in my mouth....deeply fucking my wet hot needy cunt...please. I taste you so salty and sweet....letting you fuck my sweet  mouth the way i know you are going to fuck my pussy and out....gagging me...feeling my throat enclosed around tight and wet...i cant get enough...your hands on my head...guiding me...teaching me...the way that pleases you most....I'm so eager to please...sucking lips flush against your pelvis...gagging...hearing your loud moans...feeling the throbbing so hard now...its cumming...i know you are close lover...


i look up at you...fill me with your cum...let me taste you...drink you...and then....your hips pumping...then hard thrusts...i moan loud on your cock that is locked inside of my mouth...and you cum...your hot cream rushing down my throat...i swallow you so pleased...over and over and over again...sucking you dry...licking and sucking all of your cum from your cock, never missing a drop. then up to your kiss you...let you taste yourself from my tongue...hotly assaulting yours...kissing so passionately...then onto the bed where i climb up on you, push my panties to the side, rub your softening cock between my slit to give me some relief from this aching...rubbing my clit showing you how much i need much you have aroused me....


with a smile and a fluid move you flip me onto my back...kiss down my body....licking and kissing...and biting...lathing my nipples with your tongue while your hand forces my knees apart...spreading my pussy lips so hot and slick...swollen and needy....i moan...and writhe beneath your hands, more, you push two fingers in deeply and fuck and out, soooo good, your mouth moving lower...i watch as you withdraw your fingers and suck my juices from hot...then you kiss my soft smooth mound...and move lower...licking my slit...OH YESSSSSSSS...


then your tongue dives deeply, thrusting, licking, sucking, teasing my pussy and clit...until I cum around your hot tongue...hard...OH YESSSSSSSS.....your name a delicious whimpered cry...feel my contractions? must be sweet cum is sweet and musky...dripping from my open pussy... and you lap at it...and drink me...i pull you up to me...into my arms....kissing you gently...sharing my cum with me...i caress your face and watch your eyes close as you drift off to sleep...holding you close to satisfied...for now.

Couple having a quickie in the ladies room sex art erotic diary
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Diary 3
In the ladies room

YES the door to the ladies room....there i am....waiting on the top of the seat...legs pulled up onto the seat...arms wrapped around them...looking up at you so innocently...but not for long! I look at you with very naughty wanting my thighs....a little...mmm...can you see? no panties! let me look you say...more...wider...and you KNOW it makes me so HOT when you order me around....i pull my thighs apart...very wide...


my hands slide up and down them...almost touching my exposed...WET...pussy. I KNOW you will torture me so gooood first...but eventually you'll give me what I want and need so desperately....i wonder...I watch you unzip...will he tease me with his cock first?...not letting me taste more than his cockhead on my lips?...will he be so overcome with lust...that he picks me up and holds me against the wall spreading my thighs...


Getting HOT when he feels how ready i am when he pushes his fingers inside ofme...will he then grab his throbbing cock and push it deeply making me gasp and moan...writhing under him to take more inside?...OR...will he get down on his knees before me on this seat...spread my lips...and lick me into sweet oblivion? OH YES...I am about to find out.....your cock is so hard for me baby...I KNOW you watched me come in other ladies inside...just me...i waited for you...i want you...need to taste you right now...i reach out...slide my hand around your cock...bend my head...gently urge you closer to my lips...


i lick them to make them slick and wet and irresistible to your velvety cock skin...there baby...just what i know you've been daydreaming lips...locked around your wet...and warm...melt into me...let me please my tongue swirling around your head...onto and into your you taste heavenly...see your creamy precum on my I naughtily show it to you then swallow...mmm YES! i put my hands on your waistband...gently tugging down...your pants are in my way...


Sliding my hands over your beautiful ass...gripping as I plunge my mouth all the way down onto your cock....yesssss moan for me...let me hear you...makes me soo my very wet lips and tongue...sucking....don't hold back baby...pump your hips...fuck my mouth, hear your cock sliding in and out of my tongue enjoys you so much...feel me slide my mouth up and off of your cock...then my lips take your shaft between them...sliding back and forth...using my tongue....licking all the way down to your balls...feel my hot breath against lips exploring tongue...bathing teeth gently nipping.


Then, one...into my mouth...gently sucking as my hand slides back up your slick saliva and precum laced slick...pumping your cock as I lick and suck your balls...mmmm...yes baby that's it...moan for me...i want you to give me what you came in here for!...feel my other hand...slide to your ass spreading teasing pushing inside...your cock rock hard and throbbing now...I feel you pulsing...give me your cum.....i move my mouth back over your cockhead...use my hand to make a fist over it...push....let my fist open and force you between my lips...MMMMMm....suck you into my mouth all the way down to your balls again...then...up down up down...sucking you into my throat...swallowing...deep moans from both of us...your hips grinding against my face...your hands...hold my head where you like it comes...


i'm so ready...swallowing and now tasting the flood of your hot yummy...just what i wanted and slide your cock out...and finish cumming on my cheeks...tongue...lips...rubbing your cockhead across them gently and looking down into my know i love you so much......

Naked man with erect cock in the shower sex art for sex diaries
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Diary 4
Your Silhouette

I see your silhouette in the shower...your strong hands washing your body, moving and washing your chest...the steam is thick in the air...and the scent of you is tempting eyes feast upon your naked are perfect to sights are instinctively set now upon your cock...relaxed and unaware that I am wanting it so badly...I can no longer watch and I find myself unbuttoning my shirt and dropping it along with my other clothing. I open the shower door and step inside...your face enjoying the warm rain....eyes closed but suddenly they open and you turn and see me...surprised...


May i join you?....we smile at each other and you pull me into your embrace. The water now falling over us both as we kiss gently...then more passionately....i reluctantly pull away from our kiss... you taste so good....i kiss your neck...your skin smells so good....nibble on it...i feel heat from your body and the shower...i can't resist wanting to taste every inch of you...i kissssss...lower your chest one of my favorite places on your body...i smell it and run my fingers over it and through your sexxxy...


My mouth...lowers to capture one of your nipples...first i mouth it...lathe it with my hot tongue...and flick it back and forth with my tip teasing it hard, wondering if you feel that sensation all the way down to your hand...slick from the soap...finds your other fingers torture it...pinching and rubbing...flicking it....I alternate my mouth and fingers on other hand....sliding sllllooowwwllly....down over your belly...tracing your sweet button...I want my tongue in there too....


My mind is thinking of all the ways i need to have you....I abandon your nipples leaving cooling from the absence of my hot mouth...the shower....washing away my saliva....I kiss your body, licking softly. moaning, whispering against your skin, telling you how good you smell and taste...finding your belly button swirling my tongue inside...then making the tip hard and pushing inside...the way i want your cock to push inside of my so sexxxcited juices flowing...a little on my inner thigh mixing with the water...


washing is getting harder to love your body slowly...because i want so much to have you inside of me...NOW...oh but i know that you will be worth the wait...

so i stay the course...savoring every inch of you...hoping that when i reach your cock, it will be hard and thick. i move lower, now falling to my knees, the water falling down on me, my long black hair stuck to my skin. I look up at you see your dark passionate eyes looking back in anticipation. Your cock is wet, not just from the shower rain, but from your mouth waters for you...i need you to fill it with cock, wet my appetite and drown me with your juices...I lap at your precum with my tongue...then lick up and down your shaft....suck on your balls...then slide my mouth and tongue back up to your head....licking and sucking...letting you control my speed and depth with your hands....


Come to me now you say...and you pull me to my kiss me and taste your hot cock from my lips then...turn me and press me against the shower cheek presses against the push my legs to part...and I know what you want already i push my ass out and brace my hands against the shower grab my hips and bend me further, spread my thighs wider...that's a good girl you lean over and kiss my your hands first move to my breasts and torture my nipples...rolling them in your fingertips...pacing and making them hard...i love it...i move my hips back and forth in approval...your hands slide down further...find my pussy...spread it...tease my lips...tracing them...while you are kissing down my back...your fingers find my clit and circle around it over and over...making it swollen and sensitive...I want it sucked so badly...I can envision it in my mind...your lips around push your fingers deep inside of my hole...and a deep moan escapes your mouth explores my ass...i cannot take much more baby....

your tongue...licks at my sweet asshole...swirling around it..then...trailing down to my pussy....your whole mouth soon is upon me...and I moan and moan and move my hips against your face...we are both unbelieveably aroused...and you stand once again...taking your cock in your hand stroking....repositioning me...bending hands move back and spread my pussy aching for cock but knowing you want my tight ass surrounding rub your head on my tight rosebud then push...OH FUCK YESSSSSSSS...hurts so much but feels soooooooooooooo goooood...your cockhead inside...OH BABY MORE i whimper to you please...i push back against you....


You thrust again deeper...OHHHH YESSSS, my hips grinding on pussy dripping....your fingers finding me to give me relief from this torture you are giving me...driving inside of and out...stretching tight little asshole so stretched around your cock....your fingers fucking me rocking against you...back and head against the shower wall...your hand wrapped in my wet mane...pulling it...impaling me on your cock over and over...I feel your cock going to cum too baby....feel my ass squeeze your cock as I contract hard on your fingers...


Oh it feels so suck and bite on my shoulder as you empty your load into my sweet ass....your fingers feeling my contractions and so slick with my withdraw...your cock resting between my thighs...your body presses against my back...the water falling on us...I turn and press my face back into your chest...where i first started....

Fucking in the garage sex diary erotic sex art
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Diary 5
Parking garage

It's 5:00. My workday is done, and I am ready to go home and relax! I walk out of the building, into the parking garage, and take long strides to my car. It is Friday and I am ready to forget about work, and have some weekend fun. Out of the corner of my eye, I see YOU. YOU who are always passing by my desk trying to get a peek of my legs or breasts. I know what you are doing. I've seen you undress me with those dark mysterious eyes of yours. I always pretend I don't know what you are up to, but it is very noticeable. Everyday I can feel your eyes fucking every inch of my body.

Right now, my body feels your eyes staring at the outline of my ass through my skirt. You are thinking of all kinds of naughty things you want to do with me....aren't you? Maybe today's fantasy is that you grab me, yank my skirt up high to my waist, push me against the wall and fuck my hot pussy until I am senseless? Is that what you are thinking? Or maybe you are thinking about me dropping to my knees in front of you, pulling your cock out of your pants, and giving you one hell of a blowjob! I wonder!

These sexxxy thoughts get me hot and aroused. I realize that yes! I am feeling rather frisky today. I am wanting to see what you will do, if I turn around and give you what it is that you have been fantasizing about? Let's find out now, shall we?

I stop in my tracks and turn around. My eyes seeking to lock with yours. You are behind me only a few feet, trying to look inconspicuous. I smile, a slow, teasing smile. I motion for you to come to me. You look surprised, but start to walk my way. Once you reach me, I greet you with a nice hello. I tell you my name, and ask yours as well. I know we pass each other all the time at work, but we've never been properly introduced.

My car is over here, and I need some help. Would you mind taking a look? You are eager to help your damsel in distress and follow me to the vehicle parked in the back. The parking garage is now almost empty, as everyone quickly left for the weekend. I open my door, reach inside and pop the hood. I know fully well that there is not a thing wrong with my car, but today, I'm going to teach you a lesson about all that staring that you do!

It is still hot outside, and the parking garage is partly open. Light sweat is glistening on our skin, and you almost look like you regret agreeing to help me. Maybe the air-conditioning seems like a better fantasy than me on this very hot day. I unconsciously undo two buttons on my shirt, revealing my cleavage to you. I walk over to the front of the car, place my hands on the inside of the hood, and slightly bend at the waist, legs apart acting like I am looking at my car's "problem". "Can you see it?", I ask you in a low almost husky voice. If you didn't know any better you'd think that I was purposefully teasing you! Am I asking you if you can see something wrong with the car, or if you can see what is up my very short skirt! At that moment, I am happy you are not able to see the huge smile that is spreading across my face, knowing that I am giving you quite a feast with my stance.

You move in closer to get a better look at the car. You are now standing next to me, and as you look inside, you realize that there is nothing wrong with it. I turn my head and smile at you. At this moment you know you've been "had". I take your hand and put it on my ass, and lean toward you stealing a hot kiss from your lips.

You taste so nice, and this gets me so excited. I feel my panties getting wet from my dripping pussy. You are very pleasing to the eye, and I find myself needing the smell and taste of your cock. You kiss me back, and soon our kiss becomes harder and more passionate. We turn fully toward each other and your hand slips inside of my shirt, feeling for my breasts, searching fingers finding my nipples. I moan softly as they pinch and roll each nipple between them, making them hard and sensitive. I feel the sensation ripple through my body straight down to my aching pussy. Oh yes, it appears that me and my naughty guy are going to fuck right here in the parking garage and I can hardly wait.

You slam the hood of the car down, and I climb on top of it. You pull me to the edge and push up my skirt so it is around my waist. My shirt is now wide open, and my bra is half exposing my tits, which are rising and falling hard with every deep breath I take. You slide your hands up my thighs and put your thumbs in the waistband sides of my panties. You tug at them slowly as you bend and place your whole mouth over my pussy covered only by the thin cotton. I feel your hot breath kissing my mound, your tongue pressing and licking and I can hardly contain my excitement and want for you. You continue to pull my panties down slowly, finally exposing my smooth, shaved pussy. Your mouth, lips and tongue are now exploring my bare skin, and I moan loud and my hand involuntarily sinks into your hair, my other hand playing with my nipples alternately.


"Please", I moan, and I do not have to finish asking the rest of the question, because before i know it your fingers and mouth start exploring me. I writhe and moan as you spread my pussy lips, your fingers expertly sliding all around them, then delving deeply into my wanting opening. I move my hips back and forth as you slip two fingers inside and start to fuck me, steady and rhythmically, sliding them in and out and rubbing my wetness on my swelling clit. Soon your mouth follows your fingers and I am barely conscious. Both hands move to your head as my hips grind against your face. You tongue fuck me until I cum hard, feeling my contractions pulse around your tongue. Your lips are wet, and I am in heaven as you lap up my sweet cum.

You pull me off the car hood and we kiss passionately for a long few minutes. I can taste my pussy from your mouth and it only makes me more hungry for your cock. I drop down to my knees in front of you and unzip your pants. Looking up into your beautiful lust filled eyes, I slip my hand inside and pull out your very hard erection. I can smell your cock, and my mouth waters to taste your hot cum. Quickly, I put my mouth around your head, letting you enjoy my hot lips and soft tongue. I lick all around your rim, and then slip the tip of my tongue into your slit. I get a drop of the precum on my tongue and show it to you before swallowing it. Greedily, I sink my mouth down, my lips now surrounding your thick shaft.


I start to suck and move my head up and down your length. Taking more and more of your cock inside of my mouth with every stroke of my lips. My hands reach down and gently play with your silky balls.

I hear you moaning for me, and your hands reach down and guide my head showing me the depth, pressure, and speed that you like. Your moans become louder, and your hips are now moving back and forth, fucking my mouth so good. Your cock is now slick with my saliva and your precum.

You push me back gently, watching as your cock slowly slips out of my mouth inch by inch. You pull me up and turn me around so that my hands are on the hood of the car again. This time you are calling the shots, and you bend me over at the waist, so my head is resting on the hood. Your leg moves between mine and pushes them apart giving you full a full view of my naked display. I am very still, knowing you are looking and inspecting my pussy and asshole, and making the choice of which to fuck first. Your hands tease my as cheeks, softly touching and tracing them. My pussy is dripping wet, and aching for your cock to fill it.


Will you take a dip?

I don't have to wait long for the answer, because soon I feel you teasing my lips with your head. You tell me harshly to reach back and open my pussy for you. I am so turned on by this order and obediently reach back and use my fingers to spread my lips wide, inviting your throbbing cock inside. You push into me slowly, teasing me, giving me your cock inch by inch...making me beg and moan out loud for it. My wetness is glistening on my thighs as I wait for your first thrusts. I gasp as you push your length deep into me. You grab my hips and give me deep thrusts. I can hardly stand it, and already feel the need to cum again. It is building deep within me.

A few more glorious pumps and my pussy clenches around your cock, squeezing and releasing over and over again as my contractions come in waves. "OH BABY I"M CUMMING", I scream out loud, my tits pressed hard against the metal of the hot car hood. You take your cum coated cock out of my still cumming pussy and rub it up and down over my tight asshole. You can tell that my ass has never had a cock in it before, and certainly not one as thick as yours. You gently soften it with my juices and slowly push your head inside. I moan in pleasure and pain as you continue to push inside. You groan loudly at my tightness surrounding your cock. Your hands move up to my hips and you pull me back to you, slowly impaling me on your cock inch by inch.

I cry out, and even though it is slightly painful, my body is aching for more. I move my hips gently and rock with you until your cock is fully within me. I get used to your thickness and soon I want more. My hips move faster and i press my ass back to you to get more of your cock inside. Your hand reaches down to my swollen clit and plays with it, rubbing it hard the way you now know I like. I feel your fingers circling my clit, and i move my hips harder and faster. I feel your huge cock throbbing now, wanting to shoot hot cream into my tender tightness. You can tell I am almost there as well, and you push your fingers inside of me, giving me something to ride and squeeze as your thumb assaults my clit. Almost there....YESSSSSSSSSS...


We both find our release and cum together.

You slide your softening cock out of my ass. Your cum and mine streaming down my thighs. You rub your cock on my ass and rest it between my cheeks, as you collapse onto my back, kissing softly down my spine.

Soon we dress, slip into my car, and crank up the air-conditioning laughing and kissing...talking and building up for the next round in the parking garage!

Woman cumming in bed masturbating sex diart art
Anchor 6

Diary 6
Cumming in my sleep

I had a dream that I came to visit you in your office.

You were working hard and I almost felt guilty disturbing you. But I was wet and hot my nipples hard and tingling. I could not stop myself from getting closer to you. I knew that if you saw my need you would not deny me, knowing that you are such an attentive lover. I touched your shoulder, and you instinctively put your hand over mine, patting it...just acknowledging that I was there. I lower my head and kiss the top of your head...then the side of your cheek. Lovingly lingering my kiss there. You always seem to know when I need to be naughty.

"Mmmmm" you say, "Someone needs me". You turn and smile at me, and I am almost shy and embarrassed that you know my exact thoughts. I smile back at you then kiss your lips, slipping my tongue inside. Oh how I love your taste. It makes me burn inside. I move around and kiss you while you sit in your chair. My hand slides down your belly and then reaches into your shorts finding your cock. You are semi-erect, and that is just not good enough for me baby.

Onto my knees I go, and you take your cock out and "feed" it to me watching loving the way my lips open and wrap around your head. Immediately I start to suck. Slowly at first, long strokes with my mouth and tongue from your base to your tip, making you harder. My sucking soon becomes more urgent, and I love the taste of you so much, that I am moaning when i do this. Your hands play with my hair, and this drives me wild, feeling your hands anywhere on me now heightens my want for you. My mouth is wet and my saliva bathes your shaft, as I pump you in and out of me. You moan and your hands guide the speed and depth of my mouth and tongue. I hear you moaning and talking to me, telling me how much you love to watch me suck your cock...and how good it good I am at pleasing you.

You pull me up and we kiss again passionately. You get the taste of your cock and my saliva from my mouth, as you pull down my pants and panties...your fingers now exploring my smooth legs parting for you total access to my body. You start to finger fuck me, and I break our kiss and beg for your cock. I need you inside of me right now...I cannot wait any longer!!!!

"Easy baby", you tell me in your calm, controlled way. You own me and I will do everything that you say. You want to eat me before you fuck me, and OH BABY, there is no one that can do this like you. You grab my leg and put it over your shoulder, then bury your face in my pussy licking and sucking, your tongue diving in and out of my wet aching hole.


Your fingers teasing and torturing my clit so good. I cannot take anymore, and I moan out to you "I'm gonna cum baby...yesssssss", and you love to hear my sighs and moans when I enjoy your tongue. You let me cum on your tongue. You feel my contractions hard around it, and taste my sweet white cum as I squeeze it into your mouth. My hands, buried in your hair, caressing you in appreciation for the gift you are giving me...

Your cock is rock hard and wanting to be inside of me. You put my leg back down, and stroke your cock a few times, letting me watch. You hold it up straight waiting for me to climb on your lap. I want so much to please you, and have that thick shaft inside of my pussy. I eagerly climb up and put my feet on either side of your chair. I squat down, my fingers opening my pussy lips wide, moving my hips back and forth to rub your cockhead on them before I sink down on it. I look into your eyes and let you see my passion for you. I push down, squatting deep, taking your cock in slowly.


My pussy squeezes you hard as I take it in, yesss baby...I am moaning and moving my hips seductively. I take you all the way down to your balls. My hands reach down and massage them gently. I rub my clit and start to ride you like my wild stallion. That is how I see you, you know, my wild stallion that I cannot tame that fucks me so good with his magnificent cock. I ride you...up down, up down. My head back, eyes closed, mouth open. My breasts there for you to enjoy with your mouth, nipples so hard and aching for you.


You reach to them and pinch them hard...then I feel your mouth sucking and biting them...Your hands groping them. I spread my legs wider...fucking your cock...and overcome with lust and wanting...

I slowly slide upwards, taking your cock out of my pussy. I know what you want baby. I turn around and bend way ass in front of thighs apart...cheeks spread...asshole and pussy...yours to have baby...fuck me...

I slide my hand back onto your wet cock...and rub it on my as cheeks between them..up and down...then...around my little asshole that I want you to punish with your fat hard cock. I turn to you and say..

"FUCK ME"..."I NEED IT". I push your head inside and move my hips back and forth, each time, you see more of your cock disappear into my asshole so snug and warm...squeezing and milking your cock. You grab my hips and fuck me hard and deep...slamming your cock into out in out in out...I'm moaning and bucking my hips back against pussy is dripping, my wetness running down my thighs...I need your fingers baby. You push two inside roughly, deeply, in and out, in and out...rubbing and teasing my clit and lips...You hear me moaning and sighing...I'm too.....then finally your cock throbbing so hard inside of my asshole...

I know it is coming pussy uncontrollably starts to cum on your fingers. You pull my hair hard...impaling me deeply onto your shaft as you shoot your hot cum inside of me. I hear you moaning loud and feel your cum pulsing into me. Then..... all of a sudden...I am semi pussy throbbing and CUMMING contracting my nipples body feeling as though it is being taken by you....but...I find...that I am waking...from a ...dream of you.

I was cumming in my sleep imagining that I was there with you. It was so real, and satisfying. Almost embarrassed, I closed my eyes quickly and drifted back to sleep.

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Anchor 7

Diary 7
Cyber lovers

I can't believe it! I'm finally going to meet you in person. We have been cyber lovers for quite awhile, and I've always been pleased with the "lovemaking" in "our world". I always enjoy you in my mind, my hands touching me through your words, as if you are right here with me. Our relationship online has somehow been satisfying to me, only someone else familiar with loving someone online would understand what I mean. I have never asked you to make us "real", as I know we both have families that we'd never want to hurt. It seems like a miracle that your work is going to bring you to my city. Thousands of miles have always separated us, and now you will be but a few miles away.

You request that we meet at your hotel on the night of your arrival. I am so excited planning your visit, and fantasizing about all the things I will finally be able to do with you. We write each other back and forth, discussing our excitement. We count the seconds until we will be together.

The day finally arrives, and we decide to meet for dinner. I will come to your hotel first, and then we'll take a short walk to the nice restaurant that I've picked out in the area. It is a beautiful spring night, perfect for a hand-in-hand walk with your lover. As I reach the elevator to get to your room, my heart starts to beat hard. I can hardly think clearly anymore, as I am so excited and anxious to find out what you think of the "real" me.

As I got ready this evening, I took a hot bath and let my mind drift off to dream of you. Before I got out, I slid down to the faucet, spread my thighs and let the warm water rush over my pussy. I needed to cum to take the edge off my nerves. As the water beat down on my helpless throbbing clit, I started to cum hard my pussy clenching and releasing deliciously giving me relief. Sooooooo good, and now I am wanting more, needing to hurry and get dressed so I can be in your arms. I smooth my skin with silky lotion, then slide into a pretty black dress the hem hitting the top of my thighs. After fastening my high heels, it is time to go.

My legs deliver a wobbly me to your hotel room door. I am so nervous that I can barely breathe, let alone stand. I knock, and you answer the door quickly, anticipating my arrival. We exchange pleasantries, small talk, and a little bit of kissing. It seems you are feeling the same excitement and anxiety as me! I sit close to you on the bed, and again bring my lips to yours. We kiss softly again at first, then more passionately, as we realize that this is really happening. You lay me down on the bed and slowly roll over on top of me, your thigh spreading my legs apart. Your hand moves up my thigh as we kiss deeply.


I want so desperately to unzip you and have your cock in my mouth, pussy and ass, but somehow I find the strength to break our kiss and gently remove your hand from my skin. I want the anticipation and "need" to build more. I whisper to you, "We'll be late for our reservations Let's go". A big naughty smile for you, and you know that I must have other plans for you later.

It is a beautiful night and we enjoy the short walk to the restaurant. We arrive a little early and have a drink at the bar while waiting for the table. We enjoy each other's company and find it hard to keep our hands off one another, stealing little kisses as we talk and laugh like two newlyweds.

Our waitress guides us to a booth in the back of the room. It is private and dimly lit, very romantic. I pull you to sit in the booth next to me on the same side, and put your hand in mine. The waitress arrives and takes our drink orders. As soon as she leaves I whisper in your ear softly, "I want you to make me cum, right here, during dinner." You smile and laugh, turning your head to see my naughty expression. You then whisper back, "What about me?" Giggling I say "You'll be next and it will be worth the wait!" I excuse myself from the table and go to the ladies room.

The waitress arrives with the drinks and you place our orders. I return a few minutes later and slide back into the booth. I take your hand in mine and push something soft inside of your palm. "These are for you", I whisper, "I won't need these any more tonight." I smile and you realize that I've just given you my panties. "What a nice naughty surprise", you say as you discreetly bring them to your nose. You inhale deeply and say "You smell so sweet, just as I thought". You wonder what my naughty little mind has in store for you, but you are definitely enjoying my game.

With our waitress gone once more, we are alone for the moment. I grab your hand again, and place it on my thigh, just under the hem of my skirt. You look around, and it doesn't appear that anyone is paying attention to us, so you begin sliding your hand up higher. My skin is on fire, and I already begin to moan softly in anticipation. I wrap my hand around yours and squeeze tightly, stopping your progress for a moment. "Fuck me with your fingers", I whisper in your ear. My breath is warm and shaky, and I slide my tongue inside gently hoping this sends heat down to your cock, making it stiff for me.

Your hand slides up to my pussy, feeling how smooth, soft, and WET it is. My legs instantly spread apart for you, giving you all the access you need. You are not going to make it so easy for me, and as your fingers reach my aching, swollen clit you just gently slide over it not giving it the attention that it so desperately wants and needs. You slide your fingers down lower and play with my slit, slowly inserting just the tip of your finger, sliding it up and down a little, then pull it out. You bring your finger to your mouth and suck off my wetness. It excites me so much to watch you do this, and I breathlessly whisper "Again". You pull me to your lips and kiss me letting me taste myself from your mouth. Your hand finds its way back between my legs and push two fingers inside, making me moan audibly.


"More", I almost whimper in exquisite agony as I want to cum. You start to work your fingers in and out and use your thumb to torture my clit. I try hard to remain in control, but the feel of your fingers inside of me is driving me insane. Soon I am moving my hips against them wanting to find my release. I turn my head to you and you can see the glazed look in my eyes. You know I am ready to cum. You kiss me softly, as I cum hard on your fingers, remembering where we are and trying to be discreet. My contractions around your fingers make you want me even more.

"Yesssssssssssss", I whisper against your lips, "So good." You bring your fingers to your lips and run them over your tongue, then you lightly brush them over mine. We smile.

Our waitress reappears with our dinners and we begin to nibble at our meals. We can hardly eat because we are so excited about the rest of the evening. About halfway through dinner, I tell you to go to the bathroom. I wink and smile at you, knowing that you are aware it is now your turn. I excuse myself from the table and slip into the men's room. Soon you join me in one of the stalls, locking it behind you.

I kiss you deeply and move my hands to unzip you. I drop to my knees as my hand reaches inside and grabs your cock. It is so hard and throbbing for me, and I immediately take it into my mouth and begin to suck and stroke it.

You rock your hips in motion with my mouth, forcing your cock in deep, past my sweet heavenly lips pushing them to touch your hips. Your cock fucks my mouth, sinking in and dragging out, my tongue swirling and my lips sucking. My head moves back and forth, over and over, sucking harder and deeper. You look down and see your precum in the corners of my lips that are locked around your shaft. Because of the excitement, you feel yourself begin to be ready to explode. I am moaning on your cock, sucking harder now, enjoying the taste, scent, and feel of you. You grab my head and hold it down on your cock, exploding your hot cream into my mouth. You feel me swallowing, drinking every drop of your cum. You look down and watch me slowly slide your softening cock out of my mouth, my tongue licking and bathing it, cleaning it lovingly. Once I am finished, I straighten you out, kiss you on the lips, leave the room and return to our table.

You arrive back at our booth shortly after, laughing as you see me sitting there calmly sipping my drink and eating my meal. "You were a delicious appetizer for me", I say laughing and giving you a devilish look. You take your seat beside me and give me a kiss, the tip of your tongue barely entering my mouth. Our tongues gently touch. Our eyes meet for a second, both knowing we need to finish up here, so we can have "dessert" back at your hotel room.

"Check Please." This is going to be one wild ass night.

Sex diary erotic painting hard cock longing for wet pussy
Anchor 8

Diary 8
Sundae spread

It was the middle of the night, when I heard sounds coming from my kitchen. It woke me from a lovely dream. I roll over and see you are not on your side of the bed, so I slip out from under the cool sheets and start down the stairs to see what was going on.

The kitchen light was on, dimmed low, and as I walked in I had this great view of your ass in your briefs bending into the refrigerator and freezer. I stand and watch, still half asleep and wondering what you are up to! You turn around, a bit surprised, and a wicked but seductive smile appears on your lips. You look so happy to see me!

"I'm glad you're here", you say, as you proceed to put what looks like ice cream toppings on the table. "I had this dream...about you...(you laugh) and it made me hungry...for a little snack". I am looking at you and wondering if you are still asleep. Maybe you were dreaming and sleepwalked here, but no, you look quite awake..and your eyes are devouring every inch of my body...are you ready to play? "You looked so peaceful sleeping, I did not want to wake you. But I made sure that I made lots of noise, and if you woke up, it was meant to be!", you say. I smile and yawn slightly, not believing that we are having conversation in the middle of the night. But something deep within me starts to stir as I look at the silky hair on your broad chest and think about the very naughty tone in your voice. I smile and wonder what it is that you are "cooking" up.

You finish creating your "sundae spread" cream...whipped cream...chocolate syrup...a banana...and some juicy cherries, and then rub your hands together, like you are this great chef ready to make a culinary masterpiece. "Now, come here", you say to me very low and husky, " I need to taste you". MMMMMmm...a little thrill ripples through me and I know I am about to be ravished. I can't wait for you to act your dream out...on me.

We meet in the middle of the kitchen and our arms immediately wrap around one another. We embrace in a very passionate kiss, as we are both now wide awake our bodies needing to be pressed together. I raise my arms over my head and you pull my nightie up and off. I feel the silky material slip through my fingertips and now I know that I am naked in your arms. I feel your strong hands slide down my body feeling every inch of me. I am immediately wet, and eager to do whatever it is you wish of me. Your very hard cock is pressing against my pussy, as we kiss deeply. You pull me with you as you slowly walk backwards. Even though my eyes are closed, I can tell that we are headed for the kitchen table.

I can see the lust burning in your eyes now, and I know that you are ready to push me onto the table and fuck me until we have no strength. Instead you instruct me to climb up and sit on the table top. "Stay still my little sundae", you tell me with a naughty laugh and smile.

Even though I know your plan, it still shocks me when the very cold ice cream hits my body. You "paint" both of my tits with the creamy cold delight, squeeze the chocolate syrup, spray two dollops of whipped cream and top my nipples with two sweet cherries. I laugh as you do this...what has gotten into you? After kissing my mouth again you drag your hot kisses down to your dessert on my tits and proceed to lick it off. I moan as I feel your hot tongue swirling around each breast, and gasp as I feel your teeth nipping at the cherries on my nipples. We kiss again, and I taste the sweetness from your tongue. My pussy is so wet from this sensation and aching to be filled with your tongue, fingers, or cock! I wonder if I had said this out loud, because before I can create another thought, your fingers start to tease my smooth shaved pussy. I spread my legs wider to give you full access to me. Your fingers dip into my wetness then tease my slit and clit mercilessly, as you continue to suck on my tits.

"Lay down baby", you say, "Your tits were a nice cool treat, but I'm still so hungry for something even sweeter!". I stretch out on the table, my knees bent and spread so wide for you. Melted sticky ice cream and the remains of your snack are dripping off my breasts and onto my body. Soon I feel the coldness of the ice cream again, as you spread it onto my smooth mound. Your fingers sliding into it and then dipping inside of my very wet cunt. I love the cold sensation and moan in appreciation. My hips move gently against your hand as you slip another finger into me, and I cannot resist my own urge to move my hand down to let my fingers tease my clit. You move my hand out of the way, and I feel yet another smooth, hard object circling my clit. I can only imagine that it is the banana! MMMMm...feels so goood and so naughty as you slide it around my clit and then between my pussy lips. I am so horny now that i just want you to push it in and fuck me with it. I moan and writhe against it. "Please baby", I say. You know exactly what I mean.

You push the banana inside of my dripping wet, ice cream filled hole, and start to slide it gently in and out driving me mad. I feel the cold shot of whipped cream hitting my clit and the cherry pushed on top. Your sundae is so many ways! You waste no more time, decorating your delicious dessert. It's time to dive in and enjoy!

I look down and watch you slide your lips over the banana. It looks so sexual and erotic I can hardly contain my excitement. You then bite it down until your lips are against my pussy. I feel your tongue and teeth nipping at me as you eat the snug inside of my dripping pussy. Your mouth sucks out the last bit, and then you plunge your hot tongue into me so deep. I scream in total pleasure having waited for so long! My hands move to your head and I gently stroke your hair and urge you to eat me. Your mouth teases and your tongue is fucking me deep and pussy clenching it...wanting to cum around it. You slide two fingers inside and continue fucking me so good while your tongue licks up to finish your dessert and assault my erect clit. The cherry feels so good covering my aching button. Your lips surround it and you start to suck and nibble, eating the cherry first and then licking and sucking the whipped cream. I am moaning so deeply and grinding my hips against your face and fingers. "Baby let me cum", I whisper breathlessly.

It is never that easy with you, and I know that you want to fill me with your cock...I want it too. You climb up on the table and kneel between my legs. I watch as you stroke your thick shaft and rub it on my wanting needy cunt. With one thrust you push all the way deep. I gasp as I feel your swollen head push past my pussy lips. Your cock is all the way inside of my tight hole, and i squeeze my pussy muscles around it, as your balls are flush against me. You moan as I continue to milk your cock, coaxing your cum. You grab my hips and start to fuck me hard and deep. My hips meeting your every thrust. Your cock sliding so good in and out, with the cool ice cream and my hot juices lubricating your shaft.

You slide your cock out, and I know that you are wanting to view my pussy and ass as we fuck. But before I let you enjoy me that way, i am needing a taste of you first! I urge you to climb over me and kneel over my face. I grab the whipped cream and spray it onto your cock. Looking at you so naughty I put my mouth to your head and suck it into my lips. You watch as the sweet cream starts to drip from my lips, down my chin and neck as i suck. I put my hands on your hips and rock you forward and back, pushing your cock deeper into my mouth. I move my lips up and down at different speeds, sucking your harder and deeper. Soon you moan as you feel me swallow your shaft, my throat muscles so snug against it. It is almost too good and I can see you want to cum right now and make me swallow your hot cream.

You withdraw and tell me to give you my ass. I quickly turn and get on all fours, then lower my head to the table and put my ass up high. My legs instinctively spread wide giving you total access to my wet pussy and tight asshole. I am so sticky and wet and sweet and you lower your head one more time and lick me from my pussy to my ass, still savoring your dessert. I shiver as your tongue gently bathes my rosebud, then pushes inside...getting it ready for you. You grab my hair and tug me back as you push your cock back into my pussy so deep. I moan and buck my hips against your cock. Your fingers reach down and rub my clit hard and fast as I start to cum around your cock. You moan as you feel my throbbing contractions around your shaft...OH BABY YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

You withdraw from my cumming pussy and slide your soaking wet cock to my asshole. I moan as you rub your head around it and then push inside slowly. I love your big cock in my ass, and push back on it in appreciation. You watch as your cock disappears into my sweet asshole. I feel your hands rubbing and caressing my back and spine and on my lower back as you start to pump into me. I push my fingers inside of my cunt and ride them as your cock starts to throb inside of my ass. "I'm close"....."Me too".

I feel your hot cream shoot into me and instantly I cum around my fingers. You slide your cock out and finish cumming on my ass and back. You pull me to you and we kiss passionately. It was great sharing this "sweet" release with let's hit the shower for round II!

Pushing dildo into wet pussy sex diary art
Anchor 9

Diary 9
Is that a dildo in your...

Today I received a package from my best friend. It was not my birthday, so I was not expecting any presents. I love surprises, so I quickly unwrapped the plain brown paper and opened the pink envelope enclosed with the heart on the seal. Inside was my friend's familiar handwriting, that simply said: Every woman MUST have one.. HE is amazing...try him and call me!

She is crazy, so I laugh at this cryptic little message she writes on the card. The box is quite large and she used a lot of scented pink and red tissue paper. I dig through it excitedly, wondering what "HE" could be!!! I have an idea, as we had discussed the issue of having a sexual "toy box" and what every woman should have in hers! My close friends and I keep a "Top 10" list. It is updated annually. I have a feeling, whatever is in here, has made the cut!

I pull out a box with a HUGE cyberskin dildo called the "Perfect Pecker" in "chocolate" color. My first emotion is of slight disappointment, because I already have a realistic feeling cock in my collection, that just is not satisfying! It is bendy and almost too soft, and I have to work too hard to cum!!! However, this one is a full 8" long and 2.5" in girth. My mouth starts to salivate just looking at it, and before I can complain about it any longer, my hands are ripping at the package to "free" him from captivity!

I take my new "little" toy and kiss it's head so gently. Smiling, I run it into the bathroom to clean it up first, and get it ready for my mouth and pussy!!! After giving him his first bath, we go into my bedroom, and I lay down fully clothes on the cool sheets. I close my eyes, and start to imagine that this cock belongs to my light skinned black or latino lover. I open my mouth and realize it is going to be quite a challenge to put this in ANY hole in my body. This makes me even hotter, and now my pussy is starting to drip as well. I can feel my panties getting wetter by the second! My tongue sticks out and i lick the head all around. Slowly, I bathe it all over with my hot saliva. While I am doing this, my other hand unbuttons my shirt and releases the clasp on the front of my bra. My large breasts are exposed and I cannot resist the urge to rub and pinch them, at first, gently teasing then harder making them stand at attention! I feel this delicious sensation travel down my body...straight for my wet pussy! I am aching so much now, and imagining this cock inside of me!

I rub the wet cockhead onto each nipple, flicking them and making them wet and stiff. I use my other hand to pull down my pants, and slide my panties off. I just shaved my pussy this morning so it is so soft and smooth, and tingles when I touch it. I slide the dildo straight down my body, stopping only to rub the cockhead on my bellybutton. I imagine that my real lover's cock would leave a drop of his precum in it, and that he would bend and lick it out. I move the cock lower until it reaches my very smooth mound. I sigh as I rub it in circles there, so gently, my excitement building rapidly. My mind is wondering what I am going to do, once this dildo reaches his destination! He is sooooo big!

I decide to try to suck on it first, having only licked and teased it with my tongue before. I lick my lips and make them slick with saliva and push the cockhead between them slowly. The huge "helmet" slips past my wet lips and my tongue presses against it. I suck, imagining that my lover is looking down at me and watching me take him into my mouth. I open wider, my lips fully stretched around this cock. I slide it in slowly and suck, like i would if it were a real man's cock, pushing it deep inside, rolling and swirling my tongue around it. I slide it out slowly, my teeth barely grazing the head as it slips out.

I'm extremely turned on by the size and realistic feel to this cock, and I simply cannot wait another minute to have it inside of me. I decide that I want to "watch" as I fuck this cock, so I move to the closet mirror and squat down in front of it. I see my wetness on my inner thighs and use the cock to "clean it", making the head glisten. The skin feels so real, that if I closed my eyes, I would imagine that it was the real deal, and not just a "toy". I spread my thighs apart , slide my hand over my mound, then use my fingers to spread my pussy lips very wide.

I take my hard chocolate cock and rub it all over my pussy...tracing my lips....rubbing around my clit in circles...tapping it hard and aching at hearing it "slap" my wet erect clit. I tease and tease and tease, until my cunt is dripping and I simply cannot take anymore. I must have it inside of me! I position it right on my tight hole and look into the mirror. I love watching the head disappear into my pussy. I push gently, as I watch my pussy open slowly, stretching almost painfully as it wraps around the cockhead. I moan loudly, and my hips uncontrollably rock back and forth. It takes some time before I have the whole head inside, and I moan and pinch one of my nipples so hard when it finally sinks in. I look in the mirror again and see my pussy stretched around this cock, my wetness all over it and dripping down the shaft onto my hand.

I ignore the pain that is slightly throbbing around my hole as I get used to his size. I ease the head out and rub it all around my opening. My other hand is rubbing my clit, and I decide to give it a try again. This time, it goes in a little easier, and I push and rock until i have the cockhead and part of the shaft inside. I moan and I know now, that I can not stop. I need this cock inside of my tight slut hole right now! I push it in half way and move my hips back and forth on it, starting to give it a good fuck. I notice that my black cock has a suction cup on the bottom...for the floor or shower...or wherever i can think of to attach it...."hands free"!!! I lick the cup and push it onto the hardwood floor.

With my thighs widely apart, and a pussy that can no longer be denied the pleasure of this fat erection, I squat down fully onto the dildo. OHHHHH YESSSSS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOOD! I want..MORE and MORE!! My mind is racing and filled with delicious thoughts. I bounce up and down on this cock, and imagine that I am on top of my lover, riding his thick shaft. I moan and fuck it, watching my expressions in the mirror watching my need for this cock. I pump it in and out of my tight pussy...its soooooo tight and stretched widely around this 2.25" girth! I take it all the way down to it's balls...and start to rock back and forth grinding and rocking feeling the build up to an amazing orgasm.


SO content that I am taking all of this monster inside of my cunt. I continue to move my hips and use my strong pussy muscles to squeeze this cock. I imagine that if this were my real lover, i'd be milking his cum. Squeeze and release...over and hands fingering my swollen clit rubbing it hard and fast...bouncing up and down on this amazing toy, until...

I start to cum...hard. I am barely aware of my own image in the mirror...who is that sexxxy girl cumming all over that cock?


I close my eyes, and moan loudly as my pussy contracts and releases around this dildo. My cum dripping down the shaft...over my fingers that are now wrapped around the base of the cock....and onto the floor. I am shaky and weak from such an intense orgasm. I cannot wait to recover and have HIM again!!

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