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Fetish erotic art, pinups, modern vintage art

As an art form, modern pinup and fetish art is celebrated for its unique ability to capture the beauty and sensuality of the human form in a sophisticated and seductive manner. This gallery offers a curated selection of high-quality prints on canvas that showcase the beauty and eroticism of pinup and fetish art in a modern and contemporary way

Bettie Page Revival
Queen of Pinups gallery of high quality prints


'While my guitar gently wets

Canvas print size 17"x30"


'Stockings with wings'

Canvas print size 17"x34"



'Whip those heels'

Canvas print size 18"x32"

'Guitar Girl'

Canvas print size 17"x30"


'Retro Girl'

Canvas print size 17"x28"


'Vintage Art 001

Canvas print size 17"x24"


'Retro Love'

Canvas print size 24"x17"


'Redhead Retro Girl'

Canvas print size 24"x17"


'Dahlia Pinup Girl'

Canvas print size 24"x17"



'Bible study'

Canvas print size 36"x24"


'Retro Nude Girl'

Canvas print size 24"x36"



'Venus 1879'

Canvas print size 24"x36"


'3 Dolls'

Canvas print size 17"x22"


'Iris Resting'

Canvas print size 24"x36"


Erotic action in church

'Heels Over'

Canvas print size 24"x36"


'Sit on sin'

Canvas print size 17"x30"

Each piece of artwork is printed on the finest quality artists' canvas, signed by the artist. Your Canvas print will be shipped rolled and packaged in a poster tube. This shipping method ensures that you receive the artwork undamaged. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping and handling. There might be some slight differences in the final print size. Special ordering for specific sizes is available. For ANY question - Contact Samarel here.


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